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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

reviewed this attraction on October 23, 2011.

Final Score: 8.21


If this year is any indicator, the future is looking very bright for Dimensions of Darkness. There is an unrivaled enthusiasm shared by the cast and crew, and a knack for making their lower operating budget stretch. Expect this haunt to continue to push the envelope with its scare tactics and heart-pounding thrills. At the Scare Factor, we certainly encourage that sort of behavior!

Cast: 8.5

Dimensions of Darkness has built a community of actors that are more passionate about what they do than nearly any other haunt. It’s because they enjoy what they do so much, that the results can be seen inside the attraction. The cast does a great job of recycling through the haunt, making it feel as though they want to make sure you meet your demise. They rarely let up, which adds to the suspense. You’ll find yourself asking, ‘When is that guy going to pop out again!?’

Costuming: 9

The make-up and costuming of the cast is frightfully superb. While nearly the entire cast looks completely set apart from each other, two of the actors were made up to look almost identical. This created a fantastic illusion that seemed as if one character was in two places at once. No masks are used and the make-up is done each night entirely by their own effects team. The diversity among everyone’s look helps create a nice variety that appeals to a wide audience.

Customer Service: 8

Dimensions of Darkness works extremely hard to make sure the haunt exceeds fire code and safety regulations. In addition to safety, the staff is pleasurable and helpful when you first approach the entrance. There’s even a brief ‘introduction’ video to let you know what you’re about to get yourself into! Waiting in line is so entertaining, as several actors engage and interact with the patrons (and each other) to make that dreadful herding feeling disappear. You can also get your picture taken with a zombie and/or a cast member!

Atmosphere: 7.5

Over 200 panels were added to this year’s haunt to lengthen and impede the paths. While the haunt certainly felt longer, a portion of the panels’ d

Special Effects: 8

The video mentioned above is done very well, and sets the tone for the rest of the walkthrough. Knowing it can’t compete with the big budgets of the nationally-known attractions, there’s a labor of love put into the effects that feels more primal and engaging than ordering from an online prop store. There are old, gross refrigerators and heavy CRT monitors that were donated to the haunt; objects like these help give Dimensions of Darkness its eccentric, homegrown charm.

Theme: 0


Fright Effect: 8.5

What makes this haunt so frightening is it’s edginess. There is an unabashed passion for the scare embodied by the whole crew. Between the claustrophobic hallways and the characters that never seems to let you go, your heart will beat like a jackhammer. The actors use many of the tricks from the book of scares: stalking, screaming, popping, breathing, and so on. It’s all effective and most of the scares deliver.

Value: 8

At $10 a person, you’d still spend more seeing a scary movie at the theaters. This price is certainly a bargain compared to other area haunts, though there is only a single attraction to offer. The real impact of Dimensions of Darkness’ value is dependent on how quickly you push through the haunt, but the actors do a fine job of trying to keep you hostage for as long as they can. Being a relatively new haunt in Northwest Ohio, expect your dollar to be stretched even further as Dimensions of Darkness grows!