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Fear Fair

800 A Ave E, Seymour, IN 47274
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Fear FairFear FairFear Fair


Free Parking, Restrooms/Porta Potties On-Site, Gift Shop/Souvenirs, Special Events, “Hi-Tech” Attraction, You may be touched, Original Characters, Indoor/Outdoor Waiting Line, Indoor/Outdoor Attraction

Team Zombillies reviewed this attraction on October 18, 2015.

Final Score: 8.86


Fear Fair has been almost completely remodeled for the 2015 haunt season! Serving as one of, if not THE, biggest undertakings this haunt has seen in the last 11 years, their talented special effects team has ripped out almost all of their classic, slasher film areas and gone back with 100% original scenes that you won’t find anywhere else. Returning customers will recognize their intense, fast-paced military act in “Hangar 17,” as well as their replicas of scenes from “Silent Hill” and “Saw.” The rest of Fear Fair is filled with meaner and more-disturbing original characters and creatures that aren’t limited to the movie scripts that their silver-screen predecessors were, so be afraid… be VERY afraid! We were still threatened with plenty of believable weaponry and their voodoo-practicing villains have conjured up plenty of un-dead demons that dwell in the darkness. To bear witness to the all-new scenes and scares, be sure to visit Fear Fair this Halloween haunt season!

Cast: 9.24

The biggest change that we noticed with Fear Fair’s cast is mostly derivative from their theme replacement. Since the majority of their slasher movie villains have been removed, the limits they were once bound to have been removed as well and the energy level has been “kicked up a notch” as a result! “Hangar 17’s” soldiers were just as intense as ever and continued to rapidly assist us to our getaway train (past a rather angry creature that’s held at bay by gunfire) by shouting “Move! Move! Let’s go! Move your pansy asses!” After disembarking the train and escaping the clutches of a frantic and jailed bite victim, we found ourselves at “Bourbon Street, New Orleans” which is where the new, voodoo characters began to make themselves known. The charismatic shop owner greeted us warmly enough, but wouldn’t let us leave without giving him a “blood offering!” The homeless lady was believable in her scene, the spirit in the (returning) “whisper room” sent spooky sensations down our spines before sending us through the bayou scene and the grave-keeper had excellent dialogue as well. Each of the characters in those areas matched their respective scenes and themes by making references to the practice, “Madam Laveaux,” demonic possession and the danger we’d caused as a result of our run-in with the shop owner. Our misguided doom was evident due to the hordes of hungry (and borderline-acrobatic) zombies that hurled themselves at us from multiple angles with realistic, living-dead dialogue, although the ones in the city seemed to be a bit more agitated than those we found in the graveyard. A few return characters, like the “Silent Hill” nurses and wall crawler and “Pighead” from “Saw”, were found in their appropriate areas and a few originals filled the spaces for some of the other iconic villains that were noticed in previous seasons. One particular character with a cinder-block mallet was particularly intimidating and gave us a good reason for feeling as such. The final assailant that we encountered was also very intense, but seemed to ramp up his performance for the unlucky group ahead of us that was obviously afraid of his commonly-feared weapon of choice!

Costuming: 8.92

Overall, the costumes throughout Fear Fair appeared to be well done and each character’s look was specifically designed to match the scene where they were located. For example, the soldiers in “Hangar 17” featured genuine, aged “army camo” uniforms with fresh-looking battle wounds to increase realism, while the grave-keeper and nearby zombies utilized more of a greyish, dead, and dried tone for their skin to simulate a common “fresh-from-the-grave” look in their cemetery. The voodoo store owner sported black and white skull face paint, which sounds plain at first, but the application was clean, sharp and symmetrical enough to pull off a great look for his character when combined with his matching, aristocratic outerwear. Other zombies throughout the haunt went with the rotten, skin-falling-off look with some nasty, infected-looking wounds and one even gazed through a glazed-over eye. They got awfully close to our group, so be warned; you probably don’t want whatever they have swimming in their bloodstream! Several high-quality masks were noted during our walk-through and, while most of them were found in the movie scene areas, another was found on a zombie that definitely made him stand out from the others and enhanced his “un-dead” appearance. The “Silent Hill” nurses were spot-on matches to their Hollywood counterparts and “Pighead” was equally well-done, right down to his black and red-trimmed cloak! In contrast, a couple of characters looked very much like “normal people” with minimal makeup and less-exuberant attire, as was appropriately the case with the homeless lady on Bourbon Street. Regardless, each of them looked like they belonged in their scenes which, ultimately, helped create a more-complete and believable experience for our group!

Customer Service: 8.68

Fear Fair’s new spotlight beams into the black sky and effectively helps customers find their facility, which is located at Freeman Field Airport. Free parking spots can be found by travelling straight after going into the airport entrance until the road “tees,” in which case a gravel/grass parking area is available at the back of the building, or by turning left and then right at any road between the entrance and their spotlight. No signs were noticed during our arrival so, as long as you keep an eye on their spotlight, you should have no issues finding the haunt. The ticket booth is located in the back of a military cargo truck with friendly staff members that will help direct you to the appropriate queue line and help answer any questions that you may have as well. On select weekends, live entertainment can be found in the form of bands and roaming monsters that help keep patrons’ blood flowing (in more ways than one) during their wait. Additional staff members can be found at the haunt entrance and, often, near the exit to deflect sprinting scarees from running into the road in retreat! Navigating the inside of the attraction is fairly straightforward, but be on the lookout for a low-hanging head-knocker in the upper level and some see-through, back-lit stairs on the way down.

Atmosphere: 8.42

Fear Fair is located in an authentic barracks building at the former Freeman Army Airfield that served as a military pilot training facility in the mid-1940’s. The military truck that doubles as the ticket booth, the guard tower and the classic, half-moon-shaped, galvanized steel façade is reminiscent of an old aircraft hangar and rightfully precedes the “Hangar 17” portion of the attraction. We arrived at the haunt a few minutes before opening time and the screams of patrons and growls of a chainsaw being slung around by “Pighead” himself filled the streets surrounding the haunt and got us ready for whatever they had in store for us! However, after opening time passed, the actor disappeared and, unfortunately, there was no band, background music or other form of entertainment provided on the Sunday evening of our visit. Management informed us that this is normally present on select Friday and/or Saturday evenings in October. Although, we were able to watch a looping video that explained the story of the military area while our group was “on deck” to enter the haunt and another short clip before the mayhem that is Fear Fair engulfed our group with a grenade… literally! The exterior atmosphere does quite a bit to get customers tuned in to the military aspect of their theme, but there’s not much there to indicate the new voodoo areas or zombie hordes that lay in wait for those still brave enough to enter. In that light, keep in mind that Fear Fair doesn’t follow a clear, cohesive story that carries throughout the attraction (see “Theme” for more details).

Special Effects: 9.07

Fear Fair has historically been known to provide a well-rounded series of high-tech and old-school effects and their 2015 show is no different! Plenty of new scenes have been swapped in to replace most of their movie sets and fitting effects accompany them throughout. Some of the scenery includes massive monsters, actual concrete tombs and statues, cut-in-half corpses, real vehicles (including an ambulance), paved roads, fog, strobe lights, sliding floor panels, city signs, fascinating facades and exploding grenades! Additional sounds were added to several areas as well and we even noticed the amplified chirps of crickets in one of the outdoor scenes (just to make sure the realism was there). In the church scene, the steeple had fallen through the roof and protruded downward from the ceiling, apparently as a result of the exorcism that was taking place. The various signage and facades in the city streets, the moving train cars, the graveyard and movie scenes made our locale obvious to us and significantly helped to verify those respective themes. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of most of the areas is the attention to detail that has been applied. With the exception of a couple of scenes, pretty much everything that you see looks 100% real and, more than likely, is! The tombs in the new graveyard, for example, are all made of real bricks, blocks and concrete. No spongy, plastic panels here! We must admit that we’ve been following Fear Fair’s progress throughout the year and the amount of work that they’ve put into creating a realistic environment for their customers is astounding. Returning customers will notice lots of changes as a result of their theme change for this season and (here’s some insider info…) plenty of changes are actually already in the works for next year! In all honesty, we must report that the end of the attraction was simply black, plywood walls during our visit and gave off an unfinished appearance when compared to the rest of the haunt. Due to their apparent build-time constraints, we don’t expect them to stay that way for long.

Theme: N/A

Due to Fear Fair’s large renovation this season, you will come across multiple, diverse themes throughout the attraction. Some of the scenes didn’t connect to one another virtually at all, so we deemed it obvious that they weren’t trying to follow only two specific themes like they have in the past.

Fright Effect: 8.75

Keep in mind that, right off the bat, the monsters and fiends within these dark and demented scenes can (and more than likely will) TOUCH you! Some of our friends, as well as ourselves, have been known to be picked up and carried through scenes on more than one occasion. Some other fright techniques that you may witness during your journey include machine-gun shots, vulgar language, intense situations, being threatened with decapitation via a shovel to the throat, latching zombies, exploding grenades, flying cinder blocks and a group gender separation that “may” turn into a chainsaw entrapment! A few effective distraction-type scares were encountered as well, but the one we got in the prison area succeeded in testing exactly how high our review team can jump! We didn’t observe as many acts of violence as we have in the past, which helped legitimize the roles of the characters. However, they still succeeded in threatening us (some with weapons) and many of them made us feel like we needed to make sure nothing was following us for most of the way through. Some of the more-realistic scenes actually pulled us into a “haunted house reality” that had us doubting if the attraction was truly just staged actors in costumes! To feel that we were actually in a different city than Seymour, being attacked by zombies and succumbed to some vicious voodoo tactics is pretty freaky and a feat that’s not easily matched!

Value: 8.92

General admission to check out Fear Fair this season remains $20.00 per person, which is the same as last year’s ticket price. Fast Passes can be purchased for only $5.00 more, which is said to cut your wait time in half. It took our group about 22 minutes to make it back out to safety, bringing this value to 1.1 minutes of entertainment per dollar spent (just above average). Lines tend to get very long at Fear Fair, so we suggest arriving early or visiting them on a Sunday evening that they are open (like we did). The line was a lot shorter than what we’ve seen on Friday or Saturday nights. This attraction went through their largest renovation ever before the 2015 haunting season began, so there is a whole new level of entertainment to experience here and we’re sure they will only continue to improve in the future. If you have paid them a visit in the past, be prepared for them to throw you into a whole new realm! They are in the process of doing away with their characters from the silver screen and creating their own custom, twisted monsters that should not be missed! We know Fear Fair has been one of the most notable attractions for re-creating movie characters and scenes but, we’re here to tell you, there is a reason to why that was possible. The owner (Brett Hays) doesn’t like to leave any stones unturned, so he strives to make all of his scenes as realistic as possible. If it looks like concrete, that’s because it is. If it looks like dirt, it is. If it looks like wood, well, you get the idea. That is why their movie scenes stood out, because they were so realistic. We can assure you that most of his new scenes uphold the same attention to detail paid to their predecessors! Perhaps you’ll soon see the film companies trying to use Fear Fair’s more original creations in their movies? Fear Fair continues to offer some amazing sets and intense acting for the 2015 haunting season, so if you’re in the Seymour, IN area, do be sure to pay them a visit! Oh, and when they tell you to “…watch your back,” we suggest that you heed their direction!


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