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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 21, 2012.

Final Score: 8.55


Lexington ScreamPark welcomes the 2012 haunt season with their 4th year in operation in their 30,000+ square-foot building. The ScreamPark now has a totally revamped Monster Midway with lots of actors and sideshows to keep you entertained in between haunts! Also new for 2012 is the ScreamPark’s latest haunt addition: The Well of Souls, a 3D attraction where you will wander the depths of eerie caverns with debatably the finest artwork that Team Zombillies has laid eyes on! Insanity and Castle of Fear return this year with some great new additions as well. If you’re going to be near Lexington, Kentucky for the 2012 haunt season, you probably won’t want to miss Lexington ScreamPark!

Cast: 8.36

There is a mix of 55 to 70 paid and volunteer crew members that make up Lexington ScreamPark’s cast and staff this year. A theatrical professor from Purdue University was brought in to help train the actors and provide this haunt with some great characters! Types of characters vary in each haunt to match each respective theme. Insanity contains a plethora of mentally unstable people and creatures that certainly have a reason to be in this insane asylum. Castle of Fear brings you back in time with plenty of medieval and ancient monsters such as a werewolf, mummy, gigantic spider, and even the ‘Blood King’ himself! The Well of Souls (the ScreamPark’s newest addition) welcomes you with a variety of demons that dwell in the caverns that are normally unreachable in this world. All actors matched their parts and dialogue to their respective settings. However, some more actors, intense interaction, and more thorough dialogue from Castle of Fear and Well of Souls would increase the score in this category. Insanity has plenty of actors and the cast interacted with our group more to make it the strongest of the three haunts at the ScreamPark for this category. Some of the most memorable characters from LSP also include Weasel, Noodles, Carnage, Acumulus, Docs Drizz and Trauma, the cannibal, and the judge from Well of Souls.

Costuming: 8.98

Every costume in the ScreamPark is of excellent quality and is detailed by the talented hands of LSP’s makeup team. This year, the crew took lessons from TV’s popular show, ‘Face-Off’ to bring you some of the best outfits and makeup in the area, which reflects in one of the highest-scoring categories for this attraction! The main factors that brought this category down was that there were a few characters in the haunts that didn’t fit their locations, such as a clown in Well of Souls and we noticed a mask or two that showed part of the actors’ faces which drew attention away from the rest of their costumes. Furthermore, the costume work in the Monster Midway was more original and memorable than what we found inside the attractions. For a perfect score, each character should be as outstanding as the next!

Customer Service: 9.57

As we approached the ScreamPark, there was a big sign and an actor out by the road waving us into a decent-sized parking lot right next to the building, making this an easy haunt to find. There are portable restrooms in the parking lot for your convenience. Upon entering LSP, we noticed plenty of friendly staff members that were able to help us with anything we needed as well as the overwhelming (in a good way) Monster Midway. Here, you will find an excellent concession stand where food, drinks and haunt memorabilia can be purchased, the Hot Seat electric chair simulator that you can ride, and a new stage where you will be entertained by Impossible Magic and the Tinder Box Circus Sideshow! We noticed plenty of marked exits, but some were more difficult to find than others. A noticeable improvement over last year is the lack of uneven flooring and thresholds that might cause trip hazards in emergency situations. A well-lit parking lot and more visible exits will help raise the score in this category.

Atmosphere: 8.4

The outside of LSP resembles an old warehouse. Last year there were nearly enough actors outside the attraction to create a whole other haunt themselves, but this year, everything that was outside LSP had now been brought inside, thus diminishing the feel of the haunt upon arrival. This is, however, counteracted by the lasers and music inside the building letting customers know that this is the place to be in Lexington! While this certainly creates an entertaining party atmosphere for the Monster Midway, it doesn’t correlate to the sadistic and demented acts that go on inside the haunts. However, the sound effects used inside the haunts is of excellent quality and helps ‘darken’ the mood, but occasionally, the loudspeakers from the Midway can be heard inside the haunts and makes it difficult to keep them suspenseful.

Special Effects: 8.52

Lexington ScreamPark uses a mix of homemade and manufactured props that they’ve modified to suit their needs. Blood and gore are the weapons of choice for Insanity! Combined with strategic strobe lighting, power tools and the occasional splashing of ‘bodily fluids,’ Insanity is the most violent and bloodthirsty haunt at LSP! Castle of Fear tones it down a bit and incorporates impeccably detailed scenes and some animatronics alongside the actors for scares. While these effects were hidden fairly well and went off on-cue, distractions would have made them more effective. Well of Souls is one of the most artistic 3D attractions in our coverage area! While this certainly provides a lot of jaw-dropping stares at the incredible artwork, it was the weapon of choice for this haunt and it left the passages feeling a little empty without very many props or other physical decorations to compliment the surroundings. A similarly-decorated vortex tunnel which fit into the haunt seamlessly as well as a tight entrance and exit blended us into and out of the Well of Souls!

Theme: 8.4

Lexington ScreamPark has an assortment of attractions, each with their own unique theme. Insanity takes you through a dark and demented insane asylum where the psychopathic patients are waiting to see their new friends they can play with! Castle of Fear brings you back to medieval times where you will encounter the ‘Blood King’ and his evil minions charged with protecting his castle and making sure that all those who trespass are killed after their blood has been taken to him as an offering. Well of Souls plunges you through the depths of Earth until you reach the demonic caverns of Hell where your final judgment will be made! Insanity and Castle of Fear followed their themes quite well. However, increased actor dialogue that reinforces each haunt’s theme would help raise the score in this category as well as a more sinister feel to Well of Souls.

Fright Effect: 8.3

The actor training for the cast really seemed to pay off for LSP this year as they were far more interactive with our group compared to last year. However, dialogue needs to improve to raise the score. Distractions were used occasionally as well as hiding spots to provide us with some good scares. Insanity is, once again, the most violent, bloody and gory haunt at LSP and crazed patients bouncing off the walls, eating each other’s guts and rattling their cages was the icon of this attraction! Like Insanity, Castle of Fear employed a few animatronics for specific scares that actors just can’t provide. Some of the cast from this haunt as well as Well of Souls blended in with their surroundings to catch us off guard! It doesn’t matter where you think you’re safest as far as line positioning either. LSP provided everyone in our group with scares throughout the attraction. But don’t think you’re safe just because you’ve made it out of the haunts alive; the actors in the Monster Midway know how to scare too!

Value: 7.82

In 2012, general admission combo tickets that will get you into all three haunts have been raised from $18 to $25, making each haunt a little over $8 each (compared to $6 last year). VIP tickets have also been raised from $30 up to $50, but offers all-night access to all three attractions without waiting in long lines, unlimited time on the Monster Midway, a signed poster and a ride in the Hot Seat! Single-haunt tickets are $10 per haunt and, as usual, parking is free. The score dropped in this category due to the increase in prices compared to last year with minimal changes to each haunt’s length (around 15-20 minutes per haunt, depending on how fast you can run!). If you are looking for a night full of spooky entertainment, make sure you pay Lexington ScreamPark a visit!!!!!