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Five Nights at Freddys Haunted House

Five Nights at Freddys Haunted House is a Haunted Attraction located in Medina, OH.

Five Nights at Freddys Haunted House


2789 Medina Rd
Medina, OH 44256

Special Directions:
Located at Jurassic Mountain

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About This Attraction:

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# of Attractions: 1


Freddy and his friends come to life inside our 50,000 Sq foot family fun center
Tickets available through our website


Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 1 out of 10

Savannah Townsend – 1/10October 30, 2022
There isn’t much else for me to say that hasn’t already been said but yes this was awful. It was so …show more bad it was funny. As soon as the first guy welcomed us in with incorrect lore, (at least take the time to learn about the world your trying to show us) I knew it would be rough. My “favorite part” might have been the teenager who told me not to have my phone out or they’d confiscate it. I’m sorry but a bunch of children in charge are not touching my possessions. A close second for my favorite thing might have been the tiny stickers on the walls as decoration. Especially the chili pepper stickers. In the end I knew this was gonna be bad but this was worse than expected and obviously this was a quick scam for them to make money.

Matthew – 1/10October 22, 2022
Pure waste of time. Actors are basically in the cheapest costumes that can be found in my opinion. …show more Plastic masks and pajamas it felt like to me. Friend spent $200 for us only because we were under the impression it was a one of of a kind experience. The Lorain County metro parks has a better experience for way cheaper. Was just the laser tag maze with barely and effort. If you think I am being too negative notice they turned off comments on Facebook. Not at all what they said, we were not the only group, they did not use the entire building for the haunted experience. I laughed rather then being scared. Jump scares rather than psychological thriller. I could rant for longer but I have better things to do like get scared watching YouTube videos of others playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. Pure scam and I’m sure Jurassic Mountain takes a long term hit scamming folks and hurting their reputation. We will never come back because we will not give these folks a dime or and minute of our precious time.

Katty – 1/10October 22, 2022
This FNAF attraction was so poorly thought out. There was a serious lack of ANY actual thought, time …show more or production put into this event. It was seriously overpriced for what they had to offer. Staff had admitted that they’d PURPOSELY oversold tickets, which ultimately caused the lines to be excruciatingly long. They hyped the event up with straight up lies (probably to sell tickets) and then failed to provide the things they’d mentioned would be a part of the experience. The scare factor was about a 1 out of 10, and that’s being generous. The costumes worn were clearly bought from a local Halloween shop or a mass merchandiser.. and not only that, many of them were all wearing basically the same costumes… and I’ve never seen so many Freddy’s in one place in my life. We maybe saw one Chicka throughout the event, and probably only one or two Bonnie’s. That’s literally it. The props were seemingly home-made and cheaply put together. I suspect that there was VERY LITTLE money or effort put into this thing. It was an obvious money grab by Jurassic Mountain and they should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to create something so big and so rare, that it should have been left to professionals, or at the very least, those experienced in haunts and the like. Furthermore, and quite frankly more importantly, they should be ashamed for lying and misleading the public on the event they were advertising and ultimately providing, and using those tactics to steal peoples hard earned money as part of their scam during a time of rising inflation in the U.S… I also didn’t appreciate being accused of having gone thru the attraction with my child already (btw, who would actually even want to?!…) after having just arrived there, picking up our tickets from inside (after a nice officer walked with us to the entrance of where we were to pick our tickets up from), and eventually asking a staff member where the end of the line to get in was, and then after the accusation that we had already gone thru and even showing her the tickets that i still had in my hand (mind you, they take your tickets when you actually enter the “haunted attraction”—if you can even call it that…) we were then placed at the very back of the 9pm time slot line, even though we explained to her that we had tickets for 8pm and the 8pm line still had plenty of people (almost just as many as were in the 9pm line) to go thru, and we were then forced to wait until theyd finished with the 8pm line plus the “fast pass” line [an additional $20 per person for one of those, that they then failed at even appropriately accommodating those who paid for those early entry passes] and then everyone in front us in the 9pm line— that again, was just as long as the 8pm line. We stood in line for hours for a LESS THAN subpar attraction that was advertised at $50.00 per ticket (that they discounted down to $40.00 per ticket by the time I purchased 2 of them.) Online I had read about ball pits being a part of the attraction, I had read about air vents being a part of the attraction—this coming straight from the people at Jurrasic Mountain putting on the FNAF haunted attraction and specifically telling all who had purchased tickets via e-mail, not to “forget to bring your knee pads!” I’m no fan of writing negative reviews as I understand the effects it can place on a business… However, although they left little to the imagination in regards to what to expect prior to the event, the little bits and pieces they did “tease” to the public was nothing but intentional, false and misleading lies that they ultimately overcharged patrons for and I cannot NOT say something about that!! I went in under the impression that this was going to take about an hour to get thru… In reality, we walked through about 3 rooms with about 1 to zero characters in store bought costumes lurking in the darkness, with us using a tiny dollar store flashlight for guidance- hardly a scare. Creepy at best- and that’s only because the anticipation and expectations were still high at this point… only to then be forced to stand in another line for a lengthy amount of time, waiting to enter the maze (where we expected we’d need those knee pads to crawl through some sort of tunnel and climb through ball pits and such).. while waiting in this room, two ladies explained to us what would happen once we were let into the maze. (the maze they had told us to “study” before arriving… again, hyping up the attraction.. only to later find out that studying the maze would not have served us any wiser for what we were about to experience.) In this maze there were 4 numbers we were supposed to find and then ultimately find the security guard, tell him the numbers in any order and be let out of the maze. Quite obviously the most time consuming part was being able to find the 4 numbers in the dark which were simply spray painted onto some walls while you endlessly walked around a mouse maze, bumping into a bunch of other customers as people continuously got stuck for long periods of time, and seeing an outrageous number of people in Freddy costumes standing around every corner, stepping out (oh my!), hitting a wall (scary stuff!), following you (I’m shaking in my boots now….), or the best part, giving you a good ol’ fist bump! (TERRIFYING!!)… OH, and here’s where we saw the one and only chicka, in a window part of the maze, doing literally nothing except looking at you. I should also add, clearly not one of these actors had ANY type of haunting experience.. and all of it was just very poorly and embarrassingly executed.. Once you found all 4 numbers through this badly executed maze and said them to the security guard, he would say, “Yep! You got it!”, open the emergency exit door he was standing in front of, and let you out.. and that was literally it! Wow!! I couldn’t imagine it being any worse than what it was; and what they charged for something that they quite obviously did not put very much money into, if any at all, was outrageous and quite frankly, disappointing! Again, I must add… I don’t believe this place understood the gravity of what it would mean for them to try to create a FNAF haunted attraction, or anything even similarly close to it— I also don’t even think it’s remotely fair to associate this as any sort of “HAUNT” in the first place.. and I honestly didnt even have the highest of expectations to begin with… However, even with slightly lower expectations, i still expected much more than whatever that was! I’m sure almost everyone who’s gone thru this already would be 100% in disagreement with the way that they scammed, lied, misled, misinformed and STOLE from those of us who bought tickets to this experience. I’m deeply saddened that Jurassic Mountain actually found it acceptable to charge what they did per ticket for their bad attempt at recreating FNAF. Also, I did find it odd that just before, or maybe just after opening night, the language changed in the email that they sent out.. What once seemingly appeared to be an event for all ages, suddenly was now being described to us as “something they worked very hard on…for THE KIDS.”— mentioning “the kids” more than once, almost as if they’d maybe already been receptive of the complaints?? Maybe they’d already realized the potential magnitude of the incoming negative responses and reviews, etc.? And maybe they were somehow hoping to cover up their deception and quickly change the narrative and put up a defense for the backlash that they’d likely already started to receive and were now expecting that much more would be coming?? This event has no business even being on this site, and I’d be SHOCKED if they were to ever try something like this again. WE WANT— AND DESERVE— OUR HARD EARNED MONEY BACK! HECK, at least return half.. do SOMETHING to make this right, Jurrasic Mountain… Shame on you! This was the worst example of bad business at its greatest potential. Smh. Just WOW!

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