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The Haunted Theatre

“Creatures of the Theatre”

The Haunted Theatre is a Haunted Attraction located in Mackinac Island, MI.


7396 Main Street
Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Special Directions:
We are located just a hop and a skip from Shepler’s Ferry Service & Star Line on Mackinac Island.

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The acid-scarred visage of the Phantom of the Opera greets you at the Entrance, playing the haunting strains of the Symphony he penned and lost to the treachery of a Parisian Opera Director.

Behold the mighty Ocryx, winged mythological monster, with head of wolf, arms of rat & the tail of a serpent. It is through his powers of conjurance that we are able to view these creatures of the past.

From the now dry basin of Devil’s Lake, an evil Manitou has risen by the Ocryx’s incantation, and now haunts the corridors of this theatre.

According to legend, Arch Rock is the gateway to the spirit world. Souls that pass over the rock achieve immortality and beautiful bodies. Those that remain become horrid joinings of man and beast.

Not all monsters are cloaked in repugnance. Angelique was renowned for her beauty and ovation performances. She destroyed competition by nefarious means to achieve stardom she could have won honestly. Poetic justice extracts horrid vegence. See how within…


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