The Scare Factor Review

Fear Fair

Fear Fair Score: 8.81/10

Review Date: October 27, 2018

Fear Fair features a lot of changes for their 18th season (2018). This year they have completely . . . dispersed of any remaining horror movie scenes and characters, replacing them with a whole new section that we don’t see very often in these parts of the region. The haunt is now broken down into four differently-themed attractions that are experienced in one fell swoop: Ascension, Black Death, Voodoo, and the all-new Rockford Riot.
For those of you that have never been to Fear Fair (FF) before, you can expect to see some well-detailed scenes, lots of eye-candy and many realistic sets, some of which including an above-ground cemetery, indoor swamplands, a plagued village, Bourbon Street, and much, much more!
For returning visitors, there is a new vampire section and the Rockford Riot area features some new scenes and interesting concepts – as well as some provocative prisoners! New creations have also been added to areas that you may have seen previously if you’ve been here in the last couple of years, so you just never know what you might find… or what might find you!
Also new this year is the option to customize your experience. There are basically three levels of fear to choose from here, but we’ll discuss those in detail in Entertainment & Value below.

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