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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 25, 2014.

Final Score: 9.54


Industrial Terrorplex returns for their 4th season with their Industrial Nightmare haunt’s 19th season at their Spring Street location in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The bad news is, 2014 will be this attraction’s final season at this location, as their building will be sold sometime after the haunt season ends. While very saddening, as of the writing of this review, there will still be time to visit them before the doors close! If you choose to do so, you’ll find four differently-themed attractions at this one, spooky location! Industrial Nightmare, the Terrorplex’s flagship attraction, boasts some impressive special effects and some grungy, nightmarish scenes that you won’t soon forget. Dementions brings out the haunt’s more demented side and will bring you face-to-face with some of your worst fears! Infected contains evidence of what a nasty virus will do when it turns people into bloodthirsty monsters! Lastly, Carnevil 3D is themed around clowns and other funhouse-style “games” where the cost to play just might be your life! Think you can make it through two, or even all four of these twisted attractions? Prove it, and check out Industrial Terrorplex before it’s too late!

Industrial Nightmare: 9.62
Dementions: 9.47
Infected: 9.57
Carnevil 3D: 9.5

**We recall a particular chant that we had to recite before we were allowed to leave one of the entrapments inside the Terrorplex. With respect to their final season, we’d like to repeat it for the entertainment of the cast/crew and for the curiosity of those who’ve yet to experience it… “OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK, OINK!!!” Great job you guys and gals! It was always a treat for us to visit you all and see all of the changes that you made every year. It’s very sad for us at The Scare Factor to see such a great attraction have to pack up and move out for reasons that don’t always seem fair. We hope that your search for a new building is fruitful and future business is booming. Good luck, Industrial Terrorplex… hopefully you’ll be scaring us again soon!

Cast: 9.69

The cast of over 100 actors at Industrial Terrorplex continue to be some of the finest in the area with their interactive dialogue, intimidating threats, and overall evil demeanor! The amount of them seemed to fill in the attractions pretty well, as very few dead spaces were found as we made our way through the complex. During our tour of the Industrial Nightmare attraction, many of the actors physically interacted with our group by making us do things and walk certain ways that we wouldn’t have normally done if the actors hadn’t have made us do them. For example, the pigs in the slaughter entrapment scene made us chant words from their language before they would allow us to leave! Another actor near the beginning of the haunt made us limbo under his weapon as an interesting way of exiting his scene (after his initial scares, of course). In Dementions, we recommend staying away from Santa Clause if he tells you to sit on his lap… one of our reviewers reports that he’s not as nice as he may appear at first. A few other actors, such as the clown with dreads and the multiple chainsaw assailants, worked with their props and scenes very well to provide us with distractions and scares as we went through their scenes! Things got a little more intense in a few areas of Infected as we met some of the bloodthirsty creatures that the military personnel warned us about. Some interactive dialogue was also noted in this attraction, which made the actors more believable and realistic. The clowns and other actors in Carnevil 3D, however, were debatably the most interactive in the Terrorplex! Our greeter led us through the first few scenes and had us trying some interesting maneuvers as we tried to straighten our bent minds enough to get from point “A” to point “B.” He also informed us that he had a staple gun and he wasn’t afraid to use it! The little people continued to add an original, yet still entertaining aspect to this fun-house style attraction by guiding us down their slide… if only to make us let our guards down long enough to be unprepared for the upcoming scares. This is one well-rounded bunch of actors that knew how to stay in character, be threatening, entertain, and interact with our group throughout each of the four attractions!

Industrial Nightmare: 9.78
Dementions: 9.57
Infected: 9.8
Carnevil 3D: 9.6

Costuming: 9.48

Nearly all of the costumes made sense throughout each of the attractions at Industrial Terrorplex. They all seemed to follow their respective scenes and themes, although some of them weren’t as elaborate or detailed as others. Industrial Nightmare’s costumes generally tended to be nasty, grungy, bloody attire that seemed to follow more of a realistic, yet torturous approach compared to the others. However, in Dementions, the characters seemed to be a bit more intimidating and included characters like Peter Rottentail, crazy chainsaw attackers, a zombie dancer, a leather-pants-wearing dom, and even a few of their own clowns. Infected tended to use more makeup and prosthetics rather than elaborate costumes and masks, which also added a significant level of realism to the characters in that haunt. Carnevil 3D’s characters used mostly clown-related costumes and makeup as well for their characters, however each of them fit the haunt’s theme and their related scenes seamlessly.

Industrial Nightmare:9.56
Dementions: 9.2
Infected: 9.65
Carnevil 3D: 9.5

Customer Service: 9.07

A large billboard was noticed along our route to Industrial Terrorplex and the illuminated, slimy, green signage on the front of the building made it impossible for us to miss this attraction! Free parking is usually available at neighboring businesses. The ticket booth is actually located on the right-hand side of the building and up the stairs. During our visit, a large screen located on the roof was showing horror movies and entertaining the crowd during the wait. A food cart was conveniently located on premises in case you get hungry or thirsty during your visit. Once inside, uneven flooring was encountered and stairs, so be sure to watch your step! Before entering Industrial Nightmare, also be sure to get a free photo taken in front of the entrance that you’ll be able to find later on their Facebook page. Friendly staff was available at the entrance to each attraction stating the rules and at the ticket booth in case any questions or concerns are to arise.

Atmosphere: 9.58

If the huge silver screen on the building’s roof doesn’t give you the impression that this is more than likely someplace spooky, then maybe the haunt’s hearse and additional creepy décor accenting the exterior of the building will. A monster climbing a rope can be seen from the front of the building and gives you a bit of an idea of what kind of special effects you may encounter inside. The screams of current chainsaw victims were heard almost the entire time we were outside the building, which had us thinking twice about entering! Even though the exterior of Industrial Terrorplex does a decent job at preparing you to enter a haunt, the impressive horror villain museum surrounding the queue area to Industrial Nightmare does the job too!

Special Effects: 9.7

The special effects that can be seen at Industrial Terrorplex are a mixture of pieces that have been both purchased and built in-house. There are many different types of effects to see here as well. Sound effects that were heard in each attraction matched the scenes they were used in and added some authenticity. A few of the sound effects were so creepy and realistic that they were giving us shivers and had us slowly peeking around corners! Attention to detail was so realistic that it made us feel like we really were where they were portraying! In Industrial Nightmare some of the effects we came across include a swamp area, large creatures, rats, a rocking bridge, a computer generated image, pig and human parts, a claustrophobic passageway, a tesla coil, a chimp surprise, and much more! Dementions offered quickly-moving parts of rooms that shouldn’t really move, a ghostly encounter, poppers, effective strobes, a convulsing corpse, a shower surprise, red glowing eyes, hanging bodies, and a giant jack-in-the-box! In Infected we came across another claustrophobic tunnel, a wooden bridge, a hungry alligator, our OWN infected faces, a never-ending zombie hallway, and another one of their large pets! Some of the things we encountered in Carnevil were a vortex tunnel, tons of fluorescently painted skulls, mind-warping 3D scenery, a plank walkway, a slide, falling columns, slanted walls, bubbles, and a man-eating horse that likes to come out of the closet every now and then!

Industrial Nightmare: 9.88
Dementions: 9.65
Infected: 9.6
Carnevil 3D: 9.67

Theme: 9.71

Each of the haunts at Industrial Terrorplex are based on a different theme. Industrial Nightmare has returned for her 19th season, and she’s madder than ever before! This haunt contains items that may come to mind when you think of “industrial” or toxic things. Dementions, although a bit more universal, consists of things that can be considered “demented.” Some of the characters and encounters we faced in this attraction can’t be explained, and you’ll need to witness them first-hand to understand! Infected is infested by the living and the dead that have fallen victim to a deadly virus! Will you escape these man-eating, lively corpses or will you be sacrificed and become one of them? The last attraction, Carnevil 3D, is a mind-boggling fun house filled with freakish clowns who absolutely love to play games and tricks on their customers, but the prize is typically your own soul! The majority of the characters fit in with their respective scenes and a few of them even reiterated the theme, which helped in making it more apparent to our group.

Industrial Nightmare: 9.78
Dementions: 9.35
Infected: 9.72
Carnevil 3D: 10

Fright Effect: 9.31

Each attraction at Industrial Terrorplex used multiple fright techniques including creepy stares, disorienting sirens, thick fog, intimidating characters, mechanical surprises, light grabbing, sudden blasts of air, and what seemed like a never-ending chainsaw assault maze! Directly after entering Industrial Nightmare, all of the females in our group were instructed to go first, making some of them feel uncomfortable right off the bat! During our visit, we were in a fairly large group, and we must say, they effectively targeted everyone in our group quite often, and not just the front or back of the line. Distractions were distributed by all four attractions and aided in keeping us on our toes the entire way through! Brainy and effective hiding spots were also used in each of the haunts, and not just by the actors either! Overall, it was harder for our group to predict exactly what was going to happen, which resulted in plenty of startles and we even said “woah, that got me” a few times!

Industrial Nightmare: 9.45
Dementions: 9.46
Infected: 9.45
Carnevil 3D: 8.89

Value: 9.78

General admission tickets can be purchased in a variety of different ways. If you want to visit all four attractions, tickets can be purchased for $29.00. If you are looking for a smaller ticket price, combo tickets to Industrial Nightmare and Dementions can be purchased for $19.00 or combo tickets to Carnevil 3D and Infected for $19.00. If you want to skip the general admission lines and purchase VIP, it’ll cost $40.00 for all four attractions, or $29.00 for one of the 2-haunt combo packages. Keep in mind that general admission prices are only $7.25 per haunt when purchasing a combo ticket to all four haunts! It took our group approximately 20 minutes to escape Industrial Nightmare, 12 minutes to find our way out the chainsaw madness of Dementions, 14 minutes to break free from Infected, and another 10 minutes to solve the clown’s mind-warping path, giving us a combined total of 56 minutes! That puts the 4-haunt combo ticket value at nearly two minutes of entertainment per dollar spent, and is one of the best values we’ve seen in Kentuckiana this season! If you are looking for discounts, then be sure to subscribe to Haunted Network via Industrial Terrorplex’s site. If you haven’t been to this attraction yet, you only have ONE last weekend of the 2014 haunt season to go! For those of you who have, you should visit them one last time before the doors to this warehouse are no longer open to haunted house patrons.

Industrial Nightmare & Dementions: 9.85
Infected & Carnevil 3D: 9.7