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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on November 3, 2012.

Final Score: 9.09


2012 introduces Scaredown’s first year in operation and they are off to an immense start! Several unique attractions are located on this 6 acre farm. In 2013, they plan to introduce their visitors to the Devil House, a truly haunted experience you must endeavor with only a glow stick to find your way to the real ghosts that inhabit this old farm house! During your ghost tour, you will be given the history of the farm and the story of the grisly murders that took place here over 200 years ago. The Hellbilly Workshop is an old, authentic barn where these murderers are waiting for fresh victims! Once you think you have successfully escaped Daddy and the rest of his farmhands in the barn, the corn field that supposedly takes you to safety may just lead you back to where you just came from! If you enjoy intense acting, blood-soaked hillbillies and a tour of haunting history, then look no further than Scaredown, ‘Ohio’s newest, most terrifying haunted attraction!’

Cast: 8.8

There are 28 paid employees along with several volunteers that make up the 6 acre farm on an average night. Most of these actors have previously worked at other haunts and it shows! This crew was very aggressive towards our group and showed no remorse for their victims or us the entire way through! The cast attends around 3 weeks of rehearsals that are broken up within several sessions to make sure everyone is prepared for the season! For the most part, there were enough characters throughout the haunt. The victim cage was full of previous children who did not escape from Daddy’s wrath screaming and pleading for us to help them out. However, a few rooms could use more victims to make these intimidating characters more believable. At times, they were in context with the theme, yelling and cursing at us with threatening dialogue, but similar phrases to ‘get out’ were used quite often by several of the characters. One of which stood out above the rest due to her interaction with our group, but the other characters weren’t nearly as interactive with us, which results in a drop for this category. A few of the most memorable characters to us were Momma, Daddy, Bubba, Elizabeth and the preacher.

Costuming: 9.3

Costumes used throughout the attraction are mostly purchased at thrift stores and appropriate modifications are made to make them look more realistic. Makeup is applied by a lead artist who uses prosthetics as well as more traditional methods which adds a final touch to these slaughterers and their victims. The makeup looked so real on many of the characters it was hard to tell whether it was actually makeup or not! We only noticed a few masks, but they didn’t seem to fit and only aided in keeping the identity of those wearing them hidden. This could have been the intention but more authentic and believable masks could have been used. The rest of the crew all matched their scenes perfectly and enhanced the original barn settings around them!

Customer Service: 9.03

A large well-lit sign by the road will let you know you have arrived at the right place! Free, lit parking is available in a large, grassy field. You will need to take caution navigating it if it has rained because it was very muddy and slick on the night of our visit. There are portable restrooms located on site for your convenience. Friendly staff are available at the concession stand and ticket booth to answer any questions or help you with any concerns that may arise. Your ghost tour of the ‘Devil House’ (if open), will consist of navigating steps and stairs in dim light so be watchful during your tour. The barn is up to code, wheelchair accessible, and there were plenty of well-lit exits signs throughout in case you need to shorten your trip. A few ramps were encountered in the barn but were smooth so be sure to watch your step. A concession stand is available next to the barn where t-shirts, hoodies, candy, hot/cold drinks, food and snacks can be purchased for reasonable prices! Pumpkins are grown on the premises and various sizes of them are also available for purchase. During our visit there was not a big line so no actors were entertaining the queue area but we were assured that when there are big crowds there will be actors roaming about. There is a stage set up in front of the barn for bands to play on which is also in their plans for next year. A large bon fire with plenty of logs to sit on was set up in front of the house during our visit where movies can be projected onto the side of the house for you to watch. Check their site to see the dates of when bands or movies may be playing. There is also an ATM machine located on-site for those that forget to bring cash.

Atmosphere: 8.92

Scaredown is located on a farm in an old, authentic house and barn which, when seen at night, are pretty creepy looking. As we approached the attraction we could hear various types of music playing which wasn’t very spooky sounding and not what we would expect from what we encountered inside! We could hear crazy noises coming from within the barn which had us wondering what was going on in there and what we had gotten ourselves into! Once inside the barn, loud, hard rock music was heard and matched these crazy psychos very well. Realistic sound effects were also used such as pig squeals, violently-shaking chain link fences, trickling blood, screaming, and weapons banging against numerous things that helped reinforce the haunt’s theme.

Special Effects: 8.98

About 20 percent of the effects used this season were purchased and the rest have been made in-house. These hillbillies will provide you with some original effects including a decapitated head on a bed, a blood-filled trough, an occupied kennel, a hanging head and torso, and authentic barn d

Theme: 9.73

If you are able to and decide to try your luck at the ghost tour in the Devil House, you will learn about the grisly murders that took place on this farm over 200 years ago! You will be sent into this house with a tour guide and only a glow stick to light your way! Hellbilly workshop will take you back in time to meet these murderers face-to-face! This is the first attraction we have been to that has a murder history that goes along with the area. They link it so that one of their attractions introduces you to the area and explain what happened ‘like a book’ while the second one actually throws you into the story ‘like a movie!’ Each family member explained in the murder history is accounted for within the haunt which helped make the theme more apparent.

Fright Effect: 8.93

The combination of aggressive acting, cursing, blood-covered clothing, and disorientation in a few areas provides a threatening and uneasy feeling throughout most of the barn. Scares were delivered on a variety of levels from the property’s creepy history and staring stalkers to intimidating characters that insisted we do what we wanted, victims reaching out to us in agony, and even multiple startles and surprises! Distractions were used several times and were effective but could be utilized more often to increase the amount of unexpected startles. The actors had good timing throughout the attraction which made them harder to predict, but most of them were frantically yelling at us instead of trying to scare us initially.

Value: 9.05

General admission to meet the murderers in Hellbilly Workshop will cost you $15.00 and possibly your life if you aren’t lucky enough to escape! Check their website for a printable $2.00-off coupon good for the Hellbilly Workshop, valid when you purchase your tickets at the ticket booth only. Be sure to check their site for Devil House prices as well as those for other fall daytime events. It took our review group an estimated 10 minutes to make it through the barn and an additional 5-10 minutes for the corn maze. This makes this attraction right around $1.00 per minute, but when combined with the creativity and aggressiveness that is offered inside, this is a good deal if you take advantage of their $2.00 discount. If you’re looking for an original and intense haunted house with a real ghost story in it’s past, then make sure Scaredown is on your list of attractions for the Halloween season, where ‘you will be frightened, shocked, and disturbed!’