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Alone An Existential Haunting

“An immersive exploration of sight, sound, and self.”

Alone An Existential Haunting is a Haunted Attraction located in Los Angeles, CA.

Alone An Existential Haunting

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Los Angeles, CA

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About This Attraction:

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ALONE explores the complex folds of the human psyche, extracting you, the participant, from your comfort zone and embedding you within our idiosyncratic dream world. Your body may be aggressively touched and moved or tenderly embraced or utterly left displaced and alone. Each participant will be notified with a Location Information a few days prior to their experience.


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 7.5 out of 10

Jesse Stoll – 360 America Haunt Tour – 7.5/10 – October 24, 2015
Ticket Price: $45 (with promo code)

Est Wait Time: N/A, end of night so we walked right …show more in

Highlight: Meeting the boss of “Alone Inc” who gives you a serious monologue of
nonsense peppered with some truth before getting grabbed and thrown back in to
the experience of Alone as well as the room where you get thrown around in the
complete dark and then sat in a chair which then falls back and through a pulley
system rips you throw a few rooms all while disorienting you from what reality.

In One Sentence: An experience designed to make you think within yourself and
disorient and detach (and at times re-attach) one from the harsh realities of life itself,
Alone can be a sensory overload as you get dragged, thrown, hugged, danced with
and psychologically mind fucked through a warehouse of trap doors and raw
blackbox rooms for 45 minutes – When it begins and when it ends is still a

Aesthetics (7.5)
(Costumes, Actors,Special EFX, Décor, Props, Set)

The Story (8.5)
(The Plot, Creativity)

Intensity (6)
(Scare Factor, Extremities)

The Bottom Line Rating(Overall): 7.5

In 2015 360 America Haunt Tour visited 46 Haunts, 18 Attractions in 1 Month!

If you have any questions feel free to email the review author at: jstollbbr@yahoo.com

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