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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

reviewed this attraction on October 22, 2011.

Final Score: 8.63


It’s a real treat to have a place like Cedar Point ‘in your backyard’. Where else can you ride some of the world’s greatest rollercoasters and stumble through a haunted cornfield on the same hallowed ground? It’s no wonder that HalloWeekends is at the top of the list for many families looking for something to do during the fall. And it’s assuring to know that the folks at Cedar Point continue to raise the bar each year to make sure that each new trip to the park exceeds the last. Despite the growing crowds, the thrills are in abundance. At HalloWeekends, if you expect to scream, you’ll never leave disappointed!

Cast: 8.5

This year’s cast delivers more diversity than ever before! The massive cast floods every haunt with a vast mixture of nasties. Especially within the haunted houses, actors dive into their surroundings and blend in wonderfully. A majority of the actors are very good at knowing when and how to deliver a scare and maximize the screams. It’s also a nice surprise to see the cast stay in character when directing people through the haunts.

Costuming: 8.5

Cedar Point has really stepped up the costuming this year! While and excessive use of masks can cheapen a haunt’s efficacy, the ‘masks’ used frequently at HalloWeekends are top-notch appliances that cover the face, with articulating jaws. This allows the actors to have Hollywood-like make-up and still being able to talk and show expression. In addition to the make-up, much of the costuming fits wonderfully in the context of each haunt; mad doctors in ‘Eternity Infirmary’ and voodoo witch doctors in ‘Blood on the Bayou’.

Customer Service: 7.5

When it comes to customer service, Cedar Point is a well-oiled machine. As you’d expect with one of the world’s best amusement parks, the park is filled with security, operations staff, directional signage, and many other accessibility features. All attractions are completely up to code and as safe as possible. But HalloWeekends have been turning out record-breaking attendance numbers, and as a result, many of the queue lines for haunted walk-throughs and scare zones can (expected to) be particularly long. We’re hoping Cedar Point finds even better ways to manage the increasing popularity during their most amusing season!

Atmosphere: 9.5

The atmosphere is worth the price of admission, alone. Before you even reach the turnstiles, there are signs telling you to ‘Turn back now!’ as you approach the park in your car. The entire park is transformed, from top to bottom, into a spooky wonderland. Nearly every green space is adorned with something scary, and once the sun sets, the park illuminates with an aurora of lights stalked by an omnipresent fog. Truly the best part of HalloWeekends is the sense of lurking doom that awaits every turn inside Cedar Point.

Special Effects: 9

One of the advantages of having haunts at a theme park is the continuous, year-round effort that can be put forth. At least three of the haunts stay set-up through the year, allowing a tremendous amount of detail to be presented. This is a most-effective diversion! While you’re admiring the creepy furniture or disturbing wall d

Theme: 9

It would be difficult to name another attraction that offers so much all in one place. HalloWeekends truly offers something for everyone. In terms of the diversity of haunts, Cedar Point’s lineup excels. From the loud party atmosphere of ‘Club Blood’ to the renaissance themed walk-through ‘Fear Faire’, each fright resonates with a different bone inside you. And through the efforts of the great cast, each haunt’s theme is driven further into reality. You won’t find a prop or actor out of place, here. The shining star this year was definitely the new Fright Zone, ‘Blood on the Bayou’

Fright Effect: 8.5

Cedar Point pushed the envelope this season by further separating the ‘family friendly’ scares from the haunts people like us come to see. While still a bit light on the blood and guts, things have definitely taken a darker tone in the haunted walk-throughs. This translated to better scares and a more genuine feeling of creepiness. The jumps and the shivers come often in the Fright Zones, including the newest addition, ‘Screamworks’, a steampunk’s dream come true. It would certainly be a feat to make it through the entire park without shrieking at least once. By the way, have you tried Power Tower on a chilly autumn night

Value: 8.5

Were you able to somehow ride, walk through, and experience everything at HalloWeekends in a single day, the $50 ticket would be the deal of a lifetime! Unfortunately, most visitors will likely only face a portion of the thrills offered. Between the sheer number of attractions and guests, as well as the unpredictability of the weather, the ‘value’ of your time at Cedar Point can really vary from one’s expectations. Consider this, however: most haunted attractions charge AT LEAST $10 a head for typically no more than an hour’s worth of scaring. If you visit HalloWeekends on a Saturday, you have 12 glorious hours at your disposal to make the most of that $50…and THAT is definitely worth it! And if you’re determined to get through every haunted attraction in one night, Cedar Point now offers a ‘Zombie Tour’ pass (an additional $75) that allows you to cut to the front of every line for haunts (not rides). While it costs more than a regular admission, it ensures you get your fill of thrills while getting the rockstar treatment.