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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 16, 2011.

Final Score: 8.3


The Lexington ScreamPark is a giant 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse of horror. It is divided into four different attractions including the ‘Hot Seat’. The ‘Hot Seat’, so cleverly named, is an electric chair simulator that you can ride at the expense of your life. The first of three haunts is the gruesome insane hospital gone bad, ‘Insanity’. We followed that up with the ‘Castle of Fear’. Here ‘The King’ will have your head if you don’t fall under his rule. Last but no way was least was the ‘Abyss’. If you can find your hand 3 inches in front of your face, you might actually see the terrors that await you here. The only thing that is darker than the ‘Abyss’ is the mind of the ‘killer clown’ named ‘Weasel’. He and his horrific crew will be floating around the waiting area ready to slide in and steal a scare from you. This team feels that there is no way you can feel like you’re anywhere else but a scream park. If you think you can’t get lost in the dark, you’re in for a surprise, and if you think you can challenge ‘The King,’ then you’re already better prepared than we were for the Lexington ScreamPark, 2011!

Cast: 7.4

The Lexington ScreamPark has around 70 paid actors for 2011. The characters roaming around outside the haunts were the most interactive with us and they were working the crowd with unparalleled ease. One notable character is Weasel, the attractions signature ‘killer clown’ as he seems to be waiting for you around every corner in the waiting and outside areas. The cast inside each haunt matched their surroundings and held their character which added to the incredible reality of the scenes. They provide in-house training for their actors by one of their crew members with a theatrics degree so there’s nothing holding these guys back! We visited the attraction on the first night they were open and there were a few dead spaces where actors could have been used, but we know that opening weekends can be horrific and hopefully they can work through it in the weekends to come.

Costuming: 8.9

Costumes matched their areas very well. We were greeted in ‘Insanity’ by appropriately placed mental patients, doctors, nurses, and a few experiments-gone-bad. ‘Castle of Fear’ was inhabited by dark knights and other medieval monsters and minions that will be sure to send you back across the moat! As for ‘The Abyss,’ well, it’s hard to say what the characters were because it was nearly impossible to even see them! Lots of corners were rounded with faceless demons calling our names into the seemingly endless darkness where we found ourselves being scared from places we didn’t even know they could be lurking! That being said, all of the characters in this haunt were simply cloaked with black costumes to make our experience into ‘The Abyss’ even more surreal. Makeup was this attractions weapon of choice and it was displayed with excellent talent by their specialized five-person crew! Blood looked like blood and not just food coloring smeared on their faces. Masks were of great quality as well and were used where makeup just wouldn’t be able to cut it such as with werewolves in the Castle and the unnameable creations in Insanity.

Customer Service: 9.3

Once we got very close to the park there were staff directing traffic making it easy to find their well-lit parking lot which was very easy to navigate. The staff was very helpful and everywhere in case you had any questions. Upon entering, there were several LCD TVs playing horror previews for your enjoyment as well as a ‘Hot Seat’ (electric chair) simulation that you and your friends can enjoy for $3.00 a ride. We seemed to notice more one-on-one actor interaction with the visitors waiting in line rather than inside the haunts. There were lots of them definitely entertaining the crowd. A few safety factors that we were concerned with were the limited number of poorly lit exits and uneven flooring inside the haunts. In a panic situation it would be possible for visitors to trip on the thresholds of a couple of ramps. These downfalls are the only features that lowered the score in this category. Otherwise, this haunt is designed very well and can handle large quantities of people. Make sure to stop by and check out their concession stand where you can quench your thirst or grab a snack as well. Don’t forget to stop by their gift shop where they offer some awesome apparel. The Friday we were there, they had a magician from Impossible Magic roaming around showing us all of his mind-warping card tricks.

Atmosphere: 8.5

Upon stepping foot out of our vehicle we could hear the laughter of the demented clowns as they were eerily eager to greet us. It seemed like they had enough actors outside to make another attraction! Outside the haunt there was a radio station playing a wide variety of music and the crazy clowns and demons got us prepared for what we might experience inside. Upon entering the haunt the mood suddenly changed. It was dimly lit with loud Halloween music and effects including lasers and other theatrical lighting. Other fitting sound effects and screams were also heard coming from the Hot Seat simulator.

Special Effects: 8.5

We experienced a lot of things in this haunt that we’ve never seen before and a lot of them are created in-house. The graveyard was one of a kind and one of the best in the area. The animatronics used throughout the haunt were very unique and not seen in other haunts. You will experience giant man-eating spiders, moving floors, werewolves and hallways that will literally cave in on you! This attraction also utilizes some of the best lighting placement around! The vortex tunnel is a must see and very different from others as well. Some of the animatronic placements could have been more hidden, but they still provided excellent scares! If you watch things carefully, you may even get wet!!

Theme: 8.8

The name says it all… it’s a ScreamPark! You will find a variety of scares to satisfy whatever your twisted hearts desire! ‘Insanity’ will bring you through two separate cage mazes of a psychiatric hospital where you can visit the worst of the worst crazies in the area! The ‘Castle of Fear’ will take you back into medieval times where you can encounter some of the most wretched creatures the walls of Lexington ScreamPark can offer including a 10-foot-tall werewolf and a 200-pound man-eating spider! Finally, ‘The Abyss’ will plummet you to depths that only two of your senses can help you out of… hearing and touch. Follow the screams of your friends and feel your way through the dark passageways that (might) lead you back to safety.

Fright Effect: 7

When a sum of the preceding categories is taken you find yourself on your toes in this scream park. The well developed and decorated scenes and backdrops made up for the dead spots of actors. Most of the scares were from distractions or from being misled. The best part was that the entire group could receive a fright, not just the poor soul leading the group. We had the most scares in the Abyss, but who wouldn’t be scared when you can barely see your hand in front of your face. All in all, the unpredictability and the wide range of frights this haunt used gave this review team something to go home talking about.

Value: 8.3

General admission is $18.00 per person, which makes it $6.00 per attraction. If you purchase tickets online, you will automatically receive $1.00 off general admission. VIP admission tickets are also available for $30.00 and if this place is packed you might want to consider purchasing these. This is a great value compared to some of the other haunts in this area. Being a ticket holder, you will receive a night of heart-pounding action that will last around 35 minutes depending on how long it takes for you to find your way out of the Abyss, that is if you ever do. Parking is free. Make sure you check out their site for coupons!!