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Nightmare on Edgewood

6004 Camden Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227
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Nightmare on EdgewoodNightmare on EdgewoodNightmare on Edgewood


Free Parking, Restrooms On-Site, Food/Concessions, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Optional Games/Midway, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, You may be touched, Movie Characters, Original Characters, Uncovered Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 17, 2015.

Final Score: 8.78


Nightmare on Edgewood came into this world on October 1st, 1978 and was taken over by the Cook brothers in 2009. Advertising themselves as “Indy’s most intense haunted house,” we must agree that, of the haunts we’ve visited in the area to date, their aggressiveness is unrivaled. Edgewood tears down and rebuilds their attraction every year, so lots of changes have been made for this season and these guys and gals aren’t afraid to push, pull, grab, brisk and bump you as you make your way through. This year, they feature 3 separate attractions. “Abandoned” is Edgewood’s rendition of a haunted hospital that’s “…not as empty as you think.” “Hysteria” preys on your darkest fears and includes scenes with tight spaces, spiders, snakes and, of course, plenty of darkness. “Condemned” is more of a rough-and-tumble redneck haunt that takes you through the home and neighboring junkyard of a very frightening family. With NOE’s reputation for intense actors, combined with some very unique scenes and special effects, this is one attraction in the Indy area that “extreme” haut seekers won’t want to miss!

Cast: 9.04

Edgewood typically uses around 55 to 60 cast members in their 3 attractions. This number seemed to fill each of the haunts pretty well with only a few small areas where no actors were present. As mentioned above, Edgewood has plenty of intense characters and that was made quite evident from their aggressive actions and demented (and sometimes vulgar) dialogue. Plenty of tyrannical threats were made toward our group members, particularly in “Abandoned” that related to the actors’ various scenes, which made them even more believable and, quite frankly, intimidating! Also in “Abandoned,” many of the characters used scene-related weaponry, ranging from syringes and dental drills to air tools and tire irons, which sealed the deal on giving our group reasons to be scared of them! The family in “Condemned” made multiple references to one another, which increased our groups’ anticipation for the inevitable confrontations. Many of the actors throughout all 3 attractions utilized their scenery to their advantage. This was particularly memorable in “Hysteria” due to them sneaking in lots of scares while our vision was stripped away from us in the pitch black areas. Some of the most memorable characters from our visit include the guy with the shovel (queue area), doctors (“Abandoned”), “the boys,” “Momma” and the devilish car salesman in the junkyard (“Condemned”).

Costuming: 7.44

While the majority of the characters at NOE looked their respective parts and matched their various scenes, this was not the case for all of them. A handful of them seemed to stand out from their surroundings, mainly for reasons varying from non-existent makeup or masks and missing or mismatched articles of clothing to simple, black cloaks with ski masks. However, those cases only represent a portion of what we witnessed during our walkthrough. The majority of the characters were very authentic-looking. Those in “Abandoned” wore genuine nurse scrubs and lab coats, although some street clothes were noticed as well; some were complete with face masks, medical tools and automobile-related weaponry (in the parking garage area). High-quality, silicone masks were noticed throughout our journey and we even got to examine one VERY closely since it was about 2 inches from our faces at times! “Hysteria” housed a few random masks and dark apparel was primarily employed to effectively help some of them blend in with their surroundings. The costumes mainly consisted of bloody, white tee shirts and jeans with other similarly-themed articles inside the house in “Condemned.” The outside portion yielded ghillie suits, ghostly guises and more that you’ll have to find out for yourself… if you can escape! Makeup seemed to be less-detailed, compared to last year, with most of the actors and actresses using it having darkened eyes with blood splatters, basic wounds and some grungy shadowing to add a bit of realism.

Customer Service: 9.1

Nightmare on Edgewood’s spotlight could be seen from quite a ways away and several lighted signs were found at the entrance to the parking area. Multiple flaggers were guiding customers to their FREE spots atop the large, paved lot during our visit and a large sign hanging from a table pointed the way to the ticket booth. A good-sized fire was present and helping keep customers warm in the cold, October night and Edgewood’s decorated hearse was parked en route to the ticket booth for photo ops. While a movie played on a screen visible to those waiting in line, a DJ played various tunes for everyone and multiple queue actors gave out some pre-haunt scares to assist in passing the wait time. The lady in the ticket booth and the staff members at the entrance to each of the attractions were very professional, friendly and able to assist us with any questions we had for them. Navigating the three attractions was fairly easy, but keep in mind they do have some shifting and sliding floors as scare enhancements.

Atmosphere: 9.25

NOE takes place at a baseball field but, once you navigate to the ticket booth, you will notice the haunt’s hearse and, as you approach the queue area, the feeling of a haunted house starts to ooze in! “Shovel Man” greeted us shortly after we got our tickets, which confirmed that this was NOT a sports game! This season, the first waiting line is located in a fenced-in area that leads to the entrance of “Abandoned.” A black light-lit “Hospital” façade stood adjacent to the waiting area and helped to prepare us to enter. We noticed multiple haunt-related banners/signs on display throughout the queue areas as well as large, custom paintings of NOE’s logo that made great photo ops! As we stood next in line, waiting our turn to enter the first attraction, our anticipation peaked due to the intriguing sounds and movements that made themselves apparent from the hospital’s main door! When we approached the “Condemned” façade, it looked like we were entering some sort of run-down shack, which helped prepare us to enter this attraction as well. The multiple creepers entertaining the crowd and different facades brought the creepy part of the environment while the DJ provided the fun portion of the atmosphere as he played up-beat tracks for the crowd to enjoy.

Special Effects: 8.77

The majority of the effects at NOE have been created and built in-house, so you’re likely to experience some things here that you haven’t before. Authentic detail and scenes were encountered here, including a junkyard, parking garage, various medical rooms and absolute filth strung throughout an entire house! Realistic and creepy sounds were heard in portions of all three attractions that include a heart monitor, car horns, hard rock, dub step, an eerie lullaby and shattering glass in the house! Other effects that we came across included laser lights, fog, a clogged toilet surprise, rattling doors, a fallen TV, and numerous power tools. Two of the most effective effects were the hospital’s custom hellavator and the claustrophobic passageway with an extra surprise that our review group has never seen before!

Theme: 8.71

Each of the three attractions at NOE follow a different theme. “Abandoned” is a hospital setting that’s full of malicious maniacs that will chase you down with power tools and other items. For some reason they were really pissed off and it’s been said that, “It’s not as empty as you think.” We sure can vouch for that! “Hysteria” is back for a second year and continues to offer classic phobias that might just include REAL spiders, snakes, the dark and, debatably the worst of all fears, what’s lurking IN the dark! The last attraction, and appropriately so, is “Condemned,” which is a building where, “you have to go in if you want to get out.” Upon entering, it didn’t take our group long to figure out how this attraction got its name! This place really needed some “sprucing up” to say the least and its inhabitant family informed us that cleaning was OUR duty (talk about scary). For the most part, “Hysteria” and “Condemned” followed their themes well, but the former and “Abandoned” included some things that didn’t seem to fit as well as the rest.

Fright Effect: 8.95

We will start this category out by saying, while everyone in our group was randomly targeted throughout each of the three haunts, it seemed like we were often looking for the last person in our group (who was also the only male and the hardest to scare). So, instead of mainly going after the weakest links, they were determined to get the strongest one! One second he was there, and then the next he would be on a table or flying backwards into a different room or even being toted around like a toy! If you absolutely can’t deal with a “hands-on” haunt, be forewarned that this one touched everyone in our group quite a bit, although never “inappropriately.” With that being said, the haunt’s main fright ingredient proved to be aggressive acting, but that wasn’t all they used in their scare stew. Some of the other types of frights consisted of good hiding spots, deafening blasts, tight corridors, persistent characters, absence of sight, multiple entrapments and a chainsaw-frenzied finale! Due to the physically-interactive nature of this crew, it was really hard to predict what they would do next; they may not initially scare you, but we didn’t dare take our eyes off of most of them as we navigated our way through their scenes. The instant that we did, they didn’t hesitate to take advantage of it! Do be sure to leave anything you don’t want to lose in your vehicle when visiting NOE, one of us was literally scooped us so fast that something came flying out of a pocket and onto the floor!

Value: 8.95

Regular admission tickets that include entrance to “Abandoned,” “Hysteria” and “Condemned” are priced at $20.00 per person. VIP admission can be purchased for $30.00 and includes the Last Ride, as well as a typically-shorter wait time than the regular admission lines. Our group was inside the attractions for a combined total of around 21 minutes, bringing this value to 1.05 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent. That is about an average value when looking at all of the haunts we visit. After throwing in the diverse entertainment that NOE offers, they pack in a pretty good value for their customers! And it gets even better… $2.00-off coupons can be found on their website for regular admission tickets. Also for 2015, they have added a horror movie-themed, 3-minute escape room! It’s an additional $5.00 per person to attempt the room (with up to 6 people at a time), but it was a lot of fun and, if you are clever enough to find all the clues within the allotted 3 minutes, you’ll get the escape room admission price refunded! If you decide later that you would like to experience being buried alive in the “Last Ride” coffin simulator, you can do so for an additional $5.00. If you feel like unloading some fury at some targets with real paintballs, you can do that here too! Here, you’ll 35 shots for $5.00. When it comes right down to it, NOE was a very fun haunt for our review team to visit and they offered some unique activities that go hand-in-hand with their haunts. Edgewood is also a part of Indiana Haunts (, so check out their site for discounts! If you like visiting haunts that are driven by an aggressive crew and mixed with unique scare techniques and effects, then be sure to visit Nightmare on Edgewood. This is one of those haunts that might actually make you beg for mercy during your visit!


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Guest Reviews
Guest Average: 10 out of 10

Brittany D – 10/10
I come here every year and every year some how it gets better. I have a hard time giving my money to …show more ang other haunt when I know for a fact Edgewood is worth every dime. Always plenty of goolish characters to scare you, props are realistic and you can tell the time and effort spent.

Kyle – 10/10
All I know is a came into what looked to be a butcher shop, I was ambushed by this massive tattooed …show more guy covered in blood and wrapped in chains, that dudes in my nightmares, he whispered to me(welcome to my world, and in it the pain never stops ) something of that nature. Then he put me in fridge with body parts and I almost went number one everywhere, his smell was terrible.. Added to the effect props bro. Mask was tight to..

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Most Intimidating Character - Jason (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - "Freddy's Victim" A.K.A Danielle Look (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - "The Dentist" A.K.A Stephanie Comito (Given by: Team Zombillies)

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Most Interactive Haunt (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - Jacob Littleton, A.K.A. "The Noose Doctor" (Given by: Team Zombillies)

Actor Shout Out Award - Stephanie Comito, A.K.A. "Momma" (Given by: Team Zombillies)

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