Review of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction

Review of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction

Review of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse Haunted Attraction

Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse

Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse is a Haunted Attraction located in Chippewa Lake, OH.

5665 Chippewa Road, Chippewa Lake, OH 44215
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Final Score: 7.51

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Chippewa Lake has been known for the existence of its abandoned theme park for years but, that is about to change. It will soon be known for its abandoned slaughterhouse. Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse takes its patrons on a walk through an actual abandoned slaughterhouse. Forty thousand square feet of corridors and rooms that were once the final destination of various livestock could now be your final resting place. One of our favorite parts of our trip was playing “Is it real or is it fake” with the blood stains on the floors and walls.

Cast: 6.53

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Slaughterhouse was very well staffed. We would have liked to have seen a few more actors on the trail walking out of the haunt, back to the parking area, though. They weren’t much for dialogue, which was a little disappointing and often drew us out of atmosphere of the haunt. A lot of them would just stand in their room and wait for us to enter and then make a loud noise by slamming something into something else. There were a few characters that would interact though. One was a young lady dragging her fetus around the room, saying that it would not work as a sacrifice and then hinted that Katie may be pregnant and the lady would need her baby instead. Another man was looking for the perfect specimen for a skin replacement. What little dialogue was used, was very effective…we would have just like to have seen a lot more that contributed to the theme.

Costuming: 8.58

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The costumes were gorgeous and we didn’t see anything glaringly out of place. They were very well detailed and they all fit the theme. There was a “Hills Have Eyes” meets “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” vibe going on and the costumes helped with that. They rely heavily on masks at Slaughterhouse but, for the most part, they are very high-quality, silicone masks that fit well and were worn properly. We only saw one or two that seemed a little too large for their wearer. The actors do need to work on speaking through the masks though so that they can help solidify the theme and add to the suspension of disbelief. The few makeup jobs that we saw, were well done and not ruined by over-gorifying. They complimented the theme properly.

Customer Service: 8.28

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There isn’t a lot of signage on the way to Slaughterhouse and only a small sign at the end of their driveway. GPS took us straight there but, we almost missed their driveway due to the small sign. Once you pull in though, there are several parking attendants that guide you into a parking spot. The parking area is not very well lit, but it is an actual parking lot and there are attendants there to give you a sense of security. Departing your vehicle, there are several lit signs that direct you to the haunt and ticket office. Beyond the lot though, we didn’t see much non-acting staff other than the ticket booth operator, the guy that sent us into the haunt and a security officer. They do have their rules posted on signs on the way to the queue line but don’t reiterate them to you prior to sending you into the haunt…so, make sure you read the signs. We would consider the haunt handicap accessible. The wide walkways and open rooms provide ample room for a wheelchair, just know that you do have to traverse some outdoor trail leading up to and exiting the haunt. They are very level and well-tended though. There were no major safety concerns, however we did get tripped up on a pallet leaning against a wall inside the haunt and a small, empty burn barrel on the trail leaving the haunt. They have two port-o-potties and a foot-operated pump sink to wash your hands in.

Atmosphere: 8.8

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Once you exit your vehicle, you are pretty much fair game. There are a couple people roaming the driveway leading to the ticket booth/queue line area that may pop out and get you on your walk up. The décor leading to the queue line, and in the queue line itself, lets you know that you are at a haunt and hints subtly at the overall theme. Remnants of those that have come and never left litter the area, building upon the possible demise that may lay ahead. The cacophony of screams and chainsaws coming from the haunt reassures you that you are in for a good time.

Special Effects: 8.38

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Slaughterhouse doesn’t overdo it with purchased special effects. You are in an abandoned slaughterhouse and it doesn’t require a booming soundtrack to get you into that mindset. Honestly, having music playing throughout the haunt would have killed the experience and we are glad that they didn’t do that. A couple of scenes had old radios playing appropriate music but, most of their “soundtrack” comes from the actors and patrons…which works well in that setting. The sets are gorgeously decorated and the theme flows well throughout the haunt. As we mentioned in the summary, it is slightly unnerving to realize that the bloodstains you see may be actual bloodstains left over from when the building was actually used as a slaughterhouse. If that isn’t realism, we don’t know what is. There is a laser swamp in one room, which was used well, even though it could have used a bit more fog. They did have one very unique effect (which we won’t spoil) that left one of our group mates on the ground. It was highly creative and well executed. They do well to try and space the groups out when entering the haunt, however, the actors inside need to work on maintaining that spacing throughout the haunt. We caught up to the group ahead of us, were found by the group behind us, and finished the haunt as one very large group.

Theme: 9.25

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The theme is very solid throughout the haunt and the fact that it is being run in an actual abandoned slaughterhouse definitely allows you to sink into the storyline. The school bus inside the haunt was an exceptionally spine-chilling reality, complimented by the discarded backpacks and clothing. As you exit the haunt, you find the vehicles of all of the slaughterhouse’s past victims hidden away in the clearing of an overgrown field. The entire experience, from start to finish, told the story behind the theme and told it well.

Scare Factor: 5.28

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While the sets and costumes were beautiful, and the overall theme was executed artfully, the lack of interactivity from the actors…both verbally and physically…lessened the scariness of the haunt. Not long after entering the haunt, you can realize that the person standing in the room is going to slam something into something else to make a loud noise and that’s about it. The laser swamp and the other (secret) special effect were among the few non-predictable scares that were provided. The main focus of the actors was on the front of the group, with a few actors following behind a group as they exited the room to try and grab a scare from the back. Sometimes, it just seemed that the actors took away from the ambience in the room. We would like to see the actors get a bit more training in interacting with patrons and driving home the narrative of the theme.

Entertainment & Value: 6.8

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Slaughterhouse has done a fantastic job of using their space. They didn’t cram it full of just “stuff” to make it look fuller. They know when enough is enough. The queue line is pretty bare, with a couple of actors roaming around to keep waiting patrons entertained, one of which was the venerable Jeff Stover, who is always a treat to see. The wait doesn’t feel very long but, it would have been nice to have a little extra entertainment to make the wait seem even less, even if it was just some ambient music.

Overall though, we felt like $20 was a fair price to pay for the experience we had.

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 5.5 out of 10

Tamara koonts – 10/10 – October 21, 2018
Decor was amazing, they really paid attention to detail. The actors stayed in character which was …show more really nice to see since I also work for a haunted attraction as well. Simply amazing though

Garrett – 1/10 – October 9, 2020
Billing itself as “one of the best haunted attractions in the nation”, our party of 7 went to the …show more Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse on 10/9/2020. Our group was comprised of 2 adults and 5 kids between the ages of 12 and 16, with 2 of the kids being easily frightened by haunted houses. We enjoyed the convenience of the online ticket purchase, and quickly handed over our $210 for admission.
Arriving at the venue, we were happy to have convenient parking close to the ticket counter. The ticket booth staff were pleasant, and the atmosphere was spot on. The actor who interacted with the crowd did a great job and kept everyone entertained until it was time for our group to enter the slaughterhouse.
The backdrop of the slaughterhouse and the music playing added to the intrigue and excitement. Upon entering the slaughterhouse, it was evident that they took pride in the visualizations and staging throughout the building. The slaughterhouse experience lasted approximately 25 minutes at a casual walking pace.
Unfortunately, this is where this review makes a quick turn. During our 25 minutes within the house, we observed very few actors throughout the building and grounds. With the exception of 2 well placed scares, the rest of the experience was disappointing at best. The venue had many opportunities and dark corners to have many more actors scaring people. Our group walked through many well-designed areas and great props/visuals, only to be disappointed by the absence of actors or scares. Even during this time of Covid and social distancing, there still could have easily been double the actors and scare opportunities – especially in the outdoor area.
At a cost of $30 per ticket, we expected much more than what was delivered. In reading the reviews, these same concerns were also expressed by other attendees in 2018 and 2019. If the venue had a difficult time staffing the event with actors, then the price should have reflected that.
We have attended other haunted houses including Cedar Point Haunted weekends and have always enjoyed the houses. I can honestly state that my group of 7 were not impressed and left the venue being totally disappointed.
Here is the response I received back: We are sorry to hear this.
Our acting staff was what it was because we were only allowed to hire a low amount of actors due to Covid restrictions for indoor events, you should take that into consideration.
The price increase this year was only because we had to use a second party ticketing system for the timed tickets that charges us a hefty amount of fees per ticket transaction. (We are normally cheaper)
There are dozens of haunted houses in the area that are charging the same amount of money but are only operating half of their attraction. Some haunted houses even have opened with no actors at all and charging the same price. Every inch of our attraction was open.
We have done the absolute best we can do under the circumstances.
Again, we are sorry that you and your group did not share that same form of enthusiasm other guests have this season but we thank you for attending.
Happy Halloween.

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