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Fear Fair

800 A Ave E, Seymour, IN 47274
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Fear FairFear FairFear Fair


Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Special Events, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Indoor/Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 25, 2013.

Final Score: 9.33


Fear Fair is in their 13th year of bringing the things that you typically watch in movies to life, and throws them right in-your-face! Fear Fair consists of two diverse themes that will leave you wondering whether or not you’re still at just a haunted house! Many changes were made this season including new movie scenes and renovation of some of the ones you’ve seen here in the past. The attraction starts off by immersing your group straight into an aggressive combat zone known as ‘Hangar 17,’ where many gun blasts and monstrous noises are heard as you try to make your way to the ‘safe zone!’ Next, you will arrive at Fear Fair’s ‘Cinema of Fear,’ where you will step into the silver screen and become the victims of some of your favorite horror movies including: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Silent Hill, The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more! This haunt has an overall demanding environment and they do touch and profanity is used, so if this may offend you, then this is NOT the attraction to visit! For an intense, in-your-face experience, make sure you ‘drive a little, scream a lot’ at Fear Fair during the Halloween season!

Cast: 9.53

There are 65 to 70 volunteer cast members that make up Fear Fair on an average night. This amount of characters filled many of the scenes well, but on several occasions, we made it through several scenes at a time where it seemed like characters were absent. All of the characters were believable and stayed in context with the theme; however, some of them were much more believable than others due to their movie-related dialogue, enthusiasm, and interactivity with our group. The majority of the movie characters were physically interactive with us by placing their metal blades on us, trying to stab us, touching us with chainsaws, and singling out members of our group in other ways, which intensified their roles! We also noticed that many of them verbally reiterated the theme this season, which also heightened their believability and that of their scenes. Freddy Krueger and the Creeper were particularly credible and had us wondering if we were going to make it out alive! Michael Myers, Zee Doktor, Igor, Rick, and the soldiers also stood out to our group due to their zeal and interaction with us!

Costuming: 9.66

Costumes consist of items that have been purchased or custom-made just for Fear Fair, so you shouldn’t see ones quite like these anywhere else! There are 8 to 10 full-time makeup artists who use airbrushing techniques and silicone appliances to add realism to the characters. The majority of the makeup used was realistically, especially on the soldiers! All the costumes matched their respective scenes well, although a few of them weren’t as detailed or authentic as others. Many masks were used as well, but they have also been custom made for the attraction and some of them are extremely detailed, especially those worn by the Dark Nurses! Many top-notch costumes were noticed at Fear Fair, including those worn by the Silent Hill characters, Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, and the Creeper.

Customer Service: 8.1

We didn’t notice any signs for Fear Fair before arriving at the attraction, but Freeman Field itself is pretty easy to find. The building was easier to spot than it has been in the past due to the red rotating lights that accent the front of it. Plenty of free parking is available on the backside of the building and portable restrooms are placed near the ticket booth which can be found on the opposite end of the building from where you enter. No concessions were available during our visit, but they are trying to arrange for them next season, although they did have plenty of haunt souvenirs available for purchase! Helpful staff can be located inside the ticket booth, roaming around with haunt logos on their jackets, or near the entrance of the building in case any questions or concerns are to arise. As your group’s turn is near, you will be shown a news broadcast explaining what has gone on here that entertains you until it’s your turn to enter! During our visit, no queue line entertainers were present, but we were informed that typically there is an actor outside. Inside the attraction, we noticed plenty of exit signs, but there were a lot of head knockers, several sets of stairs (some not lit as well as others), and we even encountered several ‘scares on stares’ so please be sure to watch your step as well as your head!

Atmosphere: 9.1

Although there wasn’t much heard outside the building, the oscillating red lights and Hangar 17 d├ęcor accenting the front of the building let us know we were, in fact, at Fear Fair! We didn’t quite know what to think before entering the attraction considering there wasn’t much going on until it was our group’s turn to approach the entrance of the building. At this point, we could hear and see a news broadcast showing live footage of what we may experience inside that helped us in preparing to enter. Once inside the building, the atmosphere changed completely! Hangar 17 consisted of realistic, loud gunshots, yelling soldiers, and other monstrous sounds that pierced our ears! Scene-appropriate music and sound effects were heard throughout the cinema scenes, as well as realistic noises coming from props, weapons, and the villains themselves, heightening the authenticity of these areas!

Special Effects: 9.64

Special Effects are both made in-house and custom-built for Fear Fair. There are many impressive effects here that you won’t see anywhere else. Some of these include Freddy’s boiler, multiple never-ending halls, an exclusive claustrophobic tunnel, moving train cars, an emerging wall, and a crazed drop panel. The majority of the scenes are highly-detailed, especially the newly-added Jeepers Creepers scene and the Silent Hill area that was emphasized with realistic signs, strategic lighting, and even ‘ash’ falling from above! Some of the characters worked directly with the effects around them, which made for more effective startles towards our group! Many of the props and scenery also complimented the actors and enhanced the haunt’s overall authenticity.
Other impressive effects were old Jeeps, realistic static zombies, many different animatronics, a Tesla coil, CGI, a giant monster, and a movie theater with a working screen that you actually walk into!

Theme: 9.7

You will experience two different themes inside Fear Fair. Your journey begins with several videos explaining what is going on behind Hangar 17. This experience is like no other as frantic soldiers blasting guns try to rush your group to safety! These soldiers are set on getting your group away from the infectious gasses in Hangar 17 as quick as they can, and we suggest that you don’t argue with them! Hangar 17 transitions into Cinema of Fear where your group is submerged into the silver screen and you become part of some of your favorite horror movies! Some of the movie sets you will walk through are Halloween, Jeepers Creepers, Silent Hill, The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more! The themes were executed well and many of the characters inside really helped bring them to life!

Fright Effect: 9.35

Many different types of scares were used from intense soundtracks, demanding dialogue, sudden noises, and horrific acts of torture to a group-splitting entrapment and multiple chainsaw assailants! Their goal is to scare the crap out of you, and they don’t disappoint! Some of our group members were grabbed, given stares of death, and touched with various metal weapons throughout the entire attraction! Fear Fair has an overall demanding environment and profanity is used, so please be aware of this before entering the attraction. Our group was on edge pretty much the entire way through because we never knew when someone was going to appear from nowhere or reach out and touch us due to some of the great hiding spots that were used. They also targeted everyone in our group, so we all got a little taste of how much scarier horror movie characters can be once your inside the screen with them! When distractions were used they were very effective, but if they were used more often, it would result in an increase in the score for this category. We also believe that since Michael, Freddy, and the Creeper all had victims and hurt them in front of us, it helped to legitimize their scares!

Value: 9.55

General admission tickets for the 2013 season are priced at $18.00 per person. Fast pass tickets are available for an additional $5.00, making them $23.00 per person! Our journey through the silver screen and crazed military area took us 28 1/2 minutes, adding up to just over a minute and a half of entertainment per dollar spent! When combining their elaborate scene details, characters, and shocks your group may receive during your visit, Fear Fair is one killer deal that shouldn’t be missed out on! Furthermore, they also offer combo tickets for Fast Pass admission and a haunt logo t-shirt for $28.00 or Fast Pass admission and sweatshirt combo tickets for $38.00! Also be sure to visit their website for possible discount information and news about Mytophobia and Friendly Monster Matinee special events! Fear Fair has a new electronic ticketing system this year, allowing you and the staff to easily use smart phones to scan online receipts instead of needing to print them which also saves you time since you won’t need to stand in the ticket line when you purchase them online! If you love horror movies or enjoy action packed, in-your-face, intense haunts, then you need to visit Fear Fair, where they might actually make you piddle yourself!


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