Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Mysterious Misery reviewed this attraction on October 18, 2014.

Final Score: 8.73


The Forest of Fright is a must see haunted attraction in Muskingum county. In its ninth year of tormenting lost souls and letting Krazy Kari loose, they have become bigger and better. They have increased the size of the haunt so that you can spend anywhere between 35-40 minutes maybe even longer depending on how much you get lost. Kari and her little creatures come out in big ways to scare, startle or even terrify you. Forest of Fright is definitely a must do if you are in the area. Don’t worry if you get lost in the dark or the fog, someone will find you.

Cast: 8.5

The Forest of Fright has a horde of volunteers. They run about 52 actors on any given night. The cast does an amazing job at growing each year as they attend conventions and classes to become better at what they do. As a patron I can see that the hard work is paying off for this group. They do an amazing job at scaring, getting screams and just always being right in your face. They can even be in dangerous places above and below you, since they will hide anywhere they need to for the job.

Costuming: 8.5

Forest of Fright uses three make up artists and one of them was featured in a magazine. With amazing talent like that Kari’s play toys and other oddities are very unique. You will see a very minimum amount of store bought items at this haunt. The costuming is selected to enhance make up and create an amazing character who plays a realistic role. With only three make up people the work done at this haunt is amazing.

Customer Service: 9

Forest of Fright has always done a great job at customer service but somehow they seem to just keep getting better. Shout out to Kelly for assisting us. They have free parking and ample room to accommodate even on a busy night. While parking may be free the area can become muddy and you may get stuck. So pay attention to the weather and take appropriate vehicles. Since this is an outdoor haunt, weather plays a role in its nightly operation. If you realize you get too cold, stop in their Kari’s Toy Box store which has shirts, hoodies, gloves, hats and many more items. You can also get you some warm hot chocolate plus many other fantastic eats at the concession stand. Make sure you take your wallet full of cash because there is no ATM within driving distance. Do not forget about entertainment, you could spend hours sitting around the bonfires watching bands or fire throwers. We got to experience the band Marys Crooked Box, they played many songs that I liked. This haunt does a great job at safety also. They have sheriffs, EMT on call, personal staff roaming everywhere, and an emergency plan to keep everyone safe in case of an emergency. Driving from Columbus our GPS didn’t fail us and we were able to find it with no problem. So make sure you go with a GPS, maps and a cell phone.

Atmosphere: 8.5

Have I ever mentioned to you that the small narrow drive along a dark and wooded area just to get to the haunt scares the shit out of me? Well it does and that starts your journey off. Once you park you make the journey deeper into the country and the dark path and the night air gets you excited. When you reach the commons you get the party-like atmosphere with bonfires, bands and concessions. So be sure to enjoy that time because it all changes as you stand in line. Some of Kari’s creatures are out and about as the line winds around a cemetery. They have screens with movies playing and zombies that are trapped, and then you reach the door with all the warnings. Then the real journey has arrived, can you make it out alive?

Special Effects: 8.8

Forest of Fright continues to be a haunt that uses special effects to help enhance the haunt. They have learned how to use a great balance. You will not see too many of just one kind because they have learned how to use a variety of effects to scare you. They have many small special effects and some that are home made that help. They also have some of the bigger special effects that create bigger scares. They also have the Hellavator which to this day impresses us and we may see it in one other haunt. We also notice that they have started throwing in newer technology elements which is great to see that growth.

Theme: 9

We have noticed that many haunts are starting to get away from certain themes but not Forest of Fright. They continue to be one of the haunts that has stayed constant with their theme and use it to their advantage. Each part of this haunt relates back to the story of their theme. I urge you to go to their website and read under the legend of what happened in this area and then see how well they pull this haunt together to show you the legend for yourself!

Fright Effect: 8.5

Overall, Forest of Fright uses everything to create a horrible night of terror for you! They are amazing story tellers with a story that they want you to become a part of. The make up and the cast make Kari’s creatures real and the special effects make it even scarier. The dark or foggy rooms make it even harder to get through this longer journey! They do an amazing job.

Value: 9

We feel the value of the Forest of Fright is very competitive with the more expensive haunts, and is worth the money. $12.00 per victim (per person), $8.00 per victim (per person) for Military ID (must show ID to receive discounted price), $20.00 V.I.P. (We call this a Demon Fast Pass – With this Demon Pass you are entitled to “Skip to the front of the line” and token for a Free Hot Chocolate),Group Pricing of 15 & over – call 740-280-0952 for discounted price, Senior Discount 55 years & older – $8.00 each (not to be combined with any other offer). NO REFUNDS.