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The Haunted Farm

5450 Old Millersport Road NE, Pleasantville, OH 43148
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The Haunted FarmThe Haunted FarmThe Haunted Farm

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on October 12, 2013.

Final Score: 8


The Haunted Farm is almost like family. We have watched them grow year after year and they have become one of the fan favorites. They have a dedicated cast with an awesome location and theme that ties together for an amazing Scare Factor. They continue to expand and change and it makes it exciting to keep returning to this haunt. It is truly a must see haunt of the season! If you can, splurge for VIP because sometimes wait can be long. Also take a moment to say Hello to Tony your fearless tractor driver of many years and he will be the one to help you remain calm when someone comes up missing from his hayride!

Cast: 8

The Haunted Farm is a one of a kind family. They spend most of their free time working on the haunt or improving on their character skills. This cast consists of all volunteers and they love what they do. They want to be a part of this haunt and enjoy scaring the life out of you because they need dinner. Most of the volunteers have been a part of the farm family for 6 plus years, which is always an advantage to a haunt because they become phenomenal at what they do. This is a cast that continues to grow and strengthen their ability and skills. They continually go to classes and conventions to learn more ideas and how to execute them properly. The many years of experience helps each cast member do a great job at developing their own characters but at the same time making sure they flow together in a uniformed presence. This cast never gives up on getting a scare or two. One of my personal favorites is Sarge. He hunts me down every year and tortures me. A great actress this year was Sad Sarah. She did an amazing job at keeping people entertained while waiting on the hayride.

Costuming: 8

The Haunted Farm has a very twisted group, and we mean very twisted. The Haunted Farm is not over the top in costuming but they do what works in maintaining the theme. This haunt does utilize very few rubber masks, but most are special made and they fit in with the theme. They have unique costuming that you will only see at the farm. The Haunted Farm is blessed with 5 to 7 makeup artists. The newest addition this year is an everyday all black morph suit that is used in the correct places for top notch scares. It just goes to show you that you don’t need to be fancy to create the right effect.

Customer Service: 8

Kim Hicks loves her haunt and goes out of her way to make sure you love it also. Her operation does a wonderful job at customer service. Kim goes above and beyond to accommodate everyone, so that everyone can become the next fresh dinner for the creatures. In the daytime they run special groups through such as MRDD. Everything at the farm can accommodate any person that may need special assistance or use a wheel chair. The Haunted Farm continually meets all safety regulations and requirements. Stop into the Crow’s Nest which has items to buy and concessions. They offer live bands and bon fires while you wait. The Haunted Farm calls out group numbers so you can mingle and enjoy the entertainment going on, or get yummy hot chocolate or snuggle up on your first date by the fire. The Haunted Farm can be tricky to get to so make sure you have your GPS and printed directions. There are not many signs leading the way, but if you get lost most places you stop and ask can tell you exactly how to get to it. Sending a special shout out to Sarah and Janelle who consistently maintain the ticket booth on the busiest nights and do it with a smile.

Atmosphere: 8

This approximately 8 acre haunt is creepy and gives you the feeling of urgency and that something is going to go all wrong. The first thing is this haunt is all outside. So the crispy night air and the moon high in the sky are enough to set any creepy scene. The arrival and walk are silent until you reach the queue line where the haunting begins. The rickety old barn gives you the anticipation feeling because you know once you walk into those doors you may not walk out. While you wait for those doors to open the creatures start sniffing out dinner and learning your name. Once the doors are opened, it is high energy in your face haunting by the barn crew, who gives it hell and wants you for dinner. They love your fresh fear. The corn maze on the other hand starts to give you the creepy feeling someone is watching you. The feeling is partly psychological and starts to play with your head. You will be lost over and over again just begging to get out. The hayride is more relaxed feeling, but still leaves you on the edge of your seat. Be prepared because you may be the one that gets ripped off the hayride by a gruesome creature. The Haunted Farm does an impressive job on creating many different atmospheres to create a great haunt.

Special Effects: 8

The Haunted Farm is a haunt that will use special effects big or small but they use them in the right balance to creep you out all night long. They also do an amazing job at not overdoing store bought items or animatronics, just enough for perfection. They like picking the brains of others to create man made effects that give up fresh volumes of fear. All three attractions keep a cohesive balance which gives them an edge on competition. They use just enough in the right areas to create horrific scenes. They utilize everyday items to create effects such as ‘Lucy’, and she gets me every time. The Haunted Farm is a leader in special effects balance and they continue to grow in this area.

Theme: 8

The Haunted Farm cast and haunt are great storytellers at their attractions. The Haunted Farm is one of the few remaining haunts that utilizes a theme and does it well. The story is that the in the 1800s, The Watson Family, had a farm during the depression. Their farm was not doing very well and this made the family very mean and hateful. In the next year the Watson’s farm flourished and the town’s people started to talk. They noticed drifters going on to the farm to work but never leaving. There were strange noises in the barn and foul smells. As you enter through all three parts of the farm you come face to face with the drifters that never made it off the farm. They will beg, plead and cry for you to help them but you won’t be able to. You will also meet The Watson’s as they already know you by name. They will leave you running not to become another foul smell from the barn!

Fright Effect: 8

The Haunted Farm has been in the business of looking for farm fresh fear for thirteen years and this year is no different. They can smell, taste and hear your fresh fear miles away and that makes them amp up even more. The Haunted Farm is a dynamic haunt that utilizes all the elements plus their experience to create a night of you running for your life. Every night hundreds pile in to see some of the best of haunting. The barn with its in your face, high energy, looking for fear creatures makes you want to find the nearest exit. The corn maze where all you want to do is get the hell out and you spend hours getting lost over and over again. Drifters and Sarge are quietly sneaking through high corn to be in your face every minute. You can’t think or concentrate, all you know is that you desperately want out. The hayride is where the fright continues and you are not sure what is next. Count the people that get on the hayride because when it stops that many people won’t be getting off, it may be you missing. Be ready to be scared for hours. This attraction plays on many levels of haunting and creepy. It introduces you to new fears and ones that you thought could never happen.

Value: 8

We think the admission price is a steal for all that this haunt has to offer. The Haunted Farm is approximately 8 acres of fear that includes the haunted barn, the corn maze, and the hayride. This is one of the longest haunted attractions that we have had the opportunity of experiencing. Just because it is long doesn’t mean they make less scares because they make more! The general admission for adults is $16 and under 10 is $13.00. In case you already made the drive and it starts to rain they have rain dates that is just the barn and it is $10 adults and $8 for under 10. As haunt season is in full swing the lines are getting longer, so you may want to consider the fast pass option. It is $25 for adults and $20 for under 10 but also includes hot chocolate or cider, your choice. If you have a big group call for group pricing. Want to plan a special event they can help you with that also.


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