The Scare Factor Review

Museum of Horrors

Score: 8.98/10

Review Date: December 8, 2023

The Museum of Horrors is a year-round attraction that invites guests through a series of rooms . . . themed around particular genres of horror movies, where you can get up close and personal to items on display throughout the building in themed rooms, all culminating in a final showroom where you can see their horror movie and TV prop collection. The Museum of Horrors is a brand new attraction, but in addition to their year-round museum space and daily guided tours, they also have live actor days throughout the year, where for a day or two each month crazed creatures take over this unique space to terrorise any victim who might find themselves traversing the terrifying halls of the building. The themed rooms throughout the museum are turned into mini horrifying vignettes, where an audience members’ fear and bravery are tested as they go from one room to another, facing completely different stories and terrifying characters. The question is, can you make it out alive, or will you need to use their safe word to escape the terror before you?

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