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Haunted Angelus House

8829 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219
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Haunted Angelus HouseHaunted Angelus HouseHaunted Angelus House


Free Parking, Restrooms On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, “Old-School” (Low Tech), You will NOT be touched, Movie Characters, Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction, Family Friendly

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 12, 2015.

Final Score: 8.91


The Haunted Angelus House is in their 4th year for 2015. We didn’t make it very far into our walk-through before we realized they’ve made A LOT of improvements for this haunt season! Each year, Angelus raises money to support research for junior diabetes and their cerebral palsy group home in Hudson, Florida. They occasionally host canned food drives at their haunt and provide discounted tickets for those who participate! But don’t let the word “charity” steer you away; Angelus is earning their keep in Indianapolis’ haunt scene and they’re definitely an attraction that you’re NOT going to want to miss!

Cast: 8.81

Due to their charity status, Angelus’ cast members are all volunteers. The owner (“Ron,” of Ron’s Halloween) informed us that a few of them have been putting in 40-60 hours per week since February to help build the haunt and get it “up to snuff” for the upcoming season… talk about DEAD-ication! Around 35 actors and actresses can be found throughout the attraction; a number that seemed to fill their scenes fairly well, although a few minor “dead spots” were noted during our walk-through. “Malice the Clown” and his two-headed puppet (“Jimmy & Vern”) made appearances outside the haunt and successfully entertained the people that were waiting to purchase tickets. As for the interior actors, we could definitely tell they’d been practicing their roles and were eager to deliver frights to anyone brave enough to enter! Some of the characters themselves were extremely believable and interactive with our group. They even had us looking for a doll and a dog at one point! The clowns had us playing a “unique” dart game, gave us a balloon animal, told us to look for “Wacko” (who ended up finding US), tricked us into a rather “shocking” scare, and had us summon “Beeltlejuice” 3 times in a row… we’ll let you find out what happened there for yourselves! Needless to say, these characters have a way with words. Among the most memorable at Angelus were “Michael Myers” in the house and “Bobby J” and “Augustine” in the hillbilly shanty for their believable performances and strong dialogue.

Costuming: 9.28

Being right next door to a Halloween store has its perks, especially when it comes to costuming! Although some of the attire worn by these characters has been purchased, some were created by the crew themselves and one of the haunt’s designers who doubles as their lead makeup artist (more on this later in Special Effects)! Angelus’ costumes seemed to have improved quite a bit since our visit last year. All of the characters matched their scenes very well (some, a little TOO well) and the majority of the costumes we came across were very authentic-looking and believable. Masks and makeup were utilized throughout the attraction to help round off the characters’ looks. “Ron Zombie” displayed very realistic zombie makeup and attire while the headless body and pig face were also very stand-out costumes. Since some of the staff members created portions of their own wardrobe, we saw some unique items that we hadn’t seen before; including two very abstract pieces that were among those to blend in “a little too well” (which proved to be a good thing). We ran into two familiar movie characters along our route that completely looked their part, including appropriate body size! Did we mention we saw Michael Myers?

Customer Service: 9.56

Haunted Angelus House is located in the same building as the “Ron’s Halloween” store, so the huge building and well-lit signs at the side of the highway make this place pretty easy to find… that is, if you manage to miss the “Indy Grimo” hearses by the road. An enormous banner proclaiming “Haunted Angelus House” on the front of the building near the ticket window confirmed we were at the correct location. An additional banner is on the side of the building as well, just to be sure. Helpful staff members were found in the ticket booth, the entrance to the queue area and that of the attraction itself. With the exception of “Malice the Clown” and his puppet “Jimmy and Vern,” there wasn’t much going on in the way of entertainment during our visit to help pass the wait time. However, we were assured that additional characters come out and mingle with the crowd to sneak in a few extra scares on busier nights. Navigating the attraction was very easy and we didn’t come across any safety hazards. A FREE photo of your group will be taken in the first room of the haunt that you can download later via a code given to you by the photographer.

Atmosphere: 9.05

Upon our arrival, there were three hearses parked near the road that immediately let us know we had more than likely arrived at someplace spooky. Upon further inspection, there was yet ANOTHER hearse parked up close to the building! Two of the hearses belong to “Indy Grimo” and, if you’re interested in riding somewhere in style, be sure to check them out! Before we could even get out of the car, the haunt’s loud, creepy music found its way to our ears and gave us both a big ol’ grin before we made our way to the ticket booth. The queue area to this attraction is indoors and their dancing laser lights and spine-chilling music fill the room quite well. A seemingly-possessed outhouse is located near the entrance to the “Black Cat Saloon,” but we wouldn’t recommend trying it out. The Saloon’s façade in the queue area had us wondering what we were getting ourselves into, although the “old west” feel didn’t really come across as scary at first or prepare us for what we were about to encounter in the rest of the attraction. The mood quickly changed to something much more sinister after our near-miss with a hidden surprise before entering the haunt.

Special Effects: 8.87

The special effects that help bring realism to this attraction are a mixture of items that have been both purchased and made in-house. It seemed like we came across a lot more effects that were created in-house and, because of that, we saw quite a few things that we’ve never seen before! Before the 2015 season began, the crew re-constructed many of the rooms in the haunt and did so with exquisite detail. We went through this attraction last year and (we feel that) the rest of Angelus’ returning customers won’t miss their big changes either. Some of the rooms were so realistic that they left us wondering if we were still in a haunted house! The haunt’s artist, “Katherine Flowers” (Kat’s Art Studio), contributed a lot of time adding her personal creativity to many of the scenes and her artwork will encompass you in a few of the uniquely-abstract corridors of the attraction. The Angelus crew strategically placed their lighting in these areas to helped show more detail, but we felt it wasn’t so bright that it took away from the “darkness” that was needed either. Scene-appropriate sounds were heard through the majority of the building, although some were a bit hard to hear in certain areas where the characters were being pretty loud themselves. However, this was NOT the case in the graveyard! The thunder that we heard was so bold that it vibrated the floor beneath our feet (and the lightning effect was a nice touch too)! Not only did Angelus utilize our sense of sight and sound for authenticity, but they also used quite a few smells to add an extra dimension to some of the scenes. A few of the other effects we came across include bloody animal skins, an elevator entrapment, a secret door, shifting pictures, a plank floor, a convulsing coffin, real water, and an unnerving bridge surprise!

Theme: N/A

The Haunted Angelus House doesn’t stick to one specific theme because they don’t want to be isolated to one story, so they do their own thing instead. There were a wide variety of themed areas including a carnival, a saloon, a massive graveyard, a church and a redneck homestead just to name a few.

Fright Effect: 8.19

Multiple types of scare techniques were thrown at our group during our visit of the Haunted Angelus House. The majority of the frights were startles that derived from several great hiding spots, a few VERY effective drop panels, and sudden, loud blasts. We also came across a handful of very effective distractions that succeeded in making our group members jump! We must also mention that there were a few sound effects that sent chills down our spines all on their own! Since this attraction carries a no-touch policy, you shouldn’t need to worry about that. However, we aren’t saying that the cast members won’t get uncomfortably close to you! This is also one of the few attractions that will still use your name to your disadvantage once they learn it (…you’ve been warned)! There was one character who had us looking over our shoulders as we tried to guess when he’d reveal himself next as we went through his area (we’ll give you a hint: he’s big, wears a white mask and carries a “cutting utensil”). The scraping of his primary weapon reassured us that he was very close to us at all times and he STILL successfully caught us off-guard on multiple occasions! Generally speaking, even though our group wasn’t very big, the surprises we got throughout the haunt did seem to be directed towards the person in the front of the line. Making sure the whole group gets targeted throughout the attraction would help increase the score in this category.

Value: 8.58

General admission to Haunted Angelus House remains the same as last season at $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for children (10 and under). It took us approximately 20 minutes to make our way back to safety, which puts this value right at one minute of entertainment per dollar spent. This is considered “average” from our Team and the haunts in our reviewing territory. However, we did visit this attraction on their opening night and the outdoor portion was not open yet. We were informed that, once open, it will add about 10 minutes to the total walk-through time. Taking that into consideration would bring this value to an “above average” level and, when you combine that with the quality of entertainment we received, this is one GREAT value for the Indianapolis area! Don’t forget that you’re supporting a great cause as well! Be on the lookout for some of their special events, like their “lights out” night early in the season ($16.00) and their “Haunt out Hunger” event, where you can get an $8.00 discount for adults and $4.00 off for kids in exchange for donating at least two canned food items! Be sure to visit their site for more information on these special event details and dates. If you’re in the Indianapolis area for the 2015 haunt season, you should definitely get your scare on for a good cause by visiting the Haunted Angelus House… they “look forward to scaring you!”


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Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Robert Bowen – 10/10
This was the best haunt in all of Indiana I’ve been too every one in Indiana and this one was the …show more best I absolutely loved it. NICE WORK.

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