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The Haunted Hotel

“The Disturbance”

The Haunted Hotel is a Haunted Attraction located in San Diego, CA.


1288 Camino Del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92101

Special Directions:
Located at Westfield Shoppingtown Mission Valley

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# of Attractions: 3

Min. Recommended Age: 10


New Haunt, New Location : THE DISTURBANCE created by The Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel has been “disturbed”, completely upset, thrown into disorderly chaos…every possessed zombie, every dead freak, every spider web, and every last drop of blood have been unearthed and re-located.

The Disturbance, created by The Haunted Hotel, is an all new “Haunt Collective” in Mission Valley. Featuring 3 Haunted Attractions in one location and plenty of free parking. No more downtown disorder and parking pains…just head to Mission Valley Center’s west parking lot near Target.

Plenty of FREE Parking, and 3 of the creepiest haunts you’ve ever imagined experiencing alive.

The Three Feature Haunts are:

The Haunted Hotel
The resting dead at the Hotel have been disturbed in a big way. Moved abruptly from their quiet crypts downtown, the demented diabolic undead are pissed off. All those entering The New Haunted Hotel can taste the terror created by the turmoil of the upset souls within. Descend to the bowels of the hotel basement in the hellevator, claw your way through the bodies and unsettled Zombies permanently imprisoned in the suffocating boiler room, killer kitchen, musty old luggage room, spirit-saturated hotel bar, bloody bathrooms, and try not to lose your head in the bone chilling chainsaw bridal suite.

Kill-billy Chaos
Immerse yourself in the dark, damp, cocoon of craziness in the back-wood caverns of the Ozarks where the Hill-billys have morphed into drooling “Kill-billys” ready to go mad-ass on you and your unsuspecting friends. Inbred and Insane, these people are more a kin to stinky ol’ feral forest critters than people. The Kill-billys have oozed out of the Hills into the Valley loaded with vicious venom and vigor for “Human Hunting” this haunt season.

3-D Freak-Fest
Confusion and creepiness envelop you as the vibrant, florescent graffiti coated walls close in on you in this pulse-pounding 3-D blacklight experience. Clowns and Freak show finds infest the corners, caverns and cracks of this maniacal maze. Possible “side show” effects may include shortness of breath, screaming, spinning, dizziness, incontinence, disorientation, thumb sucking, curling into a ball, crying hysterically, demented laughter, projectile vomiting, and mental breakdown.


Handicap Accessible, You will NOT be touched, All-Indoor Attraction


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Steve duncan – 10/10 – October 30, 2015
I have been to hundreds of haunted houses, and use to work at one in vidor Texas. Nothing can scare …show more me, but that isn’t really why I go to haunted houses, regardless, this Haunt made me jump more than a few times. The detailing was unbelievable, and the actors were unforgiving.I did not expect much out of the $16 entry fee to the Haunted Hotel, but I would have happily paid $40+ like most huge haunts charge. The place was insain, the line actor made it feel like we waited no time at all, and I was genuinely creeped out from the ambience they set. Definitely a must visit.

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