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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 4, 2014.

Final Score: 9.23


When Dreadland Haunted Woods opened their doors three years ago, they advertised themselves as “the game changers.” That saying holds true yet again for the 2014 haunt season! Completely revamped, Dreadland has added their Deranged Paintball attraction and now offers the DREADZONE as a secondary, optional attraction… BOTH AT NO EXTRA COST! Deranged paintball utilizes a carnival-style shooting gallery approach where you and your friends will get 50 shots at multiple types of moving targets, while The DREADZONE continues to put your worst fears to the test in a timed challenge that’s unlike anything else we’ve ever seen! In addition to removing The DREADZONE from the main trail, the Haunted Woods’ intensity has been taken down a notch to make it more appealing to a wider range of customers. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then make sure Dreadland Haunted Woods is on your list of must-see attractions in South-Central Ohio!

Cast: 9.3

Around 50 actors will be waiting for you at Dreadland on a typical night. Most of the actors are based on run down, backwoods hillbillies, or some variation thereof, and all of them act the part very well! Some of the most memorable include “Granny,” who wanted us to pet her stinky friend and then wanted our body parts. And let’s not forget the crazy critter lady who was very believable and asked if we wanted to wear her skin suit! Several of these actors were also very verbally interactive with our group; they were asking us questions and always having a comeback when prompted. The Warden in the DREADZONE and his assistant were very intimidating, and carried out their roles seamlessly. Dialogue that was used matched their scenes and overall theme and enhanced their believability and intimidation factors. They were also very energetic on the night of our visit, so you just never knew where they were going to come from!

Costuming: 9.34

Costuming consisted of what you’d typically think for these hellacious hillbillies! Dirty makeup, bandanas, overalls, and other types of worn and tattered clothing were the norm except for a select few of the characters, like Granny and the critter lady. Each character looked very authentic and like they belonged in the scenes they were in. However, not many of them seemed to really stand out from the rest as far as how elaborately-detailed they were. The actors, or “targets,” in Deranged Paintball were understandably well-padded in Carhartt (or similar) coveralls and protective masks, so feel free to light ’em up! We only caught a small glimpse of the Dreadzone hosts before… well, we’ll let your imagination do the work on that one.

Customer Service: 9

We noticed two signs on our way to Dreadland that led us to their parking entrance. Plenty of free parking is available in a large, well-lit, grassy field. The ticket booth is the first building we came to and a fire pit took the chill off the cool, October air. After we got our wristbands, we shot a few rounds of paint at their new Deranged Paintball attraction… after all, it was free with our general admission! Next, we could choose to keep warm by another fire pit, go on into the Dreadland Haunted Woods, or try our hand at The DREADZONE! If you choose to head for the woods, watch your step because there’s lots of uneven ground! After you’ve tried everything, head on over to the concessions stand and grab yourself some grub before you leave… that is, IF you can survive The Dreadzone! Friendly staff can be found at the entrance to each attraction and at the ticket booth in case you have any questions, and while at the ticket booth don’t forget to check out their headbands, t-shirts, or hoodies they may have available to purchase!

Atmosphere: 8.63

We noticed the new renovations at Dreadland Haunted Woods as soon as we pulled in the parking area. We hardly recognized the place! The several new walls and structures made from rough-cut lumber and the crowd in the queue area let us know we’d reached our destination. The atmosphere “felt” more like a haunted, backwoods trail more so this year than in previous years! In addition, the bonfires helped let us know that this was the place to be on a Halloween, haunt season weekend!

Special Effects: 9.25

The majority of effects at Dreadland are original, which helps to validate their “Game Changing” intentions! Along with the rest of their changes, a few new kinds of special effects were noticed this season! From a boat sticking out of the ground, a creepy swing, a bat attack, and a conniving clothesline to loud horns, gunshot blasts, other realistic sounds, and a chainsaw, we never knew what would be waiting for us next! Several types of theme-appropriate sound effects were heard and a unique spark-throwing device made a particular scene rather “uncomfortable” to be in! This haunt also utilizes real critters as well as fake ones, so be on the lookout during your trek through the timbers! Scene detail was improved upon a lot this season, which made the woods feel more like a town to us due to the multiple structures that we walked through. Many of these effects seemed to be more effective this year than in past, and some of the things used in the DREADZONE were quite hideous, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Theme: 9.5

Dreadland entered the haunt industry 3 years ago with the mindset of being a “Game Changer” in the industry, and we must say that out of the haunts we have had the privilege of visiting, they have succeeded! They have also managed to remain one of the most original haunts that we’ve come across! Once we entered the wooded trail, it was evident we were on some property that we probably shouldn’t be! We became subject to the wrath of these hellions and it was obvious we had invaded their wooded township! Everything we came across seemed to make sense, including all of the crazy backwoodsmen/women we stumbled upon. The DREADZONE is a whole different ballgame from the trail this season. This attraction is a challenge, and not an easy one at that. There are rules to this challenge, and if you don’t follow each and every one of them, you will be disqualified! First and foremost, you MUST be 18 and sign a liability waiver! Be prepared to show your ID! DREADZONE admission is included with the $15.00 ticket price, however IF your team successfully completes the challenge, each of you will receive $5.00 of your ticket price back, making your experience at Dreadland only $10.00! You will be blindfolded and you will go in alone (you will get to keep the blindfold as a reminder of this disturbing experience). More than likely you will not go in with the folks you arrived at the haunt with, unless you have a very large group and you purchase VIP admission. You may be insulted and tormented once you enter, but you need to pay attention to the task you are given! More than likely it will consist of something you will feel uncomfortable doing, but you must stay focused! One of your team members will be buried alive… and your main task is to unbury them! Is this the catch? No, not yet. While this person is under the ground, covered in dirt, you will have a personal “station” where you will be searching for a letter. If all of the team members successfully find their letters, which will be accompanied by other “things”, then your blindfolds will be removed. You will then attempt to crack the correct code into a lock by using the letters you just found! Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well, here’s the catch: you must successfully complete all of these steps before all of the sand reaches the other half of a 2-minute glass timer! The haunt’s location goes hand-in-hand with the theme and enhances its authenticity, which left us wondering if what we just experienced was ONLY a haunted house or did we just experience something else in disguise!

Fright Effect: 9.62

The frights delivered at this attraction are quite different in 2014 since they are aiming for a more family-friendly approach in two of their attractions. We went ahead and scored the fright effect for all of the attractions combined since they are all included in a single price, but we will tell you that the DREADZONE added a major contribution to this score! Don’t let this fool you though, there are still plenty of frights to experience on the trail as well, they just aren’t as severe as what awaits those brave enough to try their luck at beating the Warden in the DREADZONE! Multiple scare techniques were encountered on the trail from many hidden doors, good placements of hiding spots, ear-piercing blasts, just an overall feeling of uneasiness due to the characters shooting at us, using demanding dialogue towards our group, and by chasing us with multiple weapons and even a chainsaw this year! Also watch out for things you may think are dead or won’t move, because they just might! They also targeted everyone in our group and provided several distractions that kept us aware of our surroundings! Deranged Paintball consists of shooting LIVE targets, and is intended to be a fun experience for everyone! Now for the DREADZONE. We don’t want to ruin the experience inside, but at the same time we want to give you a bit of an idea of how scary this attraction can be. This challenge is an assault on the senses, and during our visit we witnessed several people give up and exit early! First of all, you go in alone, and then all sight will be taken away from you as you are blindfolded! From the moment you enter, you will be taunted and tormented until the moment you exit! You will need to touch things that you probably don’t want to touch. You may have a restraint of some sort. And finally, you may get lucky enough to be the special one out of the team who gets buried alive… literally!!

Value: 9.58

General admission remains the same as last season at $15.00 per person, but now it includes admission to all THREE different attractions for 2014! VIP tickets are available for $30.00, and will grant you access to a much shorter wait in line. We were informed that the more people you have in a group purchasing VIP tickets, the greater chance you will have at entering and conquering the DREADZONE together! It took our group around 12 minutes to find our way out of the timbers, we got to shoot 50 rounds of paint in Deranged Paintball, and we attempted the DREADZONE (which could take up to 30 minutes), all for the $15.00 price. This is a VERY competitive value when you take advantage of all three attractions. Even if you aren’t brave enough to attempt the DREADZONE, the price is still an average value for the paintball and the trail at around 1 minute of entertainment per dollar spent, depending on how fast you run or walk through the trail. IF you defeat the Warden in the DREADZONE, each winning team member will receive $5.00 of their admission money back! Even if you try and don’t succeed, you will get to keep your blindfold as a warm reminder of your experiences at Dreadland Haunted Woods! In Deranged Paintball, 50 additional paintballs can be purchased for only $2.00 more! You can also receive a $2.00 coupon if you text “dread” to 24587! If you are looking for a unique haunted house experience that consists of several different levels of entertainment from shooting paintballs to being blindfolded and entering an attraction alone, then we suggest you mark Dreadland Haunted Woods down on your must-see haunt list!