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This attraction was reviewed on September 13, 2017 by Team Zombillies.

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Final Score: 9.04

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2013 marks Scaredown’s 2nd year in operation and they ‘have been waiting for you all year!’ Rumor has it that this 6 acre farm housed souls believed to be possessed by the devil! It is now 3 gruesomely original attractions that are open to those brave enough to step foot inside! Take a guided tour of The Devil House, a large 2 story farm house built in 1836 that has been deemed truly haunted by paranormal investigators! Inside the Devil House you will learn about the murders that took place on the property and the theme that inspired the remaining attractions. In Hellbilly Workshop, you will meet a wild family of possessed killers and their farm hand accomplices who will enjoy wearing your blood to say the least. In the third attraction, Camp Cletus Corn Maze, you will meet Cletus himself, and try your luck at outrunning him through the twists and turns in his maze of corn. If touring a REAL haunted house alongside two additional attractions that you won’t find anywhere else sounds like something you’re interested in, then make sure Scaredown is on your list for 2013!

Cast: 8.7

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There are around 50 paid actors spread throughout the 3 attractions at Scaredown. This cast goes through multiple stages of training from auditions and one-on-one rehearsals to full dress rehearsals before the season begins. Some of the characters were very interactive with our group while others weren’t at all. This cast has a high energy level and a lot of threatening dialogue but they didn’t have many victims to show us why they were covered in so much blood making them seem less intimidating, however they were still very believable due to their originality. Some of the characters that stood out to us were Elizabeth, the blonde woman in the kitchen, Mama, the shorter pig-masked killer, and the first farmhand that we came across who had one of our team members jump up on a table so he could cut him up and have him for dinner!

Costuming: 9.35

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None of the costuming is purchased from costume stores; it is all made from regular clothing that matches the theme and looks like it has been worn for years without being washed! Not only is their attire very realistic, most of them are wearing their victims’ blood, which so happens to be REAL blood… now how freaky is that!? Makeup is applied by the attraction’s makeup artist, Morgan Fraley who does an excellent job at helping bring these characters to life! None of the prosthetics that are used are pre-made either; they are all made at the haunt from scratch making them very realistic as well. A few masks were noted throughout Hellbilly Workshop where much more detailed masks could’ve been used, but we believe this is intentional.

Customer Service: 9.24

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A large spot light has been added to the entrance of Scaredown as well as a well-lit sign you must drive under, which lets you know you have arrived. Plenty of free, lit parking is available in a large grassy area. As you head towards the attractions, you will find a ticket booth which offers shirts, hoodies, dolls and a convenient ATM machine since they only accept cash payments. Portable restrooms are located on-site for your convenience as well as a concession stand that offers snacks and beverages. The helpful staff members can be found at the concession stand, ticket booth, or at the entrance of Devil House and Hellbilly workshop to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. There are several ramps inside the Workshop and stairs in the house so be sure to watch your step. We noticed plenty of exit signs and the attractions are up to fire and safety codes. Since the house is certified as being haunted, you will be required to sign a waiver before entering. During our visit, there wasn’t any activities or actors roaming around entertaining the lines, but there was a movie being played that could be viewed on the side of Devil House. The owner did inform us that they are trying to schedule different forms of entertainment throughout the year, so make sure you check out their special events schedule listed on their website.

Atmosphere: 8.98

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Upon arrival, it appeared that this was just an ordinary farm except for the search lights and ‘Scaredown’ sign as we pulled off the road. However, as we got closer to the house, we noticed a large screen displayed on the side that was showing a classic horror movie, which let us know this was not your ordinary farm! We also heard some pretty unsettling noises and loud screams escaping the barn, which had us wondering if it was a good idea to go in or not. During our visit, other than noises from the barn, it was pretty quiet outside the attractions which didn’t prepare us for what we encountered inside. Some theme-related music or roaming actors would help build excitement before entering one of the attractions. The music that is heard throughout Hellbilly Workshop has been custom created for the haunt and it really helped bring the scenes to life and gave off an edgy feel. We also encountered other sounds in the workshop such as banging weapons, trickling water, and piercing screams that fed into the high energy of the attraction.

Special Effects: 8.8

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The majority of effects throughout the workshop are made in-house and there are plenty of things to see here that you may not see anywhere else. Some of these include a blood-filled trough, authentic barn d������cor, reflective walls, strategically placed strobe lights, and a pet kennel containing only the skeletal remains of a man we encountered last year! We noticed that there were a few scares that have been replaced with props this season, which didn’t seem to be as effective as their human counterparts were in the past. However, the majority of effects that are used are very detailed and made for convenient distractions for the actors.

Theme: 9.75

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The theme of the attractions is based on a story that actually took place on the property. If you tour Devil House, you will learn this story and will have a better idea of what is going on in the other 2 attractions. After learning the property’s history, it really brought some of the characters we approached later to life! Since this theme is very believable (because it’s true) and there are so many authentic characteristics about the attractions as a whole, the result is a very high score in this category.

Scare Factor: 8.5

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The incredibly detailed special effects, authentic atmosphere, and theme make Scaredown one scary place to be! One member in our tour group through Devil House even became sick just from being inside the room that Elizabeth (one of the original family members) was murdered in! But some of the characters we encountered during our tour through the Hellbilly Workshop were not quite as aggressive and we didn’t see any live victims being tortured like we did last year, which is the reason for the drop in score from our 2012 review. Although several of the special effects, like air cannons and wispy air lines, were very effective, increasing the number of distractions used and tension/intimidation levels would increase the score for this category.

Entertainment & Value: 9

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General admission to enter Hell, a.k.a. Hellbilly Workshop, is $15.00 per person, $12.00 to tour the Devil House, and $12.00 to meet Cletus in his Camp Cletus Corn Maze. A tour of all three attractions, known as the ‘ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE’ can be purchased for $34.00 per person. On busy nights, it might be ideal to take advantage of their ‘STRAIGHT TO HELL FAST PASS’ which will grant you admission to all three attractions and the opportunity to skip the wait in line for $40.00! A printable $3.00 coupon good towards any of their attractions is available on Scaredown’s website. Also available on their site is a chance at a $4.00 discount for the ‘ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE’ when you purchase your tickets online. Our tour through the Devil House lasted 20 minutes and it took us 10 minutes to barely escape the crazed maniacs in the Hellbilly Workshop. Unfortunately, it was a wet, muddy mess on the night of our visit and the corn maze was closed for the evening, so we were unable to determine it’s approximate length. The price for Hellbilly Workshop alone seems a bit steep even with the coupon since the elimination of the corn at the end to make an additional attraction has shortened it’s length, bringing it over $1.00 per minute. With that being said, purchasing admission to all 3 attractions would be the way to go especially since your tour of Devil House will explain the theme that is brought to life in the barn. If experiencing REAL paranormal activity and gruesome murder scenes is right up your alley, then make sure you visit SCAREDOWN where ‘Mama is ready for you!’

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