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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 28, 2013.

Final Score: 9.52


Industrial Terrorplex, formerly known as Industrial Nightmare, is now in its third season under the new name and things have changed for the 2013 haunt season. The Industrial Nightmare haunt within the Terrorplex has been completely gutted and redesigned and about half of each of the other 3 attractions have been renovated as well! Industrial Nightmare has dropped the movie characters and will now bring you more original characters and scenes that fall under the ‘industrial’ side of this nightmare. Dementions brings you the more sick and twisted side of the Terrorplex while Infected is themed around people who are just that… infected with a horrific virus that causes the living to start eating flesh and the dead to become reanimated! Last but not least, Carnevil 3D will lead you through the wacky world of Industrial’s own brand of crazy clowns that you’ll have to see for yourselves to believe. If you’re looking for a haunt in the Louisville area with a fresh take on some original scenes, then jump across the river to Jeffersonville, Indiana and visit Industrial Terrorplex… where your nightmare awaits!

Cast: 9.77

This year, there are 100 paid actors that are filling out the newly-redesigned Terrorplex. ‘Dead spots’ inside the attractions have been virtually eliminated, thus many new and improved hiding spots were found, especially in Industrial Nightmare. Quite a few of the actors were interactive with our group both verbally and physically by giving demands, shouting threats and separating us at one point in time; one even tried to keep one of the members of our group! But beware! When you enter this attraction, keep in mind that these actors are allowed to touch you. Our group was touched, grabbed and even nibbled-on during our tour of the Terrorplex, sometimes in places that some people may consider inappropriate. If you think you or someone in your group could be offended by what may happen inside this attraction, then Industrial Terrorplex may not be the place to go. We considered this behavior to be part of the intensity of the attraction, which helped increase their believability, as did their sometimes-vulgar dialogue, which also matched their respective themes. Some of the most memorable throughout the Terrorplex were as follows: Bernie, the pig worshipers (Industrial Nightmare), Michael Jackson and the Kid who Killed Santa (Dementions), the guy with voices in his head and the guy with the pick axe (Infected), the ‘horny’ clown and the clown with the gun (Carnevil 3D).

Costuming: 9.4

2 of the haunt’s staff members are makeup artists and are dedicated to making sure that each of the actors without masks are looking their best before the night begins. However, some of the actors will jump in and help get themselves ready due to the large workload of turning 100 actors into monsters every weekend! One person is in charge of all of the clothing and costuming, which is typically modified articles of clothing or purchased and customized for each scene. Quite a few original characters can be found throughout the Terrorplex. Masks helped define the characters that wear them, such as Michael Jackson from Dementions and one of the zombies in Infected, most of which were thoroughly detailed. Some were a little ‘rubbery’ and muffled their voices slightly, which decreased believability to an extent, however, this drawback didn’t keep them from getting their points across! Almost all of the costumes matched their respective themes, which also helped the score in this category.

Customer Service: 9

Free parking can usually be found within a short walking distance of Industrial Terrorplex, given its urban setting. We didn’t see any signs pointing out how to get there, but it’s within sight distance of the Walgreen’s right off the interstate in Jeffersonville. The ticket booth and waiting area for Industrial Nightmare are decorated nicely with the queue area being a small museum where you can find exhibits of an old funeral carriage, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and other classic horror characters! Plenty of emergency exits were found throughout out tour, but several of the thresholds from scene to scene were a little rough and some of the stairs are dimly lit in places (but marked with yellow and black striped tape), so watch your step through the Terrorplex. Before entering Industrial Nightmare, every group gets their picture taken in front of the entrance, which can be seen and/or saved from the haunt’s Facebook page. Outside, there’s a small concession stand offering food and drinks to customers and portable restrooms are located on the back side of the building near the ticket booth. T-shirts are also available to purchase for $10.00!

Atmosphere: 9.5

We arrived at Industrial Terrorplex around 40 minutes after they opened and, honestly, there wasn’t much going on outside. But the neon green ‘slime’ that was ‘oozing’ from the roof of this large, brick, warehouse-type building and ‘smoke’ coming from the furnace stack let us know we had arrived. Sounds of screams, chainsaws, and a machine gun grew louder as the night drew on. We didn’t notice any music or other sounds outside the building, but actors with chainsaws and the roar of the machine gun kept the crowd entertained. Inside, the ticket booth was decorated appropriately and the music in the museum and sound effects both in the queue area as well as through the various attractions helped get us ready for what we were about to experience.

Special Effects: 9.8

The special effects at the Terrorplex are a 50/50 mix of ‘homemade’ and purchased items from haunt vendors like Gore Galore. For those that don’t know, Industrial Terrorplex has started to get their own piece of the haunted attraction industry’s pie by starting up their own vacuum form company. By taking advantage of this equipment and making their own wall forms, they were able to completely change the layout of Industrial Nightmare. We WERE able to point out that several of the walls were vacuum formed because of some of the patterns that there were, which isn’t a problem score-wise, but we would’ve never known that the stone walls were formed as well if the owner hadn’t told us they were before we entered! The incredible detail made them extremely realistic, even to the touch. Along with using a plethora of CGI effects, strobes, fog and strategic lighting, the intensity of the scenes in Industrial Nightmare make this attraction the highlight of the Terrorplex! But don’t get us wrong, Dementions, Infected and Carnevil 3D have also been revamped and include many different scenes that returning customers won’t recognize from years past. Speaking of Carnevil 3D, some of the artwork in this attraction is credited to Stuart Smith of Stewartizm Designs(a famous 3D airbrush artist that has been employed by several haunts across the country). The Terrorplex has come to be known as an attraction with quite a bit of ‘eye candy,’ but the high score in this category is the result of many of the actors working closely with their scenes and effects and using them together to provide scares for customers. Some of these effects that stood out to us the most were the TV screens, claustrophobic freezer, toxic swamp creature, and the elevator.

Theme: 9.6

Each of the attractions at Industrial Terrorplex carry out their own respective themes, with some being more universal than others. Industrial Nightmare centers around scenes that create an ‘industrial’ atmosphere, with toxic barrels and waste, chain-link fencing, along with some stone and steel props. The characters in Industrial Nightmare work with the theme pretty well, with the exception of a couple, like the woman in the kitchen, the stripper, and the dominatrix, though their originality gives them props in our ‘Cast’ category. In Dememtions, you will find many ‘demented’ things, as its name implies. Take Michael Jackson and the kid who killed Santa for example… we’ll let you draw your own conclusions once you’ve seen and interacted with them yourselves! Infected contains people that have been infected with a horrific virus that causes the living to eat the dead and the dead to become reanimated. In other words, it’s packed with zombies, people turning into zombies, and military personnel warning you of what you’re about to experience. Carnevil 3D, if you can’t already tell, doesn’t have the typical games and stuff you’d normally experience when you go to a carnival, but there are clowns, 3D graphics everywhere you look and even a ride, so have fun… but don’t play with the bubbles!

Fright Effect: 9.3

Along with the newly-remodeled attractions, higher number of actors/characters, and incredible special effects, our score for this category also gets better! The new scenes have provided actors with some good hiding spots that allowed them to get everyone in the group at least once and the special effects made for some well-executed distractions. During our tour of the Terrorplex, we were whipped, attacked by rats, held in a room that we couldn’t leave and our group was even split up at one time! The majority of the special effects were quite effective (pun intended). But some of them could’ve used actors with them so they could be used as a distraction to increase the score in this category.

Value: 9.8

Industrial Nightmare lasted our group 14 minutes, Dementions and Infected were 12 each, and Carnevil 3D took us 9 minutes to complete, which comes out to 47 minutes. You can subscribe to the Haunted Network on their website for discounts, but general admission to Industrial Nightmare and Dementions is $18 or Infected and Carnevil 3D for the same price. VIP tickets to either of these two pairs of attractions are $28, or you can get general admission to all four for the same price ($28). However, VIP admission to all four attractions will cost you $38. Even with the VIP admission price, Industrial Terrorplex STILL gives you over one minute of entertainment per dollar spent, which is good by itself. Now combine that with the incredible actors and special effects and you’ve got yourself one killer deal, and with a deal like that, make sure Industrial Terrorplex is on your list of must-see attractions for the 2013 haunt season!