The Scare Factor Review

Houdinis Last Escape at Escape Room Pittsburgh Greenfield

Houdinis Last Escape at Escape Room Pittsburgh Greenfield Score: 8.26/10

Review Date: July 9, 2023

It’s poetic when things come full circle. We, Team Houdini, were welcomed back to Escape Room . . . Pittsburgh, where we started our escape room reviewing journey over 25 reviews ago. After five years, we were delighted to return to attempt two of Escape Room Pittsburgh’s newest rooms, Diamond Heist and Houdini’s Last Escape; fitting, right? Houdini’s Last Escape and Diamond Heist replace the prior rooms: Prison Escape and Dr. Stein's Laboratory. These were some of the first escape rooms in the area back in 2015. Escape Room Pittsburgh has held some of the top scores for their Homestead location rooms (Tomb Explorer, Carnegies Millions, and Subway) which offered more detailed sets and advanced gen 2 and 3 puzzles. We are eager to see what these rooms have in store. We started with Houdini’s Last Escape; where we get to play as a team of mediums, (which was a stretch since we all are double x’s), who are searching Harry Houdini’s basement for any remnants of his spirit. Will we channel the spirit of Harry Houdini, or will we just get ghosted?

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