The Scare Factor Review

Black Orchard Haunted House

Black Orchard Haunted House Score: 8.77/10

Review Date: September 22, 2018

Black Orchard haunted house, now in its 2nd season of operation, is located in a real barn just . . . outside of Shelbyville, Kentucky. For being such a newcomer to the Louisville haunt scene, these guys are on a roll! There are people missing right and left and the Black family’s meat market is the prime suspect for a cover-up.
If you were here last year, the place has been completely renovated and cranked up to 10! They’ve packed just about as many frights as they can into this innocent-looking white barn, and the tight scenes filled with voracious actors will destroy your personal space bubble. (Just for clarity, Black Orchard is a “no-touch” haunt). Also new for 2018 is the “Vultures Nest”… an interesting design / layout for the haunt’s final scene.
Don’t try to hide; they will find you. Don’t try to run, neither; they will catch you. Still curious? Come find out “what’s in the barn” at Black Orchard Haunted House…

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