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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 31, 2012.

Final Score: 8.06


In 2012, 13 Rooms of Doom is in their 7th year of terrorizing Rising Sun, Indiana and those brave enough to travel closer to the Ohio River’s edge! Here you will meet the warped beings that inhabit these 13 rooms this season including Pope Natas who believes everyone that enters his church of doom must be condemned to Hell! Each room throughout this small attraction brings something diverse including unique ideas we haven’t seen before! From a belligerent butcher and his helpless victim to a sparking chainsaw, a giant jack in the box, what appears to be dead bodies in a morgue room, and savaging zombies, there’s something unique to experience around every corner! This attraction packs a punch for being put together in just 2 weeks! We can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in their upcoming years. If you are in the area during Halloween season, be sure to pay them a visit and ‘give yourself a fright!’

Cast: 7.55

There are around 15 volunteer actors creeping within this approximate 4,000 square foot haunt on a typical night. Two weeks are set aside before the haunt opens where the crew watches videos and goes through on-site training so they are more aware of what is expected of them. A few rooms did not have actors present, thus creating the need for more in these areas as well as the areas with only one or two, which could help in providing more distractions for props and other characters. A few of them were more believable than others such as the Pope and butcher who had stronger dialogue that was in context with the theme. Stronger dialogue that pertains more to their room’s ‘theme’ would help provide an increase to this score. One character told us to get out of her room and as we progressed to the door she then said, ‘I wouldn’t go in there if I were you’. None of the cast members seemed to be interactive with our group. They would yell at us and demand things from us, but didn’t give us an opening to reply to their comments or seem to base what they were saying on what we did say in return.

Costuming: 8.21

Most of the costumes you will see at 13 Rooms of Doom are bought and others are modified, raggedy clothing that varies from room to room. Outfits seemed to match their respective scenes very well though some could use a bit more distressing and detail to enhance their ‘realistic’ effect. Makeup is applied in-house by 2 people, one of which having experience from another well-known attraction. Mostly makeup was apparent on the night of our visit and even though their airbrush was down for the night, from what we could tell (due to dim areas), traditional makeup and prosthetics still added an authentic touch to most of the characters. A few purchased (from vendors) masks were used and gave the characters wearing them more of an obvious role than some who were wearing makeup, such as those in the clown room.

Customer Service: 8

A spooky hearse accompanied by a yellow flashing light and sign at the end of the road were a dead giveaway to the correct place to turn! As we approached the haunt, we noticed a sign and followed it into a dark, grassy area that we soon found out was not the correct parking area. The proper driveway was just a few more feet past the sign and was accompanied with another sign that you would notice as soon as you pulled in. Parking is free and the neighboring store provides a bit of lighting to see where you are walking. It wasn’t obvious where we needed to go to purchase tickets, but we continued to a well-lit, covered area which led us to the entrance of the haunt. This is where we found the friendly property owner who was selling tickets and answering most of the questions we had. The haunt is up to code and a few exits were noticed, but not many. We didn’t notice any uneven ground inside the haunt and the exit leading out of the attraction is nicely lit with rope lights in case you come barreling out of there and need to see where you are going! No characters were experienced entertaining the crowd during our visit but may be present on busier nights. Some Halloween d

Atmosphere: 7.5

Other than the signs and lit-up hearse at the end of the road, nothing really jumped out at us to let us know we were at a haunted house until we were closer to the queue area and noticed the Grim Reaper. The atmosphere was Halloween-themed but adding some scary music along with some actors creeping around would help raise the score in this category. Although it was quiet outside the building, the inside had various creepy noises and realistic sounds from props which helped bring 13 Rooms of Doom to life! A few sounds including the jingle in the jack in the box room could stand to be a bit louder.

Special Effects: 8.53

The special effects used at 13 Rooms of Doom are both purchased and made in-house. There are many one-of-a-kind props as well as things you have seen before that have a new twist added to them. A few of the original props we noticed were the animated spider, spinning cross, and the large jack in the box. Many of the rooms had moving parts in various spots that really helped to grab our attention and the d

Theme: 8.57

The theme is the haunt’s name, 13 Rooms of Doom! Each room is based on it’s own theme, and no two rooms are alike! You will experience a variety of settings from a room filled with animated Halloween d

Fright Effect: 8.59

As we stated before, this haunt packs a punch! Our review group was startled several times as we tried to make our way out of some of these rooms. From creepy zombie stalkers to senseless clowns, things in which appeared dead and were not, good hiding spots, and a threatening chainsaw, they managed to keep us on our toes and give us some good scares.

Value: 7.5

13 Rooms of Doom advertises their ticket prices as $8.00 but we were told they offer $3.00 coupons online which makes their general admission $5.00. It only took us approximately 5 minutes to find our way out of the 13 Rooms of Doom making it the shortest attraction we’ve visited. However, we were informed that plans of expanding the attraction for next year are in the works. It goes without saying, but if the attraction were longer, it would significantly help to raise the score in this category. We were very impressed with what we experienced in this small attraction in the little amount of time we were in there and would suggest anyone near Rising Sun, Indiana to check it out!