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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 5, 2012.

Final Score: 9.2


Industrial Terrorplex returns in 2012 for it’s second season in this 60,000 square foot warehouse. Formerly known as Industrial Nightmare, Industrial Terrorplex remains located in the same building that their customers have feared for years, but now offers four unique attractions compared to the three that customers experienced under the previous name. Industrial Nightmare, advertised as ‘the mother of all haunted houses,’ is back for her 17th season, and as always, she is ‘mad as hell!’ This attraction has amazing ‘eye candy’ and a wide variety of characters that keep customers coming back year after year! Dementions is where all things demented are and shows you the product of the sick and twisted minds behind one of Southern Indiana’s darkest attractions. Infected is located in the Terrorplex’s basement, which is where they keep those that have fallen victim to a deadly virus, but never really died! Finally, Carnevil 3D is for those who have a thing for the misleading and ‘cheerful’ ways of the Terrorplex’s crazy clowns! If you’re in the Louisville area for the 2012 haunt season, drive across the I-65 bridge and check out Industrial Terrorplex in Downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana, for ‘an experience you’ll never forget!’

Cast: 9.26

There are 80 paid actors eagerly waiting your arrival into the depths of the Industrial complex. This is a great number of crew members but we still encountered several dead areas with no actors. More actors in the dark maze, the cage-maze area of Carnevil, and hallways within Dementions would help to improve this score. The group has seasoned ‘team leaders’ who are responsible for training the newer actors so they are aware of what is expected of them, what their roles are, how to deliver scares effectively, and most importantly how to maintain a safe environment for their customers. Most of the characters stayed in context with the theme, but several of them could use stronger dialogue to intensify the theme such as the inhabitants within the dark maze, the ‘ghillie suit guy’, and Freddy Krueger. This crew has the ability to touch their victims this year which increases the intensity of some of the characters and group interaction. The clowns proved to be the most interactive this season. They were bouncing air-filled balls around the room and at us, stopping us and asking questions, and several mislead us towards the wrong direction. Bernie, one of the elevator tender’s was also very interactive with the group by touching us, picking his nose and trying to share it, and other entertaining acts you will have to see for yourself! We encountered many unique and memorable characters throughout all four attractions at Industrial Terrorplex. Some of them were Michael Jackson, the exotic zombie dancer, the Jigsaw puppet, several chainsaw lunatics, the army chic wearing a gas mask, the swamp dweller, the shower girl, the little clowns, and the little but very big boy who wants YOU for his Christmas present!

Costuming: 9.02

Costuming is both made and purchased to later be modified to fit their respective scenes and remain as original as possible. Many characters you will encounter are not ones seen in other haunts, and their talent for modifying and detailing their costumes is evident. The haunt has it’s own beauty shop set-up where three dedicated artists aid in dressing each character and applying airbrushed makeup and prosthetics to help depict reality into the actors. Makeup used in each haunt seemed to accent most of the characters very well, but we noticed a few characters whose bloodiness didn’t look as realistic as others. Several full body suits are used throughout the attraction that enhance the naturalistic scenery found in Industrial Nightmare. We came across a lot of masked scoundrels along our journey. Some of the masks weren’t as elaborate or ‘fitting’ as others making the characters less believable. This was the case with one of the chainsaw lunatics and other shiny looking masks. Though some characters weren’t as believable as others, some were as realistic as it gets! Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees had expected attire and realistic masks but also were the perfect build for their roles making them some of the most realistic characters that ever wanted to kill us!

Customer Service: 8.89

As soon as you see Industrial Terrorplex you will know you are at the right place. The building sticks out like a sore thumb in this part of town due to the spooky d

Atmosphere: 9.56

Atmosphere: Industrial Terrorplex’s old warehouse is a perfectly suited building for its name and industrial-based theme. With neon-green slime coming from the roof and monsters swinging above the crowd, it’s obvious that you’ve arrived at a haunted house! TV ads and rock/metal music keep the crowd entertained as they wait inside the ‘movie-monster museum’ before they enter Industrial Nightmare. Several of your favorite movie monsters and characters can be found in this area, but many of them were difficult to see and appreciate in the dim lighting which reduced their effectiveness. Eerie sound tracks and other customers’ screams can also be heard throughout the attraction which helps keep you wondering what’s around the next corner.

Special Effects: 9.6

Special effects are plentiful in Industrial Terrorplex and provide customers with abundant amounts of ‘eye candy.’ From jolting animatronics and 2-story tall swamp monsters to lasers, fog, strobes, claustrophobic passages and air cannons, the Terrorplex is sure to have something that you’ve never seen before! Multiple elevators and rickety bridges are also used throughout the complex to transport you as uncomfortably as possible to different sections of each haunt. Industrial Terrorplex has a small crew of talented technicians that are dedicated to creating and maintaining everything in the attraction so that you can be as scared as possible without sacrificing safety. Some of the most effective effects we came across were the headless Viking, demon goat head, swamp monster, chainsaws and automatic machine gun. Most of the effects were great to look at, but only a few actors used them to their fullest extent. Exceptions to this are the swamp scene and swamp monster scene and the infected dog in the basement to name a few.

Theme: 9

Each of the four attractions has their own respective themes, but somehow still seem to maintain an ‘industrial’ atmosphere. Industrial Nightmare is based on a variety of traditional fears like movie characters, blood and gore, but includes the occasional barrels of radioactive waste and mutated monsters to compliment a warehouse-type setting. Dementions includes all things demented where you will find some of the sickest and most twisted scenes in the complex. Infected tours you through the basement and the building’s authentic boiler room and demonstrates the effects that the deadly virus has on the Terrorplex’s un-dead occupants. Finally, Carnevil 3D is a very fluorescent haunt where you must find your way out through the twists and turns that these crazy clowns may or may not decide to allow you to escape. Most of the scenes seemed to match their themes, but a few of them seemed a bit out-of-place, such as the snake scene with Medusa in Infected. Furthermore, one could interpret that the Jigsaw puppet (located in Dementions) should be in Industrial Nightmare with the rest of the movie characters, but this could be argued saying that Jigsaw could be considered ‘demented,’ giving him a place inside that haunt. The debate resulted in a slight drop in score.

Fright Effect: 8.76

Lots of different kinds of scares will be had throughout Industrial Terrorplex. From intent stares and cries for help to out-of-nowhere startles and chainsaw assaults, you’ll find it here! Not only that, everyone in our group got a piece of the action instead of only those in the front or back of the group. Distractions are used occasionally, but having the actors work more closely with the special effects could result in more scares, thus raising the score in this category. A few more actors in strategic areas like the cage maze in Carnevil 3D and the pitch black maze in Infected would help raise the Terrorplex’s intensity as well.

Value: 9.47

General admission tickets for Industrial Nightmare and Dementions OR Infected and Carnevil 3D are $18 for each pair of haunts making them $9 each. VIP tickets for each pair are $28 making them $14 each. However, combo tickets can be purchased which will gain you access to all four haunts for $28 general admission ($7 each) or $38 for VIP ($9.50 each). Clearly, the general admission combo ticket is the cheapest way to go, but Industrial Nightmare is commonly known to run thousands of customers through its doors in a single night, so on busy nights, the VIP tickets will get you through all four haunts much, much quicker. When you break it down, ticket prices ranging from $7-$14 each with an average time of 20 minutes in each attraction, no matter how you split it, Industrial Terrorplex has some of the best prices in Kentuckiana! Their scores averaged out about the same as last year and, since ticket prices remained the same, so did their value score. As scores in the other categories rise, as long as prices remain as competitive as they are, so will Industrial’s value!