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The Dungeon Haunted Attraction

202 Felicia Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45238
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The Dungeon Haunted Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 27, 2012.

Final Score: 8.64


Dungeons of Delhi is now in their 19th year of operation as a charity haunt dedicated to supporting their local Police Explorers. This year, some of your favorite characters have returned and some new ones have been added for a fresh take at some original scares. Located in Delhi, Ohio, the Dungeons have always had their own way of providing their customers with original scares and this year ‘the dead are rising!’ Be sure to check them out for the intense acting and one-of-a-kind scares that the Dungeons of Delhi are known for!

Cast: 8.54

This year, about 40-50 energetic volunteer actors occupy the Dungeons of Delhi. This number seemed to fill the Dungeons well as several of the scenes had multiple actors. However, there were some scenes that had no actors which made for a few ‘dead spots’ throughout the attraction. Each of them go through the haunt’s very own ‘boot camp’ sessions 3 or 4 times during the summer months to make sure that everyone is up to speed for the coming haunt season. Most of the actors were believable and stayed in character well, but some of the characters chosen didn’t fit the haunt’s theme as well as others, such as those in the Saw scenes, the clowns, and the werewolf. Furthermore, the dialogue directed towards our group was very intense, but could have been more interactive. On the other hand, the multiple zombies, vampiress, and ‘Jimm Grimm’ matched the theme very well. Other characters worthy of mention are the Hell-hound, New Blood, Madd Matt, the ‘Igor guy’, ‘I put a spell on you’ guy, people crawling on the floor, the Dark Lord, and those in the body bag room for their intensity and entertainment aspects.

Costuming: 8.75

Costumes are typically old clothing collected from local thrift stores that are modified to suit each characters’ needs and some of the actors even design their own! A crew of 5 artists makes up the skilled makeup crew and tends to use more prosthetics and airbrush techniques than masks. When masks were used, they were effective in identifying the characters and increasing their intensity and believability. Most of the costumes used were in context with the theme with the exception of those listed in the ‘Cast’ category. Most of them were detailed very well, but some weren’t as elaborate as others. The use of realistic blood and rotting flesh on several of the characters added to the ‘dead are rising’ theme and made it evident that some time and effort was contributed to the haunt’s costuming.

Customer Service: 9

We approached Dungeons of Delhi from the river and the large, well-lit painting on the side of the building and hearse near the road made it clear we had arrived. A large, well-lit, paved parking lot for the strip-mall next-door allowed for convenient placement of large volumes of customers’ vehicles. The ticket booth is located in a shack (for lack of a better word) around the corner of the building past where the large painting is right before the queue line. However, we didn’t notice any concessions like food, snacks or souvenirs available for purchase. Jimm Grimm and his Hell-hound as well as some rock music entertain the queue line as customers wait their turn to enter the Dungeons. Once inside, there are a few stairs, ramps, and even a sliding floor so watch your step! Some of these areas are dimly-lit and we even received a scare on one set of stairs, so be cautious. Exit signs are easily noticeable, however, and several fire extinguishers were seen throughout the tour.

Atmosphere: 8.4

The abandoned, run-down-looking building that houses Dungeons of Delhi combined with the large, painting on the side facing the road combine to make for a rather creepy atmosphere. The hearse and ‘lawn ornaments’ further reinforce that fact that you’re at a haunted house. However, a better selection of music could have been chosen outside the haunt to provide a spookier atmosphere. More un-dead actors entertaining the crowd combined with more signage and well-selected decorations around the property would help increase the score for this category and prepare customers for what they’ll experience inside the haunt. Loud sound effects and music were used throughout most of the attraction and helped bring the scenes to life!

Special Effects: 8.53

The majority of special effects are made in-house, but a couple of them have been donated from another haunt. Original effects will be experienced inside this haunt from an entire shifting room to an over-sized throne and many other creative effects. This haunt has a unique approach at supplying customers with unique special effects. This is mainly because they are non-profit and simply can’t spend the money on their props that other attractions do, so they use what they have to the best of their ability. Some of the other effects that you will come across are an electric chair, disorienting vortex tunnel, pages from books being ripped up and thrown, hanging body bags, psychedelic paint, crazy graffiti on the walls and even a chainsaw this season!

Theme: 8.7

Dungeons of Delhi’s theme this year is ‘The Dead Are Rising’. This theme is executed pretty well for the most part but there were a few characters and scenes that didn’t make sense to us such as the clowns and Saw scene. The use of more obviously ‘dead’ creatures would help to improve this score for this particular theme. The ‘zombie horde’ that surrounds the very last group that goes through the haunt each night, however, is a perfect match to this theme

Fright Effect: 8

Just waiting in line was creepy due to the demonic characters outside the attraction that were entertaining and scaring the queue line. Scares were delivered on a variety of levels from eerie and suspenseful sounds and ear-piercing, skin-crawling screams to chainsaw chases, disorientation and some unexpected startles. During our visit, most of the scares were directed to the front of the group and weren’t carried out to our last group member. More specifically, while everyone was targeted throughout the tour and the actors never broke character, the ones towards the back of our group failed to get as many startles and ‘jumps’ as those towards the front of the line. Providing more startles, actors lurking behind the rear of the line and more interaction with the middle and back of the group would help to raise the score in this category. Scares were also predictable in a lot of areas also due to them being directed towards the first person in our group. However, the actors were on a roll that night regardless and were very intense and energetic in other areas which helped keep the score where it is now.

Value: 9.2

Prices have increased by $2.00 this season making general admission tickets $10.00. Re-entry tickets are available again this season for $5, which is also an increase of $1.00. Our review group spent an estimated 20-25 minutes touring the Dungeons of Delhi, meaning that customers will receive about 2 minutes of entertainment for every dollar spent, making this a ‘killer’ deal! As the score in other categories improve, so will their value. Looking for an intense haunt that thinks outside the box and provides customers with original scares? Then make sure that the Dungeons of Delhi is a haunt that does not get overlooked in the Cincinnati area!


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Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Riley – 10/10
This place is crazy,with myself serving in the United States Marines I am a very rough and tough guy …show more and I got scared a lot through out this haunt there was a lot of jump scares and animations through it I loved it 10/10

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