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Find Reviews for a Haunt near You!

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 15, 2015.

Final Score: 8.46


Eville Studios returns for their 4th year at their current location with “Asylum of The Walking Dead” and “Carnival of Carnage in Terrorvision” for the 2015 haunt season. Asylum is an immersive haunted attraction experience that arms you with a lazer gun (yes… lazer tag!) and sends you through with one task: “kill” all of the zombies! Returning customers will be glad to know they’ve still got their “Shoot-A-Zombie” paintball trailer available as well. Upstairs, the Carnival of Carnage continues to provide the same, highly-detailed wall art (with some changes, of course) with some of the most demented and intense clowns and scares in the area! To mix things up even more, Eville now sends customers through the haunt backwards from previous seasons to make sure returning customers get the same experience as their new ones. The “Last Ride” coffin simulator has now been moved outside the building (to allow more space for added rooms this year) and into the back of a delivery truck for added realism! Climb inside and live your final nightmare or, if you’re too scared, you can watch your friends as they tremble in their tomb through the TV in the cab of the truck. If you’re in the Evansville, Indiana area and looking for a fun way to spend the evening, then check out Eville Studios! Oh yeah, did we mention you can get FREE and UNLIMITED re-entry? (See “Value” below)

Cast: 8.11

Eville normally utilized around 30-35 trained actors and actresses to staff their two-story haunt. They were a little short-handed on the Thursday night that we visited them, so we ran into a few “dead spots” where no actors were present during our tour, particularly in the second-level Carnival of Carnage attraction. However, many of the actors recognized this and were able to work multiple areas around their scenes to help fill in the voids. Right off the bat, the “zombie feeder” verbally interacted with our group as we struggled to figure out how to escape her scene by taunting us and, eventually, leading us into her cage so she could do what she does best! One particular zombie that was crawling around on the ground with blood oozing out of its mouth was particularly believable as well; the pentagram carved into its head was a nice, demonic touch too! “Hashtag,” one of our personal favorite characters at Eville due to his hilariously-sinister, gas-masked giggling, seemed to be everywhere as we made our way through the main floor of the haunt. An alarming number of actresses resorted to incessant screams during our walks through both attractions, which kept the intensity high, but got less effective as the haunt progressed. The zombies and other characters (that weren’t screaming) had good-sounding vocals and interacted with us fairly well. One of the most memorable clowns during our visit was using a “customized” chainsaw and, although he used a generic “Let’s play!” line during our encounter, he did so very well and with enough intensity to make it very effective!

Costuming: 8.45

The costumes in the Asylum lazer tag attraction mainly consisted of grungy, authentic attire that would most likely be worn by the zombies and characters that were in the various scenes. Each of them in this attraction looked like they matched their areas for the most part. Makeup appeared to be good, although it was very dark in many area, so the fine details were somewhat difficult to pick out. On the second level, in the 3D clown attraction, most of them looked very good in their respective scenes as well. Some of the makeup was a bit blocky, although this intentionally increases the effectiveness of the “chromadepth” paint scheme that’s utilized throughout the haunt. One character that stepped out of his scene to help fill in one of the “dead spots” (mentioned in “Cast,” above) looked a bit out-of-place, given his costume, but we could easily tell that he matched his normal, blacked-out scene almost flawlessly. A couple of other characters, including one wearing a wedding dress and a female wearing a “normal” dress with striped paint, seemed a bit out-of-place too, given the “Carnival of Carnage” name and its apparent “clown/carnival” theme. However, each of the other characters seemed to match their surroundings for the most part and helped solidify their theme. One mask was noticed in the 3D attraction and it seemed to match the character wearing it fairly well.

Customer Service: 9.3

As soon as we turned onto Fulton Avenue, there was no mistaking our destination! The big, rotating, multi-spot-spotlight shining on the side of the structure is a sure-fire attention-getter and the LCD display on the corner of the building lets you know you’ve arrived at Eville Studios’ haunted house. The green, zombie paintball semi-trailer with the rotating red light on top is a nice touch and the “Last Ride” coffin simulator box-truck had a nice, “deathly” banner on the side of it as well. Parking is limited to what’s available on the streets surrounding Eville, although we’ve never had any issues finding a spot somewhere on the block where they’re located. “Hashtag” (Eville’s orange-jumpsuited, gas-masked queue fiend) was noticed working the crowd and keeping folks’ blood pumping with scares and a few good laughs, too! Making our way through the haunt was safe, sound and effortless with the exception of a couple of flights of stairs to make it up and down to the second-level attraction. Friendly staff members were found roaming the outdoor queue area, at the ticket booth, in-between attractions and at the end of the second haunt in case any questions or concerns arise during your visit.

Atmosphere: 8.17

While no music or sounds were heard in the outside waiting area on the night of our visit, the rotating spotlight, “Shoot-A-Zombie” trailer, the “Last Ride” truck and the roaming queue actor let us know that Eville was going to be something we weren’t going to want to miss! The creepy, brick building has a naturally-eerie façade all by itself. With the gargoyles atop the roof, sinister silhouettes staring out from the windows and Eville’s spooky sign by the road, there was no doubt we were getting ready to enter a haunted house! If only there were more theme-related characters or something to tell customers about what they were getting ready to experience INSIDE the attraction, we feel it would really help increase anticipation and allow patrons to become more in-tune with their upcoming endeavor.

Special Effects: 8.81

Eville Studios’ talented crew members compile and create the majority of their special effects themselves! From their mechanical animatronics and props to their scene detail (well, most of it… more on that in a minute), pretty much everything you’ll see here comes from the minds of the managers and workers that bring Eville to life each year. Some of the effects that you’ll find here include baffling blasts of air, spraying “blood,” lunging lunatics, a car horn (that still gets us every time), a horrifying hog, other custom contraptions and depth perception-deceiving 3D artwork with an especially-creative, “swampy” scene, complete with “toe-pincher” coffins. Speaking of 3D, Eville has again hired the services of haunt-industry-renowned Stuart Smith of Stuartizm Designs to re-vamp their “chromadepth” attraction (“Carnival of Carnage”) by making every wall “pop” from their 2D surfaces! The Asylum’s most effective prop is, debatably, the laser guns. This simple addition made us dive right into the experience so much we almost forgot to keep looking at stuff for this review! Several of the effects delivered scares all on their own, while others teamed up with the actors to deliver some distractions as well. Loud, hard rock music was heard throughout the majority of both attractions and, with titles like “Living Dead Girl” and “Seek and Destroy,” the tracks were very appropriate for their scenes and themes.

Theme: 8.4

“Asylum of The Walking Dead” is, essentially, a haunted laser-tag experience! Customers arm themselves with state-of-the-art weaponry a trudge through terror with the simple, yet difficult, task of making it all the way through! A few of the non-zombie characters interacted with us, even though we tried to shoot them on our way through, but more of them resorted to growls and screams as we made our way through which (we feel) limited the depth and believability of the theme. Carnival of Carnage is a 3D clown attraction with all sorts of crazy creatures! The scenes are lined with horrific, 3D artwork (courtesy of Stuartizm Designs) that literally adds an extra dimension to the haunt and gives the actors the appropriate setting. In past seasons, we’ve been greeted by the Carnival’s barker who normally clues us into a little bit of what we’re about to experience. Due to him being missing this year and us not being clued into the story for this year, along with the various other characters that weren’t obviously carnival-related, the theme seemed a bit scattered after we went through.

Fright Effect: 7.92

Each attraction at Eville utilized a mixture of scares techniques. We could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo due to their perfect timing, especially while we were navigating the top level! Some of the different types of frights that we came across included dark areas, large creatures, alarming sounds, disorienting lights, vicious run-ins and blasting music that decreased our sense of hearing and made it harder for us to hear anything sneaking up on us! It seemed that quite a few of the startles were targeted towards the front of our group (granted, there were only two of us), but the last person in line certainly was not left alone either! Several notable distractions successfully caught our group off-guard and one of them involved a giant, man-eating pig, so you may want to watch where you are going so you don’t become its next meal! There wasn’t much of a stand-out finale to the first attraction. However, the chainsaw aggressor that we ran into before exiting the second one brought his “A” game to the last few seconds of our tour!

Value: 8.52

General admission to fire away at carnivorous zombies and become submerged in a world of chaotic chromadepth will cost you $15.00 per person. It took our group roughly 14 minutes to navigate both levels of Eville Studios, putting this value at 0.93 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent. Although this is a $3.00 price increase from their 2014 ticket prices, they have added a different level of entertainment to last year’s show. Space that previously housed the attraction’s coffin ride and store area has now been converted into the beginning of the show, making it seem a bit longer. However, due to the combative nature of the first level, we feel that we interacted less with the zombies which resulted in a shorter tour time. The time it takes you to navigate each attraction will vary per group and even though it doesn’t seem very long, your ticket grants you FREE, UNLIMITED re-entry (without a laser gun) as many times as you want on the same night! If you would like re-entry WITH the gun, it will cost you $5.00 for each additional time. We know we smiled, laughed and jumped enough during our visit to make this value totally worth it! If you’re near the Evansville area, be sure to stop in Eville Studios; we’re sure you’ll have a frightfully-fun time!


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