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Chamber of Terror

Chamber of Terror is a Haunted Attraction located in Tampa, FL.

Rated 9.39/10 by Team Giraffic Shark

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207 W Oklahoma Ave
Tampa, FL 33616

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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 5.5 out of 10

Sarah – 1/10
First.. They are NOT suppose to grab you. Well they grabbed my arm and I had to pull away and now …show more have a nice scratch on my arm. My husband and the other group said they were grabbed as well.

Second… They separated my husband and I the entire time. I was with a stranger I had never met. Not cool! I go to haunted houses to have the fun with my husband not to be separated the entire time and with strangers.

I attempted to talk to staff after the trail and also through facebook messenger and they were very disrespectful or acted as if all of this was normal. They only offered for me to come back again… Why would I do go back!

Just beware of the grabbing, separation and poor management when things go wrong. We will never be back again. I am sorry we drove an hour for that experience.

Joey – 1/10
The haunted house had alot of missed opportunity to scare you half the time you where walking …show more around bored wondering where everyone was at not enough scare at all you did more walking then geting scared dont waste your money at the over rated place

Miles Plothow – 10/10
If you haven’t gone to this, then you need to go. Have been a haunted house enthusiast for years and …show more this is by far the best I’ve been to. The actors are amazing and so is make-up. They will grab you, breathe on you, and even chase you down the halls. It is a must see attraction! Great job!!

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