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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on September 30, 2011.

Final Score: 8.02


With this being the first year in the a new location, there is no better time than now to take a stroll through Fear Experience. Fear Experience is a great haunted attraction for everyone. Do not miss out on the opportunity to not only view an amazing haunted attraction, but also the new attraction buried alive. Attendance is up this season due to the new location, so be prepared to wait. The waiting area is indoors as well as the haunt. The wait is well worth the Fear Experience.

Cast: 8

This is a wonderful group of actors that are prepared to scare you at all times. There are at least 35 actors at all times. They are perfectly place and do a magnificent job. Some of the actors are new to the haunting industry, but the lack of experience is not visible at this haunt. Fear Experience likes to keep their haunt new and fresh so they rotate their volunteers so that you get something new each time you visit. Given that they have basic structure and that they are allowed to have the ability to freestyle makes each trip through the haunt a different experience. Mangles is a must see character that delivers flawless acting abilities.

Costuming: 8.4

Costuming and make up at this haunt is truly an incentive to visit .It has to in part of three makeup artists. The makeup artist have been in the haunt business for 15 years. They are from Death Clock Studios: Matt Seel, Tracy Wesolowski, & Barry Aslinger. Their makeup allows the limitations of rubber mask so that haunt feels more realistic. The carefully planned costumes for each scene of the Fear Experience heightens the belief factor of each character. The costuming is one of the added bonuses of this attraction that you will enjoy.

Customer Service: 7.8

Fear Experience excels in customer service. If any problem arises, Fear Experience has a plan and the people to execute the plan. They have a great staff that is very polite and always around to answer any question you may have. Fear Experience utilizes headsets effectively to get things done immediately. Fear Experience offers concessions, and selling of merchandise. We found that driving from Columbus, that locating Fear Experience was an easy test. There is no guessing where Fear Expeience is located because they have numerous signs, advertisement, and is in a central location.

Atmosphere: 8

The atmosphere this year at Fear Experience is like no other. Since this is the first year at the new location, there seems to be a new and fresh creepiness to the haunt. As you prepare to walk up to the haunt you are greeted with a band, creatures of all sorts, and an awesome fire breather. As you enter it is dimly lit and you can hear the screams of patrons. There is

Special Effects: 8

Fear Experience is quickly gaining ground in becoming a leader in the haunt industry for special effects. Fear Experience has innovative and unique concepts you will only see there. Their combined use of materials and lighting adds for some creepy scenes. Fear Experience is unique because to maximize their budget they use imagination and personal skills to make many of their own special effects. A few special effects that are a must see are the falling walls and the fire cracker openings that will give you a startle. Fear Experience has perfect timing on their special effects, which we applaud. Don’t forget the new buried alive that has become a huge hit at Fear Experience.

Theme: 7.5

Fear Experience is an attraction that has two houses each with their own theme. The first house is the Fear Experience, where is you a fear you better be ready to come face to face with it. They have many fears including a haunted mansion, evil orphans, crazy butcher, and of course clowns. They even has the small things. This first house is a blend of all things scary. The second is the Insane Asylum. This house is very specific and follows through with the theme nicely. The doctors have all been killed and the crazy patients are looking for more victims. Overall, both of the two houses do great at following the theme of their individual houses. Fear Factor done an excellent job at making these two very distinct haunts.

Fright Effect: 8

Fear Experience is a great haunted attraction for everyone. This haunt has scared many for three years and this year is no exception. This being the first year in a new location, Fear Experience is ready to leave you with wanting to return. This haunt covers all the bases for each member of your group no matter what the age may be. Having all the elements in all the right places this attraction executes screaming and haunting at top notch. We spoke to Molly (11) and Julia (9) from North Olmsted. They stated that it was good and it scared them.

Value: 8.5

We think the general admission value of the Fear Experience is a steal! At $13 you get to go through both of the haunted houses and experience all the terror. Things can get more expensive from there but offer lots of options. For $18 you can do double admission which allows you to go through both haunted houses twice. For $25 you can do an all-night pass. This allows you to go through the two haunts as much as you want all night. I like this idea for teenagers who may want to meet up with different friends throughout the night. You can upgrade at any time during your trip to the Fear Experience. If you have somewhere to be or hate waiting in line, add $5 to any ticket and skip the line. New attraction that we feel is a must do is called ‘Buried Alive’. It is $5. You climb into a coffin and here the story of your burial while people on the outside can view you on a TV and the feed is also live on Fear Experience’s Facebook and UStream. Our whole group had a blast doing this bonus attraction and it is worth the extra $5