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Haunted Angelus House

8829 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
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Haunted Angelus HouseHaunted Angelus HouseHaunted Angelus House


Free Parking, Restrooms On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, “Old-School” (Low Tech), You will NOT be touched, Movie Characters, Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction, Family Friendly

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 10, 2014.

Final Score: 8.73


The Haunted Angelus House is now in their 3rd year of instilling fear into the lives of Indy’s residents! Angelus is a charity attraction that benefits the Angelus Cerebral Palsy Group Home in Hudson, Florida. Located at and operated by Ron’s Halloween on East Washington Street, there’s no shortage of a family-friendly, Halloween atmosphere! Customers of all ages are welcome here and glow sticks are available for youngsters. Angelus also strives to provide a little something for everyone, meaning you’ll find lots of different scene themes from classic horror-movie villains to a cemetery, hillbillies, zombies, clowns and more. If you’re looking for family-friendly haunted attractions to visit in the Indianapolis area, make sure The Haunted Angelus House is on your must-see list for the 2014 haunt season!

Cast: 8.52

The all-volunteer cast of 20-25 actors will make sure you stay scared during your tour of The Haunted Angelus House! A few of them were very believable and verbally interactive with our group, particularly the clowns and hillbillies. Excellent dialogue was incorporated into the roles of the clowns and they even had one member of our group playing a carnival-style dart game on our way through! The zombie in the cemetery scene was also very believable due to its realistic vocals and the way it staggered after us relentlessly! Freddy Krueger provided us with a realistic performance due to his demeanor and threatening dialogue and Michael Myers had no issues with giving us multiple frights and several intimidating instances! The characters that were found in the outdoor maze area of the attraction gave a valiant effort towards providing us with scares and entertainment as we navigated the dark and twisted passageways, even though they were short-handed at the time of our visit.

Costuming: 8.6

The costumes that are worn by the actors at Angelus are partially created by the actors themselves, while some of them are provided by the attraction and neighboring Halloween store. A mixture of masks and makeup were noticed throughout our tour of the attraction and each application helped enhance the individual characters. Most of the masks that were used, especially on a couple of the clowns, were very realistic-looking and appeared to be high-quality, silicone pieces that have been customized for each character. Many of them also had some believable makeup and detail extended all the way down to colored contacts! The costumes matched their relative scenes for the most part; a few of them being perfectly camouflaged to keep their identities secret until just the right moment!

Customer Service: 9.29

The haunt’s hearse, Indy Grimo’s hearse limousines, Ron’s Halloween signs, a box-trailer labeled “Haunted House,” and the Haunted Angelus House banner on the front of the building worked together to pull our attention and let us know where the haunt was located! We were able to locate the ticket booth easily due to the old, wooden siding adorning it. Friendly staff members were located there, as well as inside the building at the front of the queue line, who also served as queue entertainment. Several haunt-related decorations, a zombie attack projection, and an interesting port-a-john also gave those waiting in line plenty to look at before entering the attraction! In the first room, after going over the rules and background of the Angelus organization, customers will get a free photo that they can retrieve online via a special code. We were told that the haunt’s staff will also use this picture so they’ll know who the body parts belong to if you don’t make it out in one piece! Several emergency exits were noticed throughout our tour and truly hazardous conditions were limited to just a couple of places with slightly-uneven flooring, so watch your step!

Atmosphere: 9

The atmosphere outside the attraction had Halloween written all over it, literally! Although a hearse was parked near the road and creepy music was heard at the ticket booth, along with an advertisement for, it wasn’t until we entered the queue area that we truly felt like we were at a haunted house. Once inside, we were quite surprised with the change of atmosphere that we found in the queue area! Laser lights, Halloween décor, a welcoming and entertaining cast member, a zombie-infested silver screen, and a realistic saloon façade/haunt entrance instantly put us in the mood to get scared!

Special Effects: 8.55

The majority of special effects that can be found here have been made by the attraction’s staff, therefore you may see some things here that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else! Realistic and appropriate sound effects accompanied several of the scenes, and added a great touch of authenticity to these areas. Some of the scenes were highly detailed and had our group wanting to slow way down in an attempt to look at everything including the cemetery, the lagoon scene, the church, a shack, the saloon, and others! The actors also did a very good job at working with some of the props and effects in their respective areas which enhanced their effectiveness and helped bring the scenes to life! Some of the special effects that can be encountered here include carnival games, an unexpected picture hallway, laser lights, a possessed outhouse, dismembered body parts, a rattling coffin, a tooting stuffed animal, a steaming furnace, misleading linens, and a bridge that nearly dumped us into the bog!

Theme: 0

This attraction does not follow any specific theme. They want to do their own thing and try to offer a little something for everyone, so you never know what you may come across inside!

Fright Effect: 8.65

Different types of scare techniques were used at the Haunted Angelus House, from intimidating characters, misdirection, and pitch black areas to a surprising chainsaw attack, frightful games, daunting chants, and personalizing the experience by using our names throughout the attraction! A few good distractions were used and caught our group off-guard on multiple occasions! We also ran into some good hiding spots, including camouflaged ones, making it harder to predict the scares which kept our group on our toes! A run-in with Michael Myers proved to be rather frightening as he continued to appear out of nowhere, dragging a large blade against the scenery and even stabbing it into the wall at one point in time, nearly hitting one of our group members! The cast did a good job at making sure everyone in the group was targeted multiple times, so we all received our fair share of scares!

Value: 8.5

General admission is priced at $20.00 per person for adults and $10.00 for children 10 & under. Unlimited, same-night re-entry tickets can be purchased for $30.00 per person, allowing you to go through the haunted house as many times as you can handle in the same night! It took our group around 35 minutes to find our way out of the maliciousness, but this may vary per group depending on how scared or frightened you may become. When combining the attraction’s longer length with their general admission price, this value gives you 1.75 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent, which is close to doubling the average value of haunts this season! Group rates for 10 or more people are available so please be sure to visit their site for more information. If meeting some of your worst fears face-to-face in an environment that’s more fun for everyone, then be sure to add The Haunted Angelus House to your list of things to do for the Halloween season… and remember, “The Haunted Angelus is a great time for a greater cause!”

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Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Robert Bowen – 10/10
This was the best haunt in all of Indiana I’ve been too every one in Indiana and this one was the …show more best I absolutely loved it. NICE WORK.

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