Review Score Sheet

The Scare Factor Score Sheet

Haunt Name: FriteLodge Haunted House
Location: [190]
Reviewed By Team Zombillies on October 7, 2017

Scare Factor (Total) Score: 8.01

Total Cast Score: 8.43

Number of Cast Members Seen: 17

Were the actors believable? 8

How interactive were the actors? 7

Did the actors stay in character? 9

How well did the actors work with their props and surroundings? 9

Were there enough actors? 9.5

In general, how well did the actors use dialogue? 8.5

Did each of the characters fulfill their roles? 8

Total Costuming Score: 7.5

Were the costumes complete and believable? 7.25

Was the makeup realistic? 7

Were the costumes authentic looking? 7.5

Were the costumes appropriate for their scenes? (i.e. Clowns don’t belong in graveyards) 7.75

Did the costumes make sense for the characters wearing them? 8

If masks were used, were they used effectively? 7.5

Customer Service Total Score: 8.94

Was there anything TRULY dangerous? 9.75

Was the haunt easy to find and navigate? 9

Did the haunt provide queue entertainment? Was it effective at passing the time? 7

Were the staff members professional, friendly, helpful and easy to find? 10

Atmosphere Total Score: 7.42

Could you hear music/sounds before you entered the attraction(s)? 8

Upon arrival, could you tell you were at a haunted house? 7.25

Did the atmosphere OUTSIDE the attraction help prepare you for what you experienced INSIDE? 7

Special Effects Total Score: 8.06

Were there enough sound effects used inside the attraction(s)? 10

Were the sound effects effective/realistic? 9

Were the sound effects appropriate for the scenes they were used in? 8.5

How creative/original were the special effects? 7.75

Were the special effects effective? 7.5

How well were the scenes detailed? Did anything look out of place? 7

Did they have any impressive special effects? 7

How well did the haunt use lighting? 7.75

Theme Total Score: 8.6

Could you tell what the haunt’s theme was? 9

How well was the theme executed? 8.5

Was there anything that didn’t belong? 8

How creative/original is the theme? 8

Does the haunt’s location authenticate their theme(s)? 9.5

Fright Effect Total Score: 7.42

How scary was it? 7.75

Did they provide scares to the entire group? 8.5

How well did the haunt use distractions? 7

How predictable were the scares? 8.25

Did the haunt use different TYPES of scares? 8

Did the haunt have a strong ending/finale? 5

When we asked, “What are we going to play?” the actor responded with “I don’t know. Pokemon or something!”

Value Total Score: 7.67

How long did it take to go through the haunt(s)? 5.1
Walk-Through Time: 10

Based on a curved graph of scores given for various haunt lengths over the years.

Was the entertainment provided worth the ticket cost? 8.5

Ticket Prices:

General Admission: $12
$2 coupons available on website if you “like” their Facebook page

Has the haunt effectively used their available space? 9.4

Minutes of Entertainment per Dollar Spent: 0.83