The Scare Factor Review

House of Trepidation

House of Trepidation Score: 8.15/10

Review Date: October 4, 2019

House of Trepidation is becoming a veteran haunt to the Indianapolis area, and rightfully so! With . . . some incredible scenery on display, 3 + 1 consecutive attractions to behold and enough bone-chilling scares (and laughs) to send you home in need of a change of underwear, HoT is always one of our stops when we venture into Indy territory.
The three main attractions consist of the flagship House of Trepidation, a journey through Dr. Belle’s home, Crossroads of Carnage, a tour of the mad doctor’s malevolent medical malpractice, and the all-new Condemned, the place where all of his experiments-gone-wrong are doomed to inhabit after their ill-fated demises.
The fourth section was referred to as the ‘Purge,’ as it incorporates crew members from both the House of Trepidation and their new neighbors (Nightmare on Edgewood). Unfortunately, we weren’t able to witness this last attraction because our tour lasted well beyond their closing time and the actors had been pulled out of these scenes. However, we did take a quick flashlight tour and it certainly looks like something you won’t want to miss!

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