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Fear Fair

800 A Ave E, Seymour, IN 47274
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Fear FairFear FairFear Fair


Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Special Events, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Indoor/Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 17, 2014.

Final Score: 9.49


“Come see what all the screams are about.” This year, several changes have been made at Seymour, Indiana’s one and only Fear Fair. Start your night off right with Hanger 17, a top-secret military base where an experimental gas has leaked out and started causing everyone to become flesh-eating monsters! If you can make it through the “safe zone,” rest assured, it’s not over yet! Now you must face your worst fears in the Vondee Theater, where all of the things you thought could never be real actually come to life! From sinister slashers to modern madness, you’ll have to escape a variety of threats before you can actually call yourself “safe.” For one of Indiana’s most finely-detailed and creatively-creepy attractions, visit Fear Fair for their 14th year this Halloween haunt season!

Cast: 9.35

Around 70 volunteer actors bring Fear Fair to life on a typical night. You may be touched and you might hear some vulgar language. If you’re easily offended, then this may not be the attraction for you. But, for the rest of us, this language does help authenticate those characters’ roles that use it. Several of the actors gave us very believable and energetic performances during our tour, including Jason, Leatherface, Igor, Zee Doktor, and the zombies. Jason had no problems letting us know we’d invaded his camp, and trust us, we were obliged to give him his space! Leatherface certainly didn’t seem to appreciate us traipsing into his meat-processing plant either, so he promptly “escorted” us off his property… with his chainsaw in full force! Igor and Zee Doktor showed excellent usage of verbal and physical interaction with our group and left one of our members with a spine-tingling dose of some kind of “injection.” The zombie horde was one of the most intense and realistic bunches we’ve experienced to date! When you think “zombie outbreak,” that’s what these guys were. Each of them were groaning, growling, and hissing at us, many of them grabbed us and wouldn’t let us go, others tried to bite us through our clothes, another jumped on one of our group members’ back, and our group was even separated from one another on multiple occasions! Don’t turn your backs on these guys.

Costuming: 9.67

Some of the costumes at Fear Fair are original designs, while others were put together by the haunt to model some familiar characters that you might be able to recognize. For example, the soldiers and medical personnel in the Hanger 17 portion of the attraction were well-detailed and made each of their scenes and themes quite apparent to us during our tour. Likewise, the villains that we crossed paths with in the second half of the haunt looked very authentic, which made for even more-believable characters. As with their scenes, Fear Fair’s staff know that attention to detail is essential to creating an immersive and believable experience. That’s why some of their characters even use things like colored contacts, gloves, real riot gear and stilts, depending on their individual needs. Nearly every actor that we saw was appropriately dressed for the scenes they were in and we could tell these weren’t your average, drug-store costumes! Masks were also used where they were needed and seemed to be well-detailed and high-quality as well, and several airbrush artists make sure that those without masks are just as scary-looking, if not more so!

Customer Service: 9.2

The sign for Freeman Field Airport let us know we were getting close and the military truck ticket stand and the rock music let us know we had arrived at Fear Fair! Quite a bit of free, well-lit parking is available in different places around the building. After you find a spot to park, you’ll have to make your way to the ticket booth, which seemed to be a little confusing for some customers to find. Just look for the large military truck near the queue line and concession trailer and walk up the steps at the rear of it (you’ll see signs when you get to that point). After we got our tickets an got in line, a band was keeping the crowd rocking until it was our turn to start touring the attraction. Getting through this haunt can be just as eventful as the scenes you’ll encounter. There are several sets of stairs to navigate, some of which are dimly-lit, and multiple low-bridges and head-knockers will require most of your attention to be directed in front of you. Not to say it’s unsafe… you’ll just need to pay attention in a few areas. Friendly staff members could be found at the ticket booth, concession trailer, and at the front of the line, while roaming actors (including Sgt. Graves and their “slider”) helped the band keep the crowd on their toes!

Atmosphere: 9.5

As soon as we got out of our vehicle, hard rock music could be heard echoing from around the building! Since Fear Fair built their own stage to entertain the lines this season, it also helped in letting us know we were at a haunted house, or was it the sudden bursts of flames? Either way, we’re sure you’ll know once you’re there! The exterior is adorned with military décor, complete with a guard tower that authenticates the haunt’s theme and helps prepare you to enter Hangar 17… not to mention the fact that the building really used to be an old army barracks building! Multiple actors were roaming around during our visit and were doing a great job at provided scares to the crowd by nearly sliding into them, chasing them with a chainsaw, or shooting at them. Yes… shooting at them!

Special Effects: 9.74

If you are looking for meticulously-detailed sets, high-tech props, and an immersive, haunted experience, then you’ve come to the right place! Fear Fair offers realistic scenes, original ideas, and unique usage of some items that you may have seen before. All of the sound effects made sense with their respective scenes, and greatly helped in heightening their authenticity! The combination of all of the effects together really draws you in at this haunt and aids in providing you a memorable and believable experience! Some of the effects and scenes we came across include a giant monster on a Jeep, a firing machine gun, multiple never-ending hallways, a chilling freezer, freshly-butchered meat, a claustrophobic passageway like no other, a prison, a bad ending to a barbed-wire mess, a boiler room, a meat market, multiple bedroom surprises, a tesla coil, a train car, numerous vehicles, and so much more that you will have to pay them a visit so you can experience it all!

Theme: 9.7

Fear Fair offers two different themes within one location. First, the traversing begins in Hangar 17, where multiple TVs will explain why these soldiers are so irate and persistent in making sure you board their passenger train safely and as quickly as possible! This is an action-packed fighting zone like no other! If you make it to safety before the infectious gasses overcome your lungs, you will be able to pass through their decontamination area that eventually leads to the lobby of the Vondee Theater. In the theater, you will immerse yourselves into the silver screen where the film festival portion of the haunt begins! Inside the screen, some of your favorite horror villains will welcome your arrival in the only way each of them know how! Due to the elevated craziness, intensity, and familiarity of many of the scenes, the themes were very apparent in all portions of the attraction!

Fright Effect: 9.19

Frights were delivered on many different levels at Fear Fair, from menacing stares, intimidating characters, and intense surroundings to vulgar dialogue, various attacks, and group separation on multiple occasions! The brutes and torturers that reside within Fear Fair CAN touch you, so be on the lookout at all times! We also advise that you have all of your group members on high-alert in the zombie area, as they may quickly get out of hand! When our group came through, they had us convinced we were never going to escape them! Several distractions aided in providing startles to our group, and some even came from the props and surroundings! Several things unexpectedly springing to life and multiple good hiding spots made it harder for us to predict the scares during our visit. Everyone in our group was a target all the way through, so it didn’t matter where we were at the in line as we went through.

Value: 9.55

General admission to get your fair share of the realistic horrors that have manifested within Fear Fair will cost you $20.00 per person. A fast pass option is available, offering only ½ the wait time of the general admission line for $25.00. It took our group 30 minutes to narrowly escape the rabid zombies, horror villains, and contamination, putting this value right at 1.5 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent! Combine that with the intense atmosphere that can be encountered inside and the exquisite detail and you have yourself one killer deal! Fear Fair is a member of and discount coupons are available at all Indiana Family Video locations! Group rates are also available for groups of 15 or more, so be sure to visit their site for more information. If you are looking to take getting scared to the next level, and are ready for an assault on all of your senses, then you’ve come to the right place! This is not a kiddy haunt. You may be touched, grabbed, and/or gnawed on by zombies, so be prepared because they “can’t wait to scare you!”


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Memorable Scare - "The Grave Keeper" (Given by: Team Zombillies)

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Actor Shout Out Award - Justin Allman, A.K.A. "The Silent Hill Bogeyman" (Given by: Team Zombillies)

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