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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on September 22, 2012.

Final Score: 8.21


The Fear Experience is exactly what it says it is an experience that you don’t want to miss this season. The Fear Experience is approximately 56,000 feet of a screaming good time. This haunt is in its fourth year and it does not disappoint. It has exclusive things that you do not want to miss this year. The cast, costumes, the three distinct haunted houses makes this one of the greatest years for Cleveland’s only contact haunted House. Nick and Max and all their blood, sweat and tears will truly give you the Fear Experience that your inner demon wants to have.

Cast: 8.2

The Fear Experience has a cast that will leave you screaming your head off. Each cast member is placed perfectly to execute the scene that they are working in. Some of the actors are newbies but they still have the same burning desire to scare the sh** out of you. You will not see any lack of experience in this haunt as each member of the cast gives it hell. Fear Experience likes to rotate their cast of fifty plus, so you always get a new experience each and every visit. This year being a full contact haunted house the cast is prepared to grab, snatch, pull and make you experience the fear.

Costuming: 8.4

Costuming and makeup at The Fear Experience are truly unique. Each character is designed for a role in one of the three haunts; the costuming and makeup give this attraction the extra boost in making nightmares a reality. With some of the haunt businesses greats doing makeup the creativity in each creature is unique. There are many originals in this haunt that you won’t see anywhere else. By limiting the use of rubber mask the realistic factor is creepy good.

Customer Service: 8

After four years of being in a commercial business, The Scare Factor knows what it takes to be successful at customer service. The Fear Experience applies a plan with new technologies to handle problems quickly and effectively. They are up to safety codes and have plans and people to execute the plans to get things taken care of in case of any emergency. Fear Experience always has people you can ask questions to and they can get you a quick response. Driving 3 hours to get to the Fear Experience, we had no guessing. It is central located and marked with huge signs. The Fear Experience is all indoors which is an added bonus. They have concessions, bands playing, fire breathers, and much more to have a fantastic night.

Atmosphere: 8.2

The Fear Experience atmosphere is a great blend. It gives you the veteran feeling of a four year haunt and that it is prepared to bring it’s a game. The new location also adds the uncertain fear of something you have never tried before. As you pull up you realize how massive the building is. When you walk in and it is dimly lit, fogging and you hear the screams, you know things just got real. As you wait through the queue lines you will see live bands, fire breathers, and be greeted by creepy creatures that are ready for full contact action. The front of the haunt is approximately 40,000 square feet of a great night. You will then be lead through 3 distinct haunted houses that cover another 10,000 square feet of fear and nightmare. When you reach the end you can take on 6,000 square feet of zombie paint ball or get buried alive. The atmosphere reminds me of a creepy haunted theme park; lots of things to do but yet at any time you feel like you should be running for your life.

Special Effects: 8.4

Fear experience is a haunted attraction that builds the majority of their own special effect. With their creativity and personal skills they build special effects that are innovative and exclusive to their haunt. They maximize the fear levels by setting the scenes with use of special lightings and materials. Some of our favorite special effects are the creepy walkway, firecracker walkways, and of our course the air guns that get you every time. The Fear Experience is a haunted attraction that has perfected the timing of the special effects to get everyone in your group. Paintball Zombie is a new game that has great special effects. Don’t forget to get buried alive also.

Theme: 7.5

The Fear Experience is made of three distinct haunted houses, which are full contact. The first is the House of Fear. In the House of Fear all your nightmares and more become a reality that gets close to you. Clowns breathe down your neck and butchers crab your hand. Whatever your fear may be, it is here and it has no personal space. The second haunted house is the Outbreak. The Outbreak is where an outbreak of a disease has reached us and this takes you in the scenes of a contaminated hospital with patients who want you to share in their misery. At the end you may just catch the outbreak. This is our personal favorite of three. Outbreak has the greatest theme with scenes, characters, and small details that make this very realistic. The last attraction is Chaos: Escape into darkness. This haunt is a complete black out maize. There are no lights, no music, no actors, nothing but your mind getting the best of you. To round out the Fear Experience are Zombie Paintball and Buried Alive. So this haunted attraction is exactly its title a Fear Experience.

Fright Effect: 8

Fear Experience will be a screaming good time for everyone you may bring. You can easily spend hours at this attraction trying to accomplishing everything it has to offer. This being the fourth year in business the Fear Experience has brought back the things that give you chills and screams , however they offer new and exciting experiences that will leave you screaming you head off. Each themed haunt coordinated with scenes, special effects, costuming and cast; The Fear Experience leaves you with chills, screams and definitely an experience.

Value: 9

The value at the Fear Experience is a steal. You get all 3 haunted houses for $16. Ultimate fear admission is only $20 and it includes all 3 haunted house plus zombie paintball. We feel the ultimate fear admission is the best value. Or $26 you can get the ultimate speed fear admission which included all three haunted houses, zombie paintball but you get to skip the line. Parking is always free. It is indoors so weather is not a problem. You also get to see the bands, fire breathers and other additional acts. Buried Alive is worth the additional $5. We feel that this haunt is a steal for everything it includes.