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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 26, 2014.

Final Score: 8.46


Chambers of Horror is in their 35th season for 2014 and is the home of many classic and original scare techniques! With over 30 of these terrifying tombs, each being based on different fears, one can only imagine what will have to be endured! From scenes based on legendary horror films and old-school scare tactics to the latest distraction techniques, gory sets, and one of the best ghostly effects scenes that we’ve come across, there’s plenty to experience at this veteran haunted attraction! This is also one of the only haunts that we’ve been to where we’ve never ran into another group during our tour, which is difficult for most haunts to pull off, but Chambers makes it look easy! Will you make the right choice in the “Central Chamber?” Can you survive facing your darkest fears face-to-face for nearly 30 minutes? Then visit “Ohio’s Twisted Haunted House:” The Chambers of Horror….if you dare!

Cast: 8.89

Around 30 actors bring the Chambers to life and do a good job at minimizing the dead spaces throughout the attraction. Most of the dialogue that was used matched their roles and scenes very well and helped make them more believable. The trolls that we came across near the Central Chamber were able to keep us hostage for quite some time and kept us on our toes until we finally completed their challenge. Freddy Krueger was exceptional in his performance and dialogue; both of which showed top-notch dedication to his character! Similarly, the girl in the Chop Shop was also very interactive and worked with her scene and props very well! Yet another memorable actor from our tour through the Chambers was the Butler, who greeted us with a ghostly performance and warned us of the “dire consequences” we would suffer if we didn’t follow his rules.

Costuming: 7.85

The costumes at Chambers of Horror have shown significant improvements this year. Nearly every character that we noticed seemed to match their respective scenes and themes! While some of them weren’t as elaborate as others, it was still easy for us to tell what each character was supposed to be, which definitely enhanced their believability. Unique designs and masks were also noticed, most of them being ones that you won’t find at other haunts. Some of the most memorable of these include the Butler, the guy in the spider room, the girl in the Chop Shop, and Freddy Krueger.

Customer Service: 8.3

A small, black and orange, reflective sign located near the road pointed us in the direction of their large, free parking area. A different sign was on the front of the building, which was a little more noticeable, and let us know that we had arrived at the right place! Areas of the haunt itself may be a little “physically interactive” with your group, so be sure to try to watch where you’re going at all times! At Chambers of Horror, you’ll purchase your tickets AFTER you wait in line and get inside the building, so keep this in mind when you see the open windows near the sidewalk. These are actually for the “Snack Chamber” concession area that you will also find at the end of your tour of the haunt. Also in the Snack Chamber, you’ll have a chance to look at all of the neat Halloween memorabilia they have for sale. They have a “Last Ride” coffin simulator ride at the exit of the haunt as well, which is $5.00 to try out. Several roaming characters were entertaining the waiting line, as well as two TV’s that were recessed into the building and playing horror movie clips along with some of the attraction’s commercials. Very friendly staff were present inside the concession area, at the ticket window, and at the Last Ride in case any questions were to arise.

Atmosphere: 7.53

The haunt’s hearse that was located near the road, TVs, and a strobe light flashing on the building let us know that we had arrived somewhere spooky! The attraction’s building is pretty creepy looking in the dark, which definitely helps in this category. As we approached the entrance to the attraction, a crazy clown instantly “greeted” us with a large weapon, which in turn increased our eagerness to start our journey through the Chambers!

Special Effects: 8.73

Innovative and original creations make up the majority of effects within the Chambers, but you will also notice a few that were created by various prop manufacturers. It seemed as though the characters worked with their respective scenes and surroundings more often this season, which made them much more effective! Various sound effects were heard during our visit which brought the scenes to life and, in one area, they cleverly turned our group’s attention to where the real scare was! Some of the rooms were detailed extremely well, which had our group wanting to majorly slow down to check it all out. The effects used in the first room really caught our attention, but you will need to visit the Chambers for yourself to see what we are referring to (…we don’t want to ruin the surprise)! Some of the effects that we came across were running sewer water, a plummeting elevator, multiple projections, items moving by themselves, thick fog, effective strobes, a vortex tunnel, a claustrophobic passageway, and parts of rooms that move and really shouldn’t!

Theme: 8.57

As your group’s turn to enter approaches, you will be placed in a single room where the Jigsaw puppet appears from a static-filled TV screen to explain the theme behind the attraction and give the rules to live by during your visit. The storyline behind the Chambers of Horror is about a young boy who became obsessed with what scares people, thus he began to study fear and what, exactly, scares are made of! He started by creating a different chamber to test each type of fear. After a while, the chambers began taking on a life of their own! From there on out, each victim that dared to enter them would succumb to the wrath of their worst nightmares and new chambers were created based on yet a different fear. Now you can enter his realm and become a victim to the fear-testing yourself! With that being said, you never know what you may run into within these malicious walls. A taste of some of the scenes we stumbled upon includes a wrecked control room, a cavern, a pet sematary, a butcher area, multiple “pick-a-door” entrapments, and Freddy’s boiler chamber! During your adventure, just try to remember… the rules of the game are to “stay alive!”

Fright Effect: 8.72

The Chambers threw different types of frights at us from unpleasant dialogue, a ghostly encounter, and an 8-legged infestation to a run-in with a bombarding chainsaw, disorientation, and intimidating characters that had us frantically trying to choose the right doors! Effective distractions delivered startles to our group on multiple instances, especially the clever chainsaw surprise! Good hiding spots were also utilized, which aided in helping them target our entire group instead of just the front or back of the line! Dark, foggy areas and effective strobe lights were encountered which kept our group on high alert and wondering what was lurking nearby. A few of the characters also gave us an overall feeling of uneasiness, which literally increased their overall fright effect! This crew attempted to do many things to us while we were in their chambers and the scares got more intense the further into them that we traveled, but we must say that we’ve NEVER been “sized” for the strength of rope that they were going to need to hang us up by!

Value: 9.1

General admission to enter these chambers will cost you $13.00, but that’s just to enter… It’s hard telling what they might try to make you pay with before you can escape! VIP admission tickets can be purchased for $18.00 and will allow you to skip the main line so you can spend less time waiting! Payments are accepted in cash only. This attraction is set up to keep groups from running into one another, giving them full control of where you are going, so each group’s tour time depends on when they decide to let you out! Our group spent 26 minutes trying to escape with our lives! That puts this value at 2 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent and makes this one of the best values we’ve seen so far this season! We were informed that 2014 may be your last chance to visit this attraction. So, if you are looking for some classic scares, interactive acting, and are up for some disorientation, you need to visit The Chambers of Horror where you will “make your way to your own fate!”