Team Uncovering Poe

Team Leader: Samantha (Sam) Greb

Other members: Daniel, Loghan

Experience Level: Novice (Start Date: July 4, 2024)

Normal Coverage Area: Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC, and Virginia

Status: Active


Meet Team Uncovering Poe, a trio of Halloween enthusiasts adventuring out from the historic streets of Baltimore, Maryland, on a mission to unearth the most spine-chilling haunts across the Mid-Atlantic.

Sam, our team leader, whose fascination with haunted attractions was sparked just six years ago after a childhood scare left her traumatized. With the support of her partner- in-scares, Dan, she conquered her fears and embraced the thrill of haunted houses once more. Together, they celebrate the Halloween season with pumpkin patch adventures and the tradition of carving pumpkins and roasting seeds. And when they’re not on the hunt for ghosts, they can be found spending quality time with their two dogs, Remi and Kobe.

Dan, with fifteen years of haunt experience under his belt, is the backbone of our team. His passion for the macabre not only reignited Sam’s love for haunted attractions but also serves as the driving force behind our haunted adventures. Despite his love for all things eerie, Dan remains camera-shy, adding a touch of mystery to our escapades. Completing our trio is Loghan. A haunt rookie, and Dan’s younger brother. Despite being a fun scare, Loghan brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our expeditions of the unknown. When he’s not braving the haunted corridors, Loghan can be found tinkering with cars, a passion he’s cultivated while working for a renowned electric car manufacturer.

With our sights set on the haunted landscapes of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, DC, and Virginia, Team Uncovering Poe is poised to uncover the most spine-tingling experiences our region has to offer. Join us as we traverse shadowy corridors, navigate labyrinthine mazes, and confront our deepest fears—all in the name of uncovering Poe’s darkest secrets.

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