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Entangled Escape Rooms Marysville

Entangled Escape Rooms Marysville Score: 8.95/10

Review Date: April 29, 2022

Entangled began when the owners first went into a Las Vegas escape room on a whim. This whim turned . . . into an obsession. Even though the escape rooms that the owners attended back home in the greater Seattle area were great, there were limited entertainment options north of Seattle. To this end, Entangled opened its doors to the North end community. Entangled offers multiple, unique experiences at all three locations in Marysville, Lynnwood, and Orange, California. Our team visited two of the experiences at the Marysville location: Marie'''s Children and The Unknown. Marie'''s Children is a treasure hunter adventure where The Unknown is a suspense thriller where you and your group are placed directly into a mystery film. If you visited an escape room, then you already know the challenge of finding clues and keys to unlock a multitude of puzzles to escape all the while a clock counts down until your time is up. At Entangled, each experience comes alive with props and technology that transports into a story, and how it ends is all up to you.

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