The Scare Factor Review

Terror Field

Terror Field Score: 8.88/10

Review Date: October 9, 2021

Back in 2019, one of the owners of Terror Field had requested a review. Naturally, not having been a . . . reviewer at that time, I didn’t know anything about their show. In 2020 when the world stopped turning, they were closed for the season in accordance with local restrictions. Now in 2021, I’m here, I have no fear, get used to it. Having now seen Terror Field in all its glory, I am a changed man. I think my soul may have actually been extracted within these walls, and placed in a jar with everyone else’s; but that’s beside the point. Terror Field is challenging the norms of the haunt industry regarding how a haunt should go about scaring its patrons. The website is upfront about what this show is – hands-on, in-your-face raw energy. It should be noted before seeing this haunt that you WILL be touched, but we’ll come back to that. Despite the 18+ content of the show, it was so refreshing to find something other than the standard jumpscares and smattering of unrelated scenes.

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