Team Brewhaha

Team Brewhaha Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Members: Austin Metzler (Team Leader) and Craig Hogan

Austin Metzler Team Leader Brewhaha Haunted House Reviewer New Mexico

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2020 was their 1st Year)

Normal Coverage Area: New Mexico

Background: Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Austin is joining The Scare Factor for his first year in 2020. Austin was previously reviewing haunted houses for five years in Colorado. If you own a haunted house in New Mexico, then this is your go-to guy! Austin has been a haunt addict since the mid-1990’s. Oh yes… and his only fear, other than his own warped mind, is spiders!

Growing up, Craig always loved dressing up for Halloween and going to haunted houses but never knew how to participate in the industry. It was always so cool to see the makeup, the acting, and the sets.

In 2018, he got his chance. He was invited by a friend to participate as a volunteer actor for Dragons House of Horrors. There, he met the actors and saw all of the hard work that went into making a haunt a haunt. On his first night, he went all out and screamed his head off as a mental patient (although he lost his voice doing it). So he started to learn how to scare in moderation. He finished the season and returned in 2019 as a volunteer. In 2020, The Pandemic hit, and the haunted attraction he was currently working at created a haunted drive-through show. That is where he really started his love of the craft with set design and character acting. He continued acting in haunts through 2022 but has decided to assist Austin in visiting and reviewing them.

Today, he takes that passion into cosplay with characters of his own creation and loves to take inspiration from other amazing artists and FX artists, bringing them to life. He looks forward to seeing what the Albuquerque area has to bring this year.

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Attractions Reviewed By This Team:

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