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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on October 11, 2013.

Final Score: 7.14


The Creep is in its first year in Ohio and has an amazing amount of buzz surrounding it and we know why. With four years previous experience in the industry and with a team of seasoned veterans this is a haunt that we can’t wait to see grow and keep getting better every year. The drive from Columbus, Ohio was not bad and it was easy to find. It has so many activities and all for a good price. You definitely need to grab some friends and go have a good time.

Cast: 7

There are 3 different venues at The Creep and with each themed venue came a new cast. There were also cast members that roamed the grounds, greeted you and one that wanted to give you a slimy souvenir. Each cast member felll into their role according to their scene and theme. They were very interactive with patrons as they muddled through. Some actors however need to work on becoming more interactive than just standing and screaming. The Creep is always looking for more actors. This being the first year you could see the lack of help in some areas. The stilt walker caught my eye as soon as I came in and she was so freaky and elegant that it made her mysterious. The cast in the Fr3eakd building kept up the high energy level and did an amazing job.

Costuming: 7

With three distinct haunted houses the issue of costuming could have been a nightmare but was well done. No one looked out of place and they fit their scenes and themes. Most of the costumes at the haunt were very realistic and believable. Most of the makeup was realistic but some were hard to see as they hid in the dark shadows waiting to scare you. Many of the masks and makeup are exclusive to The Creep due to Morbid Effects and the designer Scott who created some unique pieces. Each mask that was used was used effectively to create a character that was like none other. Compared to other haunts the costuming is on the same field as most of the good quality haunts.

Customer Service: 7

The Creep could use a few more lights in the parking lot and the exit better marked but other than that it does well. It is outside at a fairground so you always take the risk of uneven ground and other things but The Creep wasn’t too bad. Staff was very pleasurable. They take cash and credit cards which is a bonus. They also have safety plans in place and the correct people to execute those if needed. Well-lit exit signs in case of an emergency. They have been inspected and passed each inspection. It is a festival type atmosphere so there are food vendors, places to sit and eat and watch movies on the Sinster Screen, warm fires, and photo ops with monsters. It is very busy with lots to do. Don’t forget your souvenirs because they are available for sale also.

Atmosphere: 7

The atmosphere at The Creep comes at you from many different levels. When you enter under the sign it feels like a festival or small fair because it has food vendors, merchandise, movies playing on the screens, entertainers walking around. This makes you excited and ready to have a good time. The atmosphere quickly changes as you get closer to the entrance of each of the three haunts. It becomes dark, with unique creatures and you can hear the screams of the others inside. It gives you an anxious feeling as you are ready to go in but have no clue what to expect as The Creep is new and you can’t compare to a previous season.

Special Effects: 7

As an Ohio haunt newbie The Creep does a good job at special effects. There were many that we had seen, heard or smelled in very few places but was glad they were offered here. They offered up some old favorites of ours plus some new ones that made us really think, Wow that was kind of awesome. The scenes were very detailed and one of my favorites is a room with many tortured dolls in lit up boxes. The Creep kept a good balance of not being too much special effects and not to little either. Overall, they did a good job.

Theme: 0

The Creep does not offer a general overall theme. Each house has its own unique theme and overall it is to be a haunt festival.

Fright Effect: 7

The Creep does an overall good job in the fright effect category. It is self-guided so you have to pace yourself or you will run into the group in front of you and the actors put all their scares there and then you are left with disappointment. So pacing and patience are important. They are very good at distractions and you not going into the place you think is next. Each house offers different types of scares. So there will be something for everyone.

Value: 8

At the Creep you can take as much time as you need to enjoy the whole festival or as little time as you need. So the amount of time you take depends upon you. I would say from Columbus, Ohio it is worth the drive to check out. One single haunt admission is $12.99, Double haunt admission is $19.99, General Admission for all three haunted houses and the Creep grounds is $24.99, and Rip Fat Pass Admission is all 3 with front of the line entry at $34.99. The night we went the lines were not very long so $34.99 may have been a lot. However you have to experience all three haunted houses so $24.99 is a bargain plus a movie.