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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 26, 2014.

Final Score: 9.01


2014 is Bull Run Farms’ 25th season featuring the Springboro Haunted Hayride and the Black Bog haunted trail. New changes have been made for this season and, between these two distinct attractions, we believe they offer a little something for everyone! The Haunted Hayride winds you through their wooded trails and turn-rows to see some classic and farm-related scares. The Bog is one of the most unique and well-put-together trails that we’ve seen and will bring you face to face with frights of Springboro’s own brand (and maybe some other iconic villains that you’re sure to recognize)! Check out the Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog, “Where all your dreams and nightmares will become a reality!” (#fearthefog)

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 8.99
Black Bog: 9.03

Cast: 8.63

An average of 75 actors are placed throughout this spooky farm to work in entertaining guests as they come through. Most of the actors played their roles well and a few were rather intimidating! In scenes where there were multiple actors assigned during our Hayride excursion, some impressive distraction and timing techniques were used to keep us looking over our shoulders. “Bubba” and his gang of chainsaw crazies were some of the most memorable to us from the Hayride due to their verbal interaction and dedication to entertaining the folks on the wagon. During our trek through the Bog, our encounters with the actors were on a more up-close-and-personal basis. A few of the hillbillies, the scarecrow, and Dr. Killmore were some of the most memorable while Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and his victim, the vampires and the zombies were also very believable in their dialogue and performances.

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 8.5
Black Bog: 8.75

Costuming: 8.68

While nearly every costume that we saw at Springboro this year made each character’s identity pretty obvious to us, there were several that stood out to us in particular. In the Black Bog, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger were pretty darn authentic-looking, which aided in their believability, especially after getting awfully close to the business ends of their weapons! Also, Peter Rottentail was quite memorable and the ghillie suits that we came across blended in with their scenes very well! Several masks were noticed in each of the attractions at Springboro; each of them did their parts in helping identify and enhance the characters wearing them. Among these were the cymbal-banking monkey, an interesting “pet” on a chain leash, and the wolf with little red riding hood. While some of the characters’ costumes were fairly elaborate, such as the one worn by the headless horseman, others (including their makeup) were a bit more simple and repetitive as we saw similar characters in multiple places along the trail.

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 8.65
Black Bog: 8.7

Customer Service: 9.4

A small sign at an intersection showed us where to go at our last turn before arriving at Springboro. After that, a black-lit sign showed us where to pull in and flaggers directed us to our parking spot. Parking is free and located in a dimly-lit, grassy field and flashing, red arrows will guide you back to the road once you’ve been scared back to the car! “Buttercup” and friendly staff members could be found roaming the queue area, while food can be found inside the barn (which conveniently doubles at the exit of the Black Bog trail). Very few safety concerns were found at Springboro, the exception being a set of stairs in the Bog with a scare at the top that could also use a “shade” more light for visibility. However, the Hayride is as safe as can be and the trails in the Bog are well-maintained and mulched for easy walking!

Atmosphere: 9.25

As we approached the queue areas, we could hear the loud engines of various farm vehicles and the screams of terrified customers echoing from within the farm! Decorations consisted of corn stalk bundles, pumpkins, cobwebs, the haunt’s hearse, and more; all of which gave the place a family-friendly feel, let us know that we weren’t at a typical, everyday farm, and got us ready to enjoy the attractions!

Special Effects: 9

The scenes that create the Hayride and Bog are adorned with many original effects that you can only find here! One of the most impressive things we noticed this season was the fog used in the Bog, and now we understand why they say “fear the fog!” Some realistic and skin-crawling sound effects filled the air throughout the attractions and added a suspenseful touch to the scenes. Several of the cast members worked with items in their scenes very well which enhanced their legitimacy and effectiveness. Detail in the Bog is among some of the best we’ve seen on a haunted trail and multi-colored accent lights were found throughout the property making it easier for us to see what was coming after us! Some of the effects that may haunt you if you decide to take the ride involve a combine, spider webs, chainsaws, towering flames, a real animal, loud poppers, and a hearse emerging from the ground! The Bog offered a unique elevator ride straight down to a realistic cave accented with flickering lights, and then threw other effects at us such as a hanged body, wooden walkways, an abandoned bucket truck, realistic buildings, a dizzying vortex tunnel, a disquieting buzzer, and a lively green house!

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 9.25
Black Bog: 8.75

Theme: 9.2

You just never know what you’re going to come across at Springboro! The Hayride and Bog both consist of mostly classic fears that aim to bring your worst nightmares to life right before your eyes! A variety of scenes, characters, and monsters can be encountered within the dark shadows of Bull Run Farms. Some of the things you may come across during your ride aboard the hay wagon include BD’s Junkyard, Bubba’s Sawmill, hillbilly-infested woodlands, a gloomy cemetery, a circus, and more! If you can make it through the fog-infested marshlands of the Bog, you will come across an unsettling town, a barbershop, Haddonfield, IL (where it is said that Michael Myers dwells), life-like vegetation, and a portion of a zombie-infested town! The signs we stumbled upon, buildings, and other structures authenticated the scenes and helped let us know what nightmare we were about to experience next! Both of the attractions’ locations also helped authenticate their scenes since many of them are things you would expect to encounter down deep in the woods or way back in the pits of a bog!

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 9.1
Black Bog: 9.3

Fright Effect: 8.38

Various scare techniques were used to catch our group off-guard this season; from menacing stares, alarming encounters, and sinister sounds to victimization, pitch black corridors, and multiple run-ins with large “vehicles” that seemingly always turned into forceful pursuits! Everyone in our group became a target at some point in both attractions, which is great to see especially on a hayride! When the performers appeared during the hayride, they often did so from multiple directions, which provided a constant distraction for everyone on board! Some good hiding spots were used including the use of camouflaged costumes. One of them in particular has had the perfect hiding spot for several years, yet they still never fail to surprise our entire group! The hayride kept us on edge most of the way through due to the mad vehicles that really wanted us to get out of their way. Likewise, the trail added a lot of suspense to our tour as well with multiple weapon encounters that let us know these guys weren’t messing around! “Do you have what it takes to make it through the Black Bog?”

Haunt Scores:
Springboro Haunted Hayride: 8.25
Black Bog: 8.5

Value: 9.55

General admission to either the Hayride or the Bog is priced at $12.00. A combo ticket for both attractions can be purchased for $22.00, giving you a $2.00 discount! It took our group approximately 18 minutes to find our way out of the foggy valleys that make up the Bog and another 18 minutes to see all the sights on the Hayride! That’s 36 minutes of entertainment when purchasing the combo tickets, which puts this value at over 1.5 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent! Combine that with the entertainment available at this location and you’ve got yourself a value that’s hard to beat! If you are looking for some fall fun that the whole family can enjoy during the Halloween season, then be sure to visit Bull Run Farms for the Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog!