Team Hellhounds is currently not an active team for The Scare Factor

Team Hellhounds - The Scare Factor Virginia and North Carolina Halloween Haunted House Review Team

Team Member: Matthew Oyler (Team Leader)

Matthew Team Hellhounds Virginia Haunted House Review Team

Experience Level: Veteran Team (2019 was their 1st Year)

Normal Coverage Area: Virginia

Team Hellhounds is currently not an active review team but we hope to see him back again soon. Matthew Oyler grew up in Roanoke, Virginia his entire life. He has moved around the state multiple times for jobs and currently lives in Floyd County. After graduating high school, he attended college, but still isn’t sure where life wants to take him. So, he turned to haunted attractions to fill some of the space in his life as it brings him an immense sense of joy. He would say that since about the age of 12, he became increasingly interested in the paranormal. Throughout the years, he has grown to love watching ghost shows and his favorite movie genre is horror. At the age of 13, He got to go to his first haunted house and his life has never been the same since. Matthew just simply cannot get enough. This he believes is his true passion. His dream is to open his own haunted amusement/scream park. Having the ability to bring his experiences to you and sharing some of his thoughts to help through reviews is a great honor!

Matthew is bringing along three other people to his team to help assist him with reviewing haunted houses. Each of them enjoy different aspects of a haunted house. He met these wonderful people through his current job and they have grown into a family.

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