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House of Trepidation

1929 S Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225
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House of TrepidationHouse of TrepidationHouse of Trepidation


Free Parking, Restrooms On-Site, Handicap Accessible, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, You will NOT be touched, Original Characters, Indoor Waiting Line, Covered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on September 24, 2015.

Final Score: 8.05


Trepidation is the feeling you get when you’re in the presence of danger. Created by the minds of haunt designers with over 45 combined years of experience in the industry, House of Trepidation is Indy’s newest haunted attraction, and they set out to deliver just that! Follow the story of Dr. Belle and his wife, “Elizabeth,” in the warehouse that serves double duty as their house and office where thousands of “unsuccessful” treatments have taken place. Divided into three separate attractions, the warehouse consists of the main house, “House of Trepidation,” “Crossroads of Carnage” and “Purgatory.” House of Trepidation takes you on a tour of this morbid couple’s home where the hundreds of spirits of Dr. Belle’s previous patients have been forced to call home as well. Have an ailment in need of immediate treatment? In Crossroads of Carnage, Dr. Belle has all of the proper equipment to test and treat you; just be prepared to pay the ultimate price for his services. Purgatory is just that, the place between this life and the next. Will you be luckier than Dr. Belle’s previous patients, or will you end up trapped within Purgatory among some of your darkest fears forever?

Cast: 7.41

Our group toured this warehouse the night before they opened to the public, and there were around 40 actors during our visit. We were informed that their full crew will be over 50 on an average night, which should prove to fill the three attractions rather nicely. Some of the characters were very interactive with our group, which increased their believability and helped bring the attractions’ themes to life! Upon entering House of Trepidation, Dr. Belle’s wife, Elizabeth, greeted us at the entrance and explained their story in a charismatic, “storyteller” fashion with a frightful flare. Even the maid in the following scene had excellent dialogue, which helped reinforce the theme. After that, most of the characters resorted to somewhat “shallow” dialogue that included growls, “hey,” “get out,” “leave,” etc. Both the flu-stricken female and male nurse in Crossroads of Carnage delivered believable performances, and we even came face-to-face with Dr. Belle who was appropriately aggressive and frustrated, seemingly with his lackluster medical practices. The girl in the caged experiment room also gave us quite the believable performance. Purgatory had quite a variety of characters and, even though most of them used light dialogue as well, a few did converse with us in scene-appropriate fashion.

Costuming: 7.67

The costumes throughout the three attractions at House of Trepidation ranged from simple, black outfits that blended with the walls to more-complex designs with and without usage of masks. One of the most authentic-looking costumes belonged to the maid in the House which, when combined with her dialogue, made for a very convincing character. The lady in the dining room had a great-looking mask, although it seemed a bit out-of-place given her character and dialogue. A common issue among most of the mask-wearers in the warehouse was the fact that it was difficult to understand what most of them were saying. We heard one particular actor make a reference to “Elizabeth,” but we didn’t know what, exactly, he was saying due to his muffled voice. Despite this, a few other characters’ costumes were noted during our tour as well, including the first patient and the male nurse in the Crossroads attraction, both of whom appeared to be having a bad day to say the least! In many of the scenes, we noticed makeup applications with a few prosthetics here and there that helped enhance the characters using them, although the overall quality on some of them lacked the details and complexity noticed from some of the other characters.

Customer Service: 9.42

House of Trepidation’s hearse was parked by their entrance on the evening of our visit. Although this location is somewhat hidden by the structure of an overpass for the neighboring train tracks, it’s not impossible to see if you’re going slowly enough or coming from the other direction, so keep an eye out! Free parking is available in a paved lot and a few portable restrooms are available for those who need to “empty the tank” before going inside. Once we made it to the queue area, a roaming chainsaw actor creepily stalked those waiting in line and two or three other various ghosts and victims assisted with passing the time as well. Elizabeth brought us up to speed on a few rules and recommendations before entering, like making sure our shoelaces were tied in case we needed to “…make a fast getaway.” Most of the terrain throughout House of Trepidation is smooth and flat, but we recommend keeping an eye out for any “overhead obstacles” you may encounter during your walk-through. Friendly staff members were located in the ticket booth area, as well as at the entrance to each attraction, and gladly answered any questions we had for them!

Atmosphere: 8.73

Before visiting HoT, we had already read all of the stories that can be found on their website. So when we pulled into the parking area of a delapidated warehouse located right next to train tracks (exactly as the story described), we knew without a doubt that we were at the right place! Although it was quiet in the parking area, ominous, almost “angelic” background music filled the warehouse as soon as we stepped in. Each attraction is embellished by a unique façade, which added to the feeling of being at a haunted house. Multiple queue line entertainers helped in preparing us to enter, although we must say that the warning from Elizabeth is what excited us the most about entering!

Special Effects: 7.77

A combination of items that have been both purchased and created in-house make up the special effects at House of Trepidation. Some of these items include the various corpses of previous patients, a smoking fireplace, a CGI reveal, a chandelier surprise, a ghostly bed and furniture, a trap door, poppers, a claustrophobic passage, a trophy room and a spinning laser vortex! We came upon some strategic lighting throughout all of the attractions, but it was still a bit dark in a few places, which made it harder to see what was around us. Transition zones were encountered in all three of these attractions that consisted of black walls and sound effects. We are sure these areas were intentional but, given the length of each attraction, there seemed to be quite a few of them. Sound effects were heard throughout most of the warehouse and were particularly realistic in the nurse/doctor areas. However, they were a bit unnatural in Purgatory. We had expected to perhaps hear the tormented whispers and cries from captured spirits that were trapped in this horrific realm, but the same “angelic” music mentioned in the Atmosphere category above filled the air instead. Perhaps this was intentional, but it seemed to come across as “peaceful” or “serene” rather than “creepy” or “scary.”

Theme: 9.35

This category proved to be a very strong point for this attraction. Before we entered each haunt they filled us in on what we were about to experience and, for the most part, they followed each of their storylines quite well. The House of Trepidation became Dr. Belle and Elizabeth’s home in the early 1900s after his illegal practices were no longer a secret on the East Coast. They took residence in this old, abandoned warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana that resides near the train tracks thinking it would be easier to hide all of his experiments. They also hoped that the homeless who wandered the tracks would seek his help and become his next patients. Many of his now-past patients never left his home and are now stuck within the warehouse’s walls for all eternity! When you take your tour of this house, keep in mind that they will be watching you. You may even hear them, but you may not always see them. Crossroads of Carnage also contains many more of Dr. Belle’s patients who walked in, but never came back out. This is also where you may find the doctor hard at work in his laboratory, but be careful, there are still sick patients roaming the halls! Purgatory houses many of Dr. Belle’s previous patients who come from all over the Mid-West and East Coast, ranging in age from very young to old. The energies from these souls know what some of your darkest fears are. They may even try to use them against you, making you weaker so they become stronger and leaving you to join them in Purgatory forever! Because the warehouse fits the exact description in the storyline, it really added to its authenticity!

Fright Effect: 6.81

Multiple types of frights were encountered by our group inside this warehouse from dark paths, eerie sounds and ghostly whispers to sudden bangs, misleading disguises and multiple encounters with a chainsaw attacker! The main ingredient to their fright recipe seemed to be “pop scares,” where they quickly startled us and immediately reset so they were in place before the next group came through. Although unexpected and effective at times, some of the larger rooms only consisted of one, or there was quite a bit of distance between them, which often left only the darkness to scare our group. Surprises were mainly targeted towards the middle and back of our group, but several sufficient distractions caught the first person in our group off-guard, especially in the mask room! The finale to each attraction dumped us back into the queue area where we were greeted by an irate chainsaw villain each time. This warehouse has an overall dark and ominous feel to it, and we are sure that once they have their entire cast, they will be able to provide quite a few more startles!

Value: 7.25

General admission costs $22.00 to enter all three segments of Dr. Belle’s warehouse and $27.00 for VIP admission, which will grant you faster access to them all so you can see the doctor as quickly as possible! Unlimited nightly access tickets are available for $35.00 and single attraction tickets are also available for $10.00 each. It took us a combined total of around 20 minutes to witness all of Dr. Belle’s creations, placing this value right below the average minute of entertainment per dollar spent that we come across most often. If feasible, we suggest going the combo ticket route which will get you the most entertainment per dollar due to the shorter individual lengths. We did visit this attraction on the night before they opened their doors to the public and it was evident that this place has a lot of potential along with some very talented people behind it; we are sure they will get better and better as the season progresses! However, this is already an attraction worth checking out if you’re looking for something new and frightful to do in Indianapolis, Indiana during the Halloween season! House of Trepidation is a member of Indiana Haunts, which is a combo ticket for admission to three haunts in Indiana at a discounted price, so be sure to check that out as well.


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Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Emilie – 10/10
Top quality haunted house, for sure. Three different houses in one location, all centered around a …show more connecting story. Excellent scenes throughout, with great actors and staff. A real MUST see.

Crystal – 10/10
Themed haunt with awesome detailed scenes. Friendly staff and scary characters

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2016 Awards

Most Suspenseful Intro - House of Trepidation (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Most Surreal Haunt - Purgatory (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - "Agony Abby" A.K.A Tara Bose Greene (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - Elizabeth (Given by: Team Zombillies)

2015 Awards

Actor Shout Out Award - Trish Roberds, A.K.A. "Elizabeth" (Given by: Team Zombillies)