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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 12, 2014.

Final Score: 9.13


Eville Studios is now in their 3rd season at their current location and continuing to improve as time goes by! Eville now advertises their haunt as a “Scream Park” due to their two differently-themed attractions. Their first attraction, located in the upstairs part of the building, is called “Carnival of Carnage in Terrorvision” and features some impressive 3D artwork and clown/carnival characters that make getting scared all but too much fun! Downstairs, things get a little more twisted in “House of Horrors.” There, you’ll find a variety of sick and demented yet original characters that’ll be sure to send you running out the exit! Don’t forget to check out their custom coffin simulator, dubbed “The Last Ride,” that the haunt’s talented special effects crew designed themselves. This 4D thrill ride is absolutely the most original one that we’ve experienced because it allows you to choose from four different scenarios and watch part of what’s going on during your ride from the inside! Lastly, take out some anger in “Shoot-A-Zombie,” which is exactly what it sounds like! Buy some paintballs and take your best shot at a zombie before he breaks free and infects someone! For an original attraction with old-school frights in the Evansville area, be sure to check out Eville Studios, “Evansville’s Premier Haunt” this season before it’s too late!

Cast: 9.08

It seemed like the amount of actors we came across this season filled the scenes better and nearly all of them were WAY more active and energized compared to last season! They stayed in character well and fulfilled their roles in their relative scenes almost flawlessly! Some of the most convincing actors were the patients locked up in the asylum downstairs. As we went through their area, we could tell they’d been in there just a little bit too long! Throwing “temper tantrums,” yelling at us as we walked by, and throwing their bed pans around made them seem very believable during our visitation. Other realistic characters at Eville include the clowns, cannibalistic hillbillies, and repulsive rednecks, including “Big Jim” who was also one of the most verbally interactive with our group. The clown in the first scene also interacted with us and tried to prepare us for what we were getting ourselves into! Finally, the most energetic actor was the chainsaw attacker, who nearly took our heads off in style!

Costuming: 9.25

Pretty much all of the costumes at Eville Studios have been customized by the staff for each character’s required “look.” Each of them matched their surroundings for the most part and looked like they belonged where they were. We noticed some good attention to detail as well, as a few characters even had colored contacts while others were able to disguise themselves in plain sight! A few well-placed masks were found during our tour, while makeup seemed to be the weapon of choice most of the time. The characters in each attraction stuck with their themes when applying their makeup, as most of the clowns utilized fluorescent colors to match their scenes while the actors downstairs were more on the grungy/bloody side of the spectrum. Everybody seemed to be dressed to scare except for the chainsaw-slinger, who definitely introduced some humor to the attraction…that is, if you can manage to see what he’s wearing while you’re running away from him!

Customer Service: 9.3

A rotating light projected on the front of the building, an Eville box truck out by the road, and the custom sign hanging on the building at the entrance let us know we had arrived! Friendly staff members were found at the entrance to each of the attractions and in the coffin simulator/gift shop area. Speaking of which, make sure you try out the simulator… it’s one of, if not THE, best one we’ve seen to date! A roaming actor or two plus a carnival-style entertainer could be found outside the building, although you might find “Fluffy” in a scene or two if he likes you! Certainly watch your footing while navigating the passageways of Eville Studios. There are multiple sets of stairs to negotiate before beginning any of the attractions. Other than that, routine walkways were clear and hazard-free and plenty of emergency exits were noticed throughout our tour! Finally, be sure to check out their souvenir shop where all sorts of goodies can be purchased, including real weapon props like the ones used inside the haunt. They’ve also got food and beverages if you get the munchies after running so much!

Atmosphere: 9

The circling white light, red lights, multiple actors, gargoyles, and killer silhouettes in the windows of Eville’s building instantly let us know we were at a haunted attraction! A new screen has been added to the front of the building that displayed a horror movie during our visit. This attraction is located in a rather large, creepy, brick building, and when you combine that with the spooky things that can be encountered before entering, it builds anticipation to enter!

Special Effects: 9.18

Many of the special effects have been created in-house by the haunt’s talented staff, so you may see some unique items here that you’ve never seen before! Loud, heavy music was heard throughout the majority of the attraction, disguising sounds from props and actors, which made it easier for them to nail us! The scene detail throughout is exceptional and included quite a few new and highly-detailed areas in the bottom portion, while the amazing 3D artwork still surrounded the carnival area. Disorienting and strategic lighting accented some of the scenes and aided in showcasing all of the gruesome details! Some of the effects we came across during our adventure include a large dragon, a vortex tunnel, a giant clown, rolling barrels, custom pictures, a man-eating pig, and much more!

Theme: 9

Each level at Eville Studios is wrapped around a different concept. The top floor is based on a carnival-style atmosphere where twisted, eye-popping 3D effects can be seen! We hope you aren’t afraid of clowns, because the ones we found on this second floor were hard to get away from! The downstairs section is more of a dark, sinister horror house where you will see torturous and cannibalistic acts committed right in front of you! It is like you are traveling to a whole different realm when exiting the first attraction and into the second. All of the characters fit in with their respective scenes, and a few made the ideas behind their areas much more apparent.

Fright Effect: 8.86

Multiple levels of frights were delivered to our group from intense confrontations, deadly surprises, and sudden loud noises to intoxicating pathways, and a chainsaw attack unlike any we’ve seen before! This crew did a great job at targeting everyone in our group instead of always aiming it at the front or the back of the line. Well-disguised hiding spots were used throughout both attractions, including ones that were least expected, but the exit doors proved to be the most effective! A few distractions were also noted, mostly by multiple characters, and aided in keeping our group on-guard throughout our entire trip. This season, most of the frights were delivered by the actors, who were very intense and hard to predict during along our journey!

Value: 9.36

General admission to enter both the Carnival of Carnage in Terrorvision and House of Horrors is priced at $12.00 per person. This ticket price also includes unlimited same-night re-entry! It took our group about 15 minutes to go through both attractions, putting this value at 1.25 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent. However, when considering the unlimited re-entry and the level of entertainment found inside, it makes this one competitive value! Also available on premises is their custom coffin ride and shoot-a-zombie, which are both unique and a lot of fun! “No scare” tours are available for $5.00 during certain hours. Also, be sure to check out their site for group discount prices, and info about their special event, “Boooogie Nights Halloween Bash” taking place Friday, October 31st, 2014! Looking for multiple types of Halloween entertainment in the Evansville area, all at one location? Then be sure to visit Eville Studios and experience “2 haunted houses, 1 roof, 1 price!”