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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on October 18, 2013.

Final Score: 7


The Wicked Warehouse is in its 1st haunt season and is one that we can’t wait to see grow over the years. Being in their first season they have pulled together some amazing volunteers and creative minds of Mr. And Mrs. Stone who have been in the industry for years and their experience is wonderful to see in person. They also have an amazing in-house artist that will blow your mind! This is a haunt that at $12 is a must see this season!

Cast: 7

Wicked Warehouse has a dedicated team of volunteers that come out each night to give you everything they got. Due to safety regulations that can only have 30 actors in the haunt but those 30 actors do an awesome job at making you feel like there are many more in the haunt. The actors are very good in their roles and stay in character no matter where they may find you in the haunt. Brooke stood out for us. She just let it all come out and caught our attention. Each person here is a volunteer and they do an amazing job.

Costuming: 7

The horde-looking group of actors here fit in their scenes nicely. The costuming helped set each scene. They do a lot of the costuming and makeup as a team unit with everyone helping out. Mrs. Stone does an amazing job when she gets her hand into the makeup of others. I can not wait to see this them grow in this section and evolve with the many more years of this haunt.

Customer Service: 7

The Wicked Warehouse is easy to find with a GPS but there are not a lot of signs that lead the way. There is ample parking for everyone. Pay close attention because you might miss the ticket window and enter in a room that you may not choose. They have concessions and music.The waiting area is outside so if it is a chilly night so be sure to dress warm. The waiting areas are covered with tents so do not fear the rain! There are fire pits to keep you warm. Wicked Warehouse always has team members ready if you have questions, comments or concerns. They are also up to code, have plans in place and well-lit exit signs.

Atmosphere: 7

The first thing you notice when you pull up is how big the Wicked Warehouse is. With noticing that you get the anxious feeling of big scares inside such a large area. It is outside so the night air and moon helped in creating that haunt ambiance that is expected. On the night of our visit there was loud rock music playing and it was very hard to talk to one another without feeling like you were shouting at each other. With that being said the rock music still helped in getting people amped up, making it a good choice.

Special Effects: 7

Wicked Warehouse is not over the top with special effects and big box items. They like to create most of their special effects and use the ideas of their own team. They do a great job at using the special effects in the right areas to enhance scenes making them more enjoyable to every haunt enthusiast. I enjoyed the very basic special effects that you may not come across in other haunts because they were unexpected and got me!

Theme: 0


Fright Effect: 7

Wicked Warehouse is in its 1st year and does well in this area. They have something for everyone. The scares are not limited to one area of your group they are evenly distributed so the people in the back get scared as much as the people in the front. They do an amazing job at keeping you off-guard so you don’t expect whats next. With a limited number of employees allowed to be in the haunt, they do an amazing job at being in-your-face and are very intense. This is not your local backyard haunted house. This haunt is rated R for a reason.

Value: 7

We think the admission rate of $12.00 is a steal for the Wicked Warehouse. Its one of the cheapest haunted houses around. They offer specials as well on their Facebook from time to time so keep your eye out over there also!