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Dayton Scream Park

5117 Valley Street, Dayton, OH 45424
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Dayton Scream ParkDayton Scream ParkDayton Scream Park


Free Parking, Restrooms On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Special Events, “Old-School” (Low Tech), You may be touched, Movie Characters, Covered Outdoor Waiting Line, All-Outdoor Attraction, Family Friendly

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on September 28, 2014.

Final Score: 8.87


This was our first year reviewing the Dayton Scream Park and we have to say as a team we were blown away. Lance was amazing and took the time to answer every and all questions that we had. His large cast is amazing and always on point. Many of the cast have unique talents that enhance this haunt in many ways. After being in the business for 13 years and having four attractions covering 22 acres of nightmares, they do it right. Not only do they get the scares and entertainment right, they also work with children’s charities to keep giving back as well. This is a haunt that you must see for yourself this season. So grab some friends and make a night of it. We promise you will enjoy it. Also while you are there try to make it out of the Hell Ride and enjoy the fireworks!

Cast: 9

The cast at Dayton Scream Park is amazing. They run an all volunteer cast of 90-100 actors per a night. Yes, almost 100 volunteers, non-paid, every night which I found super impressive. Many of them have perfect attendance for seasons and even many years which shows dedication. The cast does an amazing job and enhanced the scenes they were in. Some of the ones that stood out for us are the stilt walker, “the dog” being played by Brandon and Greg, the two guys who “play” in the trees, and the whole cast of the Rap Trap, even the young lady who sat out front to take our ticket. From beginning to end we were impressed with not only Lance but his huge cast as well!

Costuming: 8

Dayton Scream Park does a great job at costuming. They used to have makeup artists but since have done away with them and instead the actors help each other. As Lance explained they are out in the woods and sometimes the natural elements would ruin the creations and they kept having to come in to have touch ups leaving bare spots. So they invest this money elsewhere and build their teamwork by doing their own makeup. There are a lot of masks in this haunt which again the makeup smears and they don’t want to create dead spaces so this is easier for them to maintain the quality of scares. Each character fits into their scene and looks good. Some creatures stand out more than others but that could be because they are in your face much more. You will find a lot of your favorites such as Michael Myers, Freddy, Pinhead and more. With that being said I would love to see this haunt work on creating unique creature masks especially for their haunt.

Customer Service: 9

Dayton Scream Park is one haunted attraction that gets customer service right. From the moment you pull in there is someone to guide you to the free parking area or drop off area. The area is well-lit. Lance and his team do an amazing job at being around and helping out if you have any questions on concerns. They have many concessions from merchandise, pictures, and more. They also offer a fire and paintball and much more. They are up to date with codes, safety plans, and everything else. The night we attended they explained to everyone that the opening was running just a little behind as they were fixing a light. I loved this cause this showed me that not only is fun and scaring part of their job, but safety is too!

Atmosphere: 9

The Scream Park gets this area right. When you pull up it will remind you of an amusement park with music, lights, and sounds. You will see all the vendors , carnival games and much more. It is a very fun atmosphere in the waiting area. Lots of things to do and I can see why people want to stick around. Then the trail has a very spooky atmosphere. Something about being outside and your mind playing tricks. Then when you add the awesome actors and the great attractions, they hit it right out of the park.

Special Effects: 9

Dayton Scream Park uses special effects that will make you say “Ummm, Why didn’t I think of that?” Dayton Scream Park has the big effects that you will see in many places but my favorites at this haunt are the ones made with everyday items. Things like rubber recycled from a manufacturing shop, to pallets, pool noodles, fridges and much more. They utilize every day items in unique ways that create amazing special effects that are one-of-a-kind to them. They also create special effects by using vehicles of all kinds which was a very new concept to me. Another thing that was impressive in this area was the special abilities that some of there actors have to utilize climbing and trees. Again, this was never seen before and I was blown away.

Theme: 9

Dayton Scream Park is exactly what it says it is. It reminds me of an amusement park in the beginning with the sounds and lights. It also has carnival games, photo ops, and paintball and more. The attractions are linked together but are very distinct. Oh and the screams are plentiful and can be heard from this amazing park as soon as you pull in!

Fright Effect: 9

The Fright effect is alive and ready to consume you at the Dayton Scream Park. It comes from everywhere within the 2 mile trail, the Rap Trap, Texas, and the Hell Ride. Just when you think you get away from it, its creeping up behind you. The frights come from all over. Above, below, left, right and in your face. With an amazing crew and great special effects, everyone in your group is likely to have a scream, a startle or even get ran over!

Value: 9

Dayton Scream Park is worth every cent. It has FREE parking which is always a bonus. $20 will get you into all 4 great attractions. There is $25 for the VIP lane which puts you in the front of the line and on the busiest of nights I would recommend the extra $5 bucks. On their site they also have $2.00 off coupons. Also if you follow them on Facebook they announce discounts and more. There is also paint ball zombies for a small fee, carnival games, photo ops and more. I have paid more for less so far this haunt season this has been the most bang for our buck.


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