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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 24, 2014.

Final Score: 8.26


Corpse Manor offers 3 different themes at one location! Following more of an old-school, traditional approach, this haunt offers lots of highly-detailed sets and charismatic actors that really brought the Manor’s theme to life for us. Night Shadows is a continuation of the Manor that’ll bring you even more things that go bump in the night! The third attraction, Sinister Woods, is themed around escaped “inmates” that lurk behind every corner of the path that twists through these dark and evil timbers. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it through all three? Does meeting the dead sound like a hauntingly good experience to you? Then check out Indianapolis’ Corpse Manor haunted attraction this Halloween haunt season!

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 8.99
Sinister Woods: 7.52

Cast: 8.02

Around 15 to 18 actors staff the three attractions at Corpse Manor on an average night. The ones in the Manor and Night Shadows stayed in character very well and provided some very believable and energetic performances during our visit. And they should; after all, each of them were carefully selected as having backgrounds in theater and acting before the season began. Good dialogue was used in these areas, which also helped make these actors more believable… especially Cassius, the Manor’s groundskeeper. Even the roaming actors stayed in character as they escorted us to the haunt entrances! Mayhem, the lagoon creature, and the Miss T were among the most believable and realistic in the indoor attractions. In Sinister Woods, The Transporter and Freddy were among the most believable since they were verbally interactive with our group as we tried to make our way to safety!

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 8.96
Sinister Woods: 7.08

Costuming: 8.25

Most of the costumes as Corpse Manor are designed and created in-house, while a few of them appeared to be purchased from Halloween vendors. Makeup is applied by two artists and seemed to match the rest of their outfits during our visit. It was used by most of the crew in each of the attractions; however we did see a few masks used by characters like Freddy and Ghostface. Some of the most elaborate costumes appeared to be worn by Miss T, Mayhem, Cassius, and the amphibious trophy. We also noticed a few prosthetic appliances on some of the characters, which added another level of realism to their costumes.

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 9.04
Sinister Woods: 7.45

Customer Service: 9

Several Corpse Manor signs and banners could be seen from the road near the haunt’s entrance, but what REALLY let us know we’d arrived were the strobe light and the inflatable near the road, waving customers into the parking lot. Parking is free, paved, and well-lit and a nicely-decorated “Corpse Manor” entrance and a ghoulish greeter officially welcomed us to the attraction. After we got our tickets, we noticed several roaming actors, multi-colored lights, and loud music that was helping keep the crowd entertained during the wait. During our walks through the building and the trail we didn’t see anything as far as safety concerns, although there are several sets of stairs and ramps to navigate through the indoor haunts. If you can make it through all three without succumbing to the wrath of these evil spirits, you can unwind next door in the game center, where you’ll also find refreshments to help recover from your perilous journey! Friendly staff members could be found in the ticket booth, at the haunt entrances, and occasionally in the queue area if questions or concerns are to arise.

Atmosphere: 8.75

Corpse Manor is located at a family fun center, so the building itself is not intended to be very creepy looking. However, it’s more of a hidden gem in disguise, and we assure you that as soon as you take one step inside Corpse Manor, the atmosphere will instantly change! When we pulled in, random music was playing outside, but the spooky décor and a Corpse Manor entrance helped in putting us in the mood to enter a haunted house! Several cast members that we ran into before entering the attractions confirmed that we were at the right place to get scared, and helped build our anticipation to enter.

Special Effects: 8.25

All of the special effects have been built in-house by some of Corpse Manor’s skilled staff! From the moment our group walked in the door, it was obvious that a lot of time was put into the interior scenes! Corpse Manor itself had exquisite detail and there was so much to look at that you would have to go through multiple times just to see everything! One thing we noticed about this haunt was the attention to detail above and below us! They didn’t just decorate what was at eye level; there was décor and props everywhere! It was hard to see everything in Night Shadows, which is intentional, but the scenes that we did see continued to showcase the same attention to detail! Some of the effects we faced in the indoor attractions include a skeletal-illuminated horse, a clever secret door, sparks, squishy floors, skeletal remains beneath the flooring, a hunter’s trophies, clown décor, and much more! We also noticed an indistinguishable smell in many of the indoor scenes which added to the overall believability of the interior atmosphere, along with the scene-appropriate sound effects. Some of the sound effects were also so unsettling that they had our group hesitant about whether or not we should continue through the areas they were heard in! Sinister Woods also offered a few well-detailed areas, such as the creepy cemetery. Other effects you may come across within the trees include well-placed lighting, body bags, a casket surprise, weapons, and they requested that one of our group members retrieve a flashlight that cast a dim, green light on everything it was shined on! Familiar sound tracks were heard while on the trail as well as some that helped enhance the scenes. Some of the characters throughout all attractions worked with the effects in their respective areas, which improved their overall effectiveness.

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 9.22
Sinister Woods: 7.28

Theme: 7.89

Each of the three attractions at Corpse Manor feature their own, diverse theme. Corpse Manor is “where the living meet the dead.” As its name implies, these spirits have been stirred by those who laid the foundation to the manor, which was built from headstones that were removed from the ancient burial grounds! Can you imagine awakening the dead and experiencing how upset they would be? Here’s your chance to find out what it’s like! Corpse Manor smoothly progresses into Night Shadows, where “if you’re not afraid of the dark… you should be,” and we’ll tell you, they aren’t kidding! Traverse through these darker corridors and watch out for what may be lurking within them! Lastly is Sinister Woods, where “fear is inevitable… try not to panic!” Before we entered these dark timbers, we were told that, while inmates were being transported from one location to another, they had gotten loose and are now roaming about in the woods! We came across more traditional scares in the forest and familiar characters rather than what may be interpreted as inmates, such as Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, a zombie, and others. The majority of the characters and sets that we came across in the indoor attractions made sense with their respective themes, and added to their authenticity. While touring Corpse Manor, we truly felt like we were where they wanted us to feel like we were!

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 9.27
Sinister Woods: 6.5

Fright Effect: 7.83

Our group faced multiple types of frights during our tour including not being able to see our hands in front of our own faces, sudden noises, sparks, entrapment, unnerving sound effects, and run-ins with a few characters waving intimidating weapons! During the indoor segment of the course, the haunt proved to our group that they could effectively use distractions! They also used clever hiding spots and disguises to provide startles to our group. Outside, you may be out of luck if you are afraid of the woods, but don’t worry… they will equip you with ONE flashlight. However, it’s only for a portion of your journey, the rest you must endure without it! That alone may freak out some, but they also used some clever hiding spots to catch our group off-guard. Each attraction tried their best to time the scares so they targeted everyone in the group, and not just the front or the back of the line.

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 8.8
Sinister Woods: 6.85

Value: 8.07

The two indoor attractions, Corpse Manor and Night Shadows, have a single ticket price of $15.00. You can purchase combo tickets to visit all three attractions for $20.00 per person. An optional VIP pass upgrade is available for an extra $8.00, and gives you almost immediate access instead of waiting in the general admission line. It took our group around 14 minutes to escape the indoor haunt and another 9 minutes to find our way out of the woods. If you purchase admission to just Corpse Manor and Night Shadows, the length will get you around 1.07 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent, which is right around average. If you decide to go with the combo ticket, you can receive roughly 23 minutes of combined thrills, putting this value at 1.15 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent, which is a little higher than the single ticket price. Tour time per group may vary depending on how scared you or your group members may become. There is a coupon available on their website so be sure to check that out! Corpse Manor is also associated with, so check out that site as well for deals on visiting all four of those attractions. If you are looking for more of an old-school attraction with elaborate detail and multiple themes at one location, add Corpse Manor to your list of haunts to see!

Corpse Manor & Night Shadows: 8.88
Sinister Woods: 7.25

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