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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on October 20, 2012.

Final Score: 8.53


The Forest of Fright is a must see haunted attraction in Muskingum county. In its seventh year of tormenting lost souls and letting krazy Kari loose, they become bigger and better. The drive to the haunted house gives you an eerie feeling along one lane roads and drive deeper and deeper into the woods. Forest of fright provides you with everything to have a good night. They have clothes to buy in case you get cold and even underwear in case they scare the crap out of you. They have yummy food and a warm fire. They have lots of entertainment such as live music like Iconic Tonic and the paranormal investigators and much more. They also utilize a local legend and enhance it with all factors to scare you. They have extended the train and it is just under a mile so the scares just keep coming. The dead bellhop will give you a ride in the Hellavator, Walk in Kari’s playhouse, Toxic Terror, Butcher Shack. See what awaits you in the Asylum on the hillside. Blood thirsty Hillbilly Klowns are waiting for you. Expect the unexpected when you walk into the dark foggy maze as you try and find your way out. Visit the Forest of Fright for an evening of fun, scares & fright to last you an eternity.

Cast: 8.5

Overall, the cast at Forest of Fright does an excellent job. They know what they are there to do, and they do it well. There are at least 35-40 volunteers every night that work in this haunt. They work hard at scaring the crap out of you. Their passion runs deep for the haunt they work for and it is visible to the patrons. This cast also attends conventions and classes to stay the best at what they do. The characters that are given to them they execute very well and it makes each scene that much better.

Costuming: 8

The make-up and costuming at this haunt is a must see. Considering all the make-up and costuming is done by a team of two, the consistency of the quality is surprising. This is a lot of work for two people. This haunt utilizes their make-up artist and the details in the costumes to make realistic characters come to life. The costuming adds to the characters and enhances the scenes which is always a bonus. When you get close enough to Kari you let us know if she is just acting with great makeup or if you really found her.

Customer Service: 8.5

Forest of Fright does a stellar job at customer service. They have free parking and ample room to accommodate even on a busy night. While parking may be free the area can become muddy and you may get stuck. So pay attention to the weather and take appropriate vehicles. Since this is outdoor haunt weather plays a role in its nightly operation. If you realize you get to cold stop in their Kari’s Toy Box store which has shirts, hoodies, gloves, hats and many more items. You can also get you some warm hot chocolate plus many other fantastic eats at the concession stand. Make sure you take your wallet full of cash because there is no atm in driving distance. Do not forget about entertainment, you could spend hours sitting around the bonfires watching bands or fire throwers. We got to experience Iconic Tonic from Columbus, Ohio. This haunt does a great job at safety also. They have sheriffs, EMT on call, personal staff roaming everywhere, and an emergency plan to keep everyone safe in case of an emergency. Driving from Columbus our GPS didn’t fail us and we were able to find it with no problem. So make sure you go with a GPS, maps and a cell phone.

Atmosphere: 8.5

Forest of Fright has a wonderful atmosphere through the whole haunt. When you park it is lit but something about the long walk in the October air and the crunching leaves gives you an uneasy feeling. Then you reach the common area where you get the idea of a party or carnival. They have music, fire dancers, glow guys, bonfires. Smells of warm food and hot cocoa enhance your scenes. If you stick around the fire enough, a few of the trapped townspeople will come out and try to convince you to take their place. You will always see Kari around because she is always looking for someone new to play with. Then as you make the long walk to the beginning of the haunt you can hear the sound of blood hurtling screams. Forest of Fright is a haunt that takes many levels of the atmosphere and put them together collectively with all the right touches.

Special Effects: 8.8

Forest of Fright is a haunt that utilizes special effects to their ability. Some are bout and many are hand built but ach create a new level of creepiness. They have a wide array of items for special effects and to make these special effects work in an outdoor haunt is amazing. The Hellevator, a real working elevator, is an amazing large special effect that is innovative. They also have the tunnel of screams and the Closter phobic walls. Using everyday power tools to create different sounds and effects are also a way that this haunt uses their imaginations. They used something as simple as a green laser light and our team was awe struck about the effects that it had. This haunt is very imaginative and creative and combines everyday items and animatronics together to get an even balance of special effects. There is something for everyone at this haunt.

Theme: 8.5

A well-developed theme can really add to the overall experience of an attraction. Forest of Fright is a haunted attraction that uses it theme flawlessly. There is terrific premise and a legend that goes hand in hand. Everything in the haunt is based on the legend of the Duncan family with special emphasizes on their ill daughter Kari. You must ready the legend on the website site before going because unfortunately they do not have it displayed anywhere. Reading the legend beforehand helps you immerse yourself into the haunt and begin to believe it is real and that you are a part of it.

Fright Effect: 8.5

Overall, Forest of Fright utilizes all elements and their main objective is to scare the crap out of you. When the night falls the seventh year of haunt industry experience helps bring the fear to surface. The volunteers who work hard to make sure they startle, scare, and creep alongside you every night. The makeup and costumes with every detail make the haunt more believable which gives you the creepy feeling that this is something that could happen. The atmosphere is one you cannot miss and it will give you the deep butterfly scared feeling. The special effects are innovative and a must see.

Value: 9

We feel the value of the Forest of Fright, is very competitive with the more expensive haunts, and is worth the money. $12.00 per victim (per person), $8.00 per victim (per person) for Military ID (must show ID to receive discounted price), $19.00 V.I.P. (We call this a Demon Fast Pass – With this Demon Pass you are entitled to “Skip to the front of the line” and token for a Free Hot Chocolate),Group Pricing of 15 & over – call 740-280-0952 for discounted price, Senior Discount 55 years & older – $8.00 each (not to be combined with any other offer). NO REFUNDS.