The Scare Factor Review

House of Trepidation

House of Trepidation Score: 8.33/10

Review Date: October 24, 2020

House of Trepidation returns for the 2020 haunt season, and continues to consist of three Halloween . . . attractions: The namesake House of Trepidation, Crossroads of Carnage, and Condemned. Each of these revolves around the deranged Dr. Belle and the different stages of his illegal and inhumane experiments.
We were happy to discover a significant increase in the overall scariness and actor energy this year! Multiple air-operated props and animatronics have been added to pick things up a few more notches on top of that as well. After speaking with management about the new changes, we also discovered that they’ve been working with the co-located Nightmare on Edgewood during the offseason, and the increased intensity that we noticed seems to be a result of that cooperation.
Pandemic precautions were in place at House of Trepidation, but be aware that contact with the actors is a possibility. More details on that later… Aside from that, “don’t touch anything” and mask-wearing policies are still in place, and hand sanitizing stations were available… because, after all, you wouldn’t want to catch anything from the Doctor’s patients, now would you?
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