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Greenville Manor

Greenville Manor is a Paranormal [1898] in Greenville, PA.

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285 Main Street
Greenville, PA 16125

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About This Place:


This 1881 beautiful building features three very large floors and a huge basement. It was built for a T.C. Gibson, who started out here in Greenville as a cutter in a shop and later would become a partner then own his own clothing store. Gibson had two sons Howard and Frank, who both served in the world war. After time and Tragedy, the Manor turned over into the hands of the McMillen’s. John McMillen came over from Scotland in 1880s and he was a cabinet maker here in Greenville. If a loved one passed away they would send for John’s services and he would send out one of his eight men that was working for him to measure the body. They would measure the body with vine or a sapling, across and down the body. They would take it back and John would work throughout the night to make a coffin to send back to the home of the deceased. John later went to college to become an undertaker and he started up his business McMillen and Son funeral home so it would be handed down from son to son to son… four generations of McMillen’s kept it going.

This is some of this home’s history. Come in and explore and see its true beauty. Let us show you around and you will see why we love what you will too. Maybe there are some ghosts wandering around too…

Overnight paranormal investigations, weekend night investigations, flashlight tours, and more are available.


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