Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 28, 2011.

Final Score: 9.2


The Industrial Terrorplex that everyone knows as Industrial Nightmare now offers 4 haunted attractions at one location! The main attraction, Industrial Nightmare is back once again for evil vengeance and has plenty of new additions for 2011! Dementions will show you the sick and demented horrors that have been bringing people back for years. Downstairs, Infected and Carnevil 3D will show you some of the newest and most gruesome and twisted ways that haunts are using to terrorize and mentally scar the public. Looking for a haunt in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area that will give you some of the best ‘bang’ for your buck? Then make sure Industrial Terrorplex is on your must-see list ‘for an experience you’ll never forget!’

Cast: 9.33

There are about 80 paid actors that inhabit the entire 60,000 square foot Terrorplex. Each year, the haunt uses ‘team leaders’ to coach each individual actor on what will be expected of them during the Halloween season. All actors seem to really be who they portray and are in context with each haunt’s respective theme. Interaction with our group seemed to be better downstairs than it was upstairs. Some returning crowd favorites include the boy that killed Santa Claus, Wacko Jacko, and the Saw puppet. A few new cast members that proved to be just as entertaining include Bernie (who inhabits the downstairs elevator), the little people in Carnevil 3D and the headless gargantuan in Industrial Nightmare.

Costuming: 8.9

Costuming is put together very well by the attraction’s specialized makeup crew and matches each scene as well as they match their respective themes. Latex masks (where used) are bought and then modified for each actor and scene to ensure their effectiveness; however the attraction mainly relies on creative and original makeup designs. It is apparent that a lot of time has been spent on detail at each of the four attractions at Industrial Terrorplex because no matter which way you turn, there’s something gruesome, horrific, demented or twisted to see!

Customer Service: 8.88

Customer service and safety are priority one at Industrial Terrorplex! Upon finding a parking spot near the attraction, it can be slightly confusing about whether to walk up the wooden ramp at the front of the building or go around the side to where the ticket booth is located if you haven’t been here before. Portable restrooms are available if you walk past the ticket booth to the back side of the building and a small concession table was located outside the exit of Dementions near the wooden ramp. All stairs are lit inside the haunts although there is some uneven ground inside Infected. Emergency exits are present should the need arise; however, we were informed that being scared is NOT an emergency. The friendly staff were able to answer any questions that we had. Customers have quite a waiting line for Industrial Nightmare inside the ‘museum,’ where movie scenes are on display for your horrific enjoyment.

Atmosphere: 9.5

Industrial Terrorplex has an excellent building and location, given their name. Located in downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana, the Terrorplex is surrounded with old businesses and warehouses that effectively accent this Nightmare’s theme. An old brick building and working smoke stack decorated with monsters and other ghoulish d

Special Effects: 9.58

Industrial Terrorplex has been known for several years to provide its customers with quite a bit of ‘eye candy.’ Enormous animatronics, claustrophobic passages, elaborate scenes and a vortex tunnel when combined with a little fog and strategic lighting prove to be reliable crowd-pleasers. Chainsaws, elevators, a pitch black maze, sprays of water and even an alligator will surely keep you on (or off) your toes as you tour these dark attractions.

Theme: 9.25

Industrial Nightmare continues to provide an industrial theme with nuclear waste, leaking water and steel surroundings combined with lasers, fog and disorienting strobes. Dementions gets its name from the demented and twisted things that make up this dark attraction. Infected, one of the Terrorplex’ newest haunts, is the result of a virus that brings dead bodies back to life and turns the living into… something else. Carnevil 3D is the attraction’s other new haunt this year and provides customers with a whole new dimension of fear that you’ve never seen before at this location.

Fright Effect: 8.7

The actors at this attraction have trained well and know how to instill fear into their visitors. The actors have a new approach to delivering scares to each individual in your group this year so you never know exactly who or what might be touching you! Many sudden startles and perfect hiding spots delivered plenty of scares throughout. This attraction definitely feeds off your fears as you will notice by studying your footing across a bridge and as you encounter many claustrophobic passages.

Value: 9.45

You can purchase tickets for Industrial Nightmare and Dementions for $18.00 or for Carnevil in 3D and Infected at the same price. Combo tickets are offered which will get you into all four attractions for only $28.00 which will save you $8.00! The combo ticket is the way to go. Each haunt differs from the others in such a way that one should really experience them all! Plan on making a night out of visiting Terrorplex, it will take some time to get through all four haunts which is a main reason why this attraction has such a great value. Make sure you check out the Haunted Network’s website for discounts, VIP ticket prices, and also check out their Facebook page. For the Halloween season make sure you plan a visit to Industrial Terrorplex where ‘Each of their attractions is designed with only one thing in mind….scaring the hell out of you!’