The Scare Factor Review

House of Trepidation

House of Trepidation Score: 7.9/10

Review Date: October 5, 2018

There’s a new doctor in town that has a masters degree in medical malpractice. He goes by the name . . . of Dr. Eugene Belle, and his wife and he have taken root inside a warehouse in Indianapolis, IN. This warehouse, now known as the House of Trepidation (HoT), is no ordinary building for storing boxes and such. Rather, it’s the current home and workplace for “Dr. Belle’s sinister clinic!”
Within HoT, there are three separate attractions, representing the three phases of Dr. Belle’s experiments. The first is the namesake House of Trepidation, where the doctor and his wife (Elizabeth) reside. The thing is, the death rate of the doctor’s experiments got so high that he started hiding the bodies inside the walls of his not-so-humble abode. As visitors pass through, it’s said that the spirits become restless!
The second phase is Crossroads of Carnage, the doctor’s medical facility where he conducted his experiments. Found between the House of Trepidation and Purgatory (the third attraction). Dr. Belle found this to be the perfect place to, at least initially, dispose of the many bodies and corpses that didn’t fare his malicious activities so well. The spirits of those poor souls are collected in the final attraction: Purgatory.
Each of the attractions were unique in their own ways and, we will warn you, if you come across Dr. Belle, it’s best to act as if you don’t see him; he gets very upset when people see things that they shouldn’t!

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